Ocular Disorders

folic interaction, interaction with the synthesis of nucleic, immune suppression and inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation exerts primary action in the HNS (alteration in the tissue growth that depends on the development of sensory neurons malformations) diethylstilbestrol (DES) estrogen vs threatened abortion and premature delivery causal agent of adenocarcinoma clear cell of vagina and cervixas well as Retinoic acid in low-dose vaginal adenosis is very teratogen between 3rd and 5th week of pregnancy cause various mC craniofacial abnormalities, cleft paladr, defects of the neural tube, cardiovascular malformations and thymus aplasia their receptors bind to regulatory sequences of DNA valproic acid Anticonvulsionante cause Spina bifica and encephalocele responsible by valproic acid embryopathy Spina bifica, prominent forehead, Middle facial hypoplasia, ear malformations and posnaal growth retardation alters metabolism of folates methotrexate antagonist of folic acid, acts on dehidrofolato redactasa during the synthesis of Thymidylate in adults is used to control the anarchic cell division characteristic of the majority of neoplasms or Ectopic pregnancies.Coumarin therapy anticoagulant critical exposure period is between the 6th and 9th week disorders of the craniofacial growth, microcephaly, hypoplasia of the central part of the face with nasal hypoplasia optic atrophy, cataracts, corneal opacities and other ocular defects, skeletal anomalies, malformations of CNS midline, intrauterine growth delay and mental retardation biological not tend to produce apparent clinical manifestations in the guest that allow early diagnosis and timely medical intervention rubella during the first trimester: cataracts, microcephaly, cardiac malformations and deafness direct viral effect and altered immune response inhibits normal cell multiplication, because what the organogenesis is altered cytomegalovirus in early stages of pregnancy is usually lethal in later stages can cause blindness, deafness and mental retardation can pass unnoticed 90% of the time, 5% suffers from: Hepatitis, microcephaly, Ocular Disorders, anemia, intracranial calcifications and intrauterine growth retardation cause cell lysis and immune response altered Toxoplasma gondii during the 1st trimester of pregnancy causes serious manifestations For 2nd quarter = major malformations, hydrocephalus, microphthalmia, brain injury, intracranial calcifications and damage to multiple organs maternal diseases dependent on insulin or poorly controlled type1 Diabetes cause: heart disease congenital, skeletal, CNS and alterations with the sequence of causal regression altered metabolism of carbohydrates cause perinatal death epilepsy seizures cause hypoxia in fetal and microcephaly intrauterine growth retardationdelayed mental and growth, lip and cleft palate, heart disorders, spina bificda, strabismus, muscular hypotony and ptosis is not yet known if it is disease or treatment what causes these malformations hypertension growth retardation intrauterine, premature detachment of the placenta and fetal distress in the 3rd quarter there is a decrease in the supply of oxygen to the uterus, alcohol-induced hypoxia in fetal exposure social Alcohol causes physical and mental defects birth alcohol crosses the placenta and enters the fetal circulatory system, causing constriction of blood vessels and inducing fetal hypoxia and malnutrition syndrome embryopathy: a. intrauterine growth retardation, delayed mental and physical development. Vascular alterations, small palpebral fissures, microcephaly and microphthalmia during the lactancia:b. take more in acquiring motor skills than non-expuestosc. Ingestion of alcohol in large amounts can interfere with the secretion of milk cocaine first trimester is associated with infarction of the fetus due to vascular insufficiency), intestinal perforation with ileal atresia, abnormalities of the placenta and lower extremities with the absence of ortejos, preterm births, spontaneous abortions, retardation of intrauterine growth and microcephaly.