Lice Remedies

If your child is scratching his head with both hands, it could well be because it is infested by head lice. There is a wide range of natural remedies against lice. Lice natural remedies? Because Yes, they work very well, some even have been scientifically tested. And one of them, the most natural and effective is the olive oil. Before you begin to treat head lice, you must first ensure has another infection and actually Yes are lice that are in your head.

The louse is a small insect without wings, which only feeds on human blood. Lice are primarily spread by direct contact with the hair, and to a lesser extent, through hair accessories. If you think you have head lice, firstly you have to examine the hair, especially in the area of the neck and behind the ears, since it is where are the nits. These can be confused with dandruff, but the difference is that dandruff will fall if you move your head, but nits are glued to the hair to less than a centimeter away from the root of the hair. We can find many products that eliminate head lice, whether chemical or natural.

Chemical products such as shampoos for lice are less effective of what used to be because lice have developed over the years one greater resistance to these chemicals components. By contrast, traditional methods to get rid of lice are still very effective. Olive oil is one of them and works very well thanks to its properties. The property of main utility in use against lice is the viscosity of the olive oil, which deprives the lice of oxygen. How already not can breathe, the lice and nits die suffocated. Do not listen to those who say that this does not work, because it has actually been scientifically proven in a study conducted by the school of public health at Harvard. The study showed that lice in olive oil-immersed for two hours die suffocated. On the other hand, this home remedy is safe and has no effects side since it is unlikely that the olive oil will cause allergic reactions. Of course, it is essential to correctly apply the olive oil treatment if we are to be effective. The method is to cover the hair of her son with olive oil and let stand for a few hours. The real secret to succeed with this remedy with olive oil is to cover all the hair very well with oil. Divide the hair into small sections and cover each one of them, brushing the hair of your child with olive oil. Then put a very tight shower CAP or a translucent film around the head without leaving the air between. Leave for at least two hours, preferably three, to make sure that all lice and nits die. Then we make a soft shampoo and styling hair to remove dead lice and nits. You may have to make several shampoos to remove all the olive oil. In case of infestation, you must repeat this treatment regularly until the complete elimination of lice and nits.