Treatments To Improve Dry Hair

Home remedies for dry hair often use common kitchen ingredients to restore health and shine. Home remedies for dry hair are not only affordable and easy to prepare, they can also be very effective. Olive oil, egg whites, vinegar and sesame oil are some of the ingredients that help prepare the best home remedies for dry hair. Olive oil is one of the most common home remedies for dry hair. Vitamin and its antioxidant content helps you to olive oil to heal and strengthen damaged hair, and the oil helps seal the cuticle or outer layer of the dry hair. In its simplest form, the olive oil is applied with the hair wet and clean, then covered with a cap of bath for 20 to 30 minutes. Then you must add Rosemary to heat the olive oil and increase its antioxidant power. A mixture of olive oil, hot water and a slightly beaten egg yolk make a moisturizing conditioner that can be left to dry hair for 10 to 15 minutes.

The vinegar can help to have a shiny hair. A mixture of cold apple cider vinegar serves to smooth the outer surface of the dry hair. The vinegar makes dry hair easier to comb, and also to the reduction of the damage caused during the hairstyle. Over time, the vinegar can weaken the hair and make hair more prone to breakages and damages, so vinegar rinses should only used a couple of times a year. Though the smell is strong at the beginning, eventually this fades into the hair. Like olive oil, sesame oil protects and heals the outer layer of the dry hair. A massage on the scalp a week with mixed with fresh and grated ginger sesame oil, helps as a remedy for dandruff and provides protection against sun damage. This should be 10 minutes before you shampoo.

Care For Your Hair

Holders of dry hair is often seen dandruff – pieces of dead flaky skin. Hair combined (mixed) type – oily at the roots and dry at the tips. This state is characterized by long hair – hair grease evenly and tips are not receiving the necessary amount of moisture, begin to split. Hair mixed electrified and . Proper care of the neck and hair involves the implementation of a number of simple rules.

The first thing that must be performed regularly – this shampoo. How often do – is a highly individual matter. The frequency of hair washing depends on the type, length, structure and individual characteristics. The only thing – do not wash your hair more often or less often than you do indeed necessary, for example, if your hair is greasy, will have to wash them frequently and take care of oily skin, the hair of another type, also do not recommend the use of paving funds – waxes, gels, mousses, because that aggravate the hair and pollute them. If you want a neat hairstyle is better to prefer clean hair and naturalness. If you wash your head every day, choose a shampoo designed for everyday use.

My head, adjust the water temperature – it should not be too hot or cold – the fatter the hair, the colder water. Do not rub the hair of each other – are easy to damage. If you have long hair, his head would have to be washed twice the minimum, because when you wash your head the first time – wash off only part of the dirt and sebum. The therapeutic effect of the shampoo can be seen after the second wash. After must be properly combed hair. Shortest possible combing wet from light comb from the roots. Long comb, starting from the ends, and hair must be dry. Reduce drying hair dryer or use a regime of cold drying. It is not necessary to dry the hair long wrapping them in a towel. The exception – the application of masks, which requires heat. If you have dry hair after shampooing, use the extra rinse. It makes you faster and much safer rascheshete hair will calm the scalp and hair will fall better. Whatever type of hair you have not been there, do not use the funds for the care of two B1 – therapeutic effect of shampoo and rinse will decrease as the time in half. For best results, use means of a series.