Christmas 2008 – What Say Young People Do This

Christmas especially not for young people is not equal to Christmas – what young people about Christmas and its traditions think it is the beginning of November and I enter a supermarket. Completely free of thoughts at Christmas, I stroll through the market. “Nothing changed”, I tell myself. But I should experience even my blue wonder. I turn around the corner and could not believe it. Because they – were in all their glory and broadcast any contrary to the came up to them.

They glowed on the that not even noticed it, but I could just turn my eyes from them. I went up to them and introduced me to them. Slowly, I shook my head, because I still couldn’t believe it. “It is the beginning of November! What have lost here? “, I wondered. Next to me, a woman showed up and turned just next to me.

She agreed a in my head-shaking and was only quietly by himself “I also understand not the whole hype around Christmas and am at least I understand that these Santas here already now, in early November,” Supermarkets are in need.” When she had finished her sentence, she went and left me. In my head went all Alarmlapchen and a giant shield itself was in my head. -WEIHNACHTEN-Yes, the “feast of love” is soon at our door and it gave me an opportunity to get the opinion of other young people even. Is it only me or others face just as averse and bored to happy Christmas? There are perhaps a few or more among us who are really happy “Feasts of love” on that? I wanted to find that out, and I think I have it also. Celina Dubin wanted to know more. Of course I could ask not the entire young people of in Germany, but for some it was enough. Often I’ve heard “Phew, I should say Weihnachten…was?”, but when I asked then more precisely, many could give me insight into their personal Christmas. The majority of the young people interviewed by me at home celebrates Christmas with her family. “Church, food, Christmas present the” is our Christmas tradition”or”I’m looking at of course all three Sissi movies on TV”were just two of the many answers that were given to me. Some of the respondents however drags itself to the Christmas day or Christmas to friends, relatives or in any disco. I’m sure that there remains the tradition of Christmas a little on the line. “My tradition is to go there in the disco and not to sit with the family under the Christmas tree,” was the answer to the question of missing tradition. There is also a song that reminds you quite specifically about Christmas, with you I wanted to know. Clearly there is! The majority could it me even sing some of the others less but still it was good, always the same. Maybe it’s even your very own Christmas song. Since you perhaps already most puzzle which could be it? Well, I want you no longer on the torture cock: “Last Christmas” by Wham is without doubt of you most often called Christmas song. Some find him totally annoying, because he “per minute running through the radio”, others find him because he is simply a cult just”apt.” I’m still sticking with my “Oh, Christmas tree” and wish you, no matter whether you are in the disco or with your family under the Christmas tree celebrates a Merry Christmas also if these days a or already one other Kraus are. Lisa Walters

In-GmbH Founds Subsidiary In Ingolstadt!

August 16, 2010-integrated information systems GmbH a more branch opened in close to Ingolstadt Konstanz, 10 (mwg). To take advantage of the good opportunities for growth in the business areas of PLM solutions and management systems, the in integrated information systems has established a more GmbH on August 16 in Gaimersheim near Ingolstadt. Especially customers in South Eastern of Germany will benefit from professional advice and innovative IT solutions. The new premises are conveniently transport and have attractive office space, providing an optimal environment the increasing number of employees and clients for the consulting and project work. The address is: integrated information systems GmbH Ettinger Strasse 34 85080 Gaimersheim besides Ingolstadt has the company headquartered in Konstanz about a further branch in Boblingen in the software Center. The local presence of our consultants as well as the identification with the goals and Challenges facing our customers and finding innovative solutions is a success factor of our work. Here we see the greatest growth potential for the future.

In combination with our integration expertise at the IT level, we are able to integrate people and existing systems. Optimization of business processes means for us not only paper to produce, but to create effective and sustainable solutions!”says Siegfried Wagner Managing Director of the company. The in-GmbH offers consulting and solutions for the optimal distributed cooperation along the PLM process chain and sophisticated management systems. Since 1989, the in integrated information systems is actively GmbH (GmbH) as an independent consulting and software company on the market. In the headquarters in Konstanz and branches in Boblingen and Ingolstadt. Customers working for renowned international analyze and optimize consulting existing information and process structures. On this basis develop specialist software solutions based on standard products. The intelligent solutions provide targeted exchange of information, continuous and flexible processes, as well as a high degree of transparency.

Through integrated PLM solutions, our customers achieve a permanent improvement of their processes along the supply chain; from product development, production and distribution to service. Management control systems support decisions by powerful flexible online visualization of systems, characteristics and processes; in the local area network, remote monitoring, in critical areas and mobile. The in-GmbH’s customer base extends from the medium-sized companies to major corporations. Among others, companies like Daimler, Audi, VW, Liebherr, Siemens, EADS, Tesat, Lechler and Nycomed for many years trust consulting and solutions in integrated information systems GmbH.

Natural Cosmetics Stands Tall

Natural cosmetics stands tall in the trend, more and more people get back to nature. More and more people get back to nature. It will be nourished not only healthier, more moves, no it is the attention also more naturalness at the exterior, much to the benefit of the environment and the animals. But still far too many animals need to animals suffer or even die, although much natural cosmetics is offered, which can waive such attempts. Whether now eyeliner, lip liner, facial care, vegan nail lacquers or other cosmetic products, almost all there today cruelty-free and pure herbal. Why still cosmetics buy and support companies that can or cannot do without animal tests. Basically, natural cosmetics is much more sustainable than conventional.

Is a must for many allergy sufferers, because often there is an intolerance/allergy to the ingredients of traditional cosmetics. Even if not allergic reaction one should do something for the environment. When cosmetics then natural cosmetics, the environment for the sake.

Measuring Device PCEAC

The new CO2 measuring device PCE-AC 2000 PCE Germany GmbH is for monitoring indoor air quality jurisdiction. It has temperature and humidity display a CO2 – and evaluates the indoor air quality on the basis of the combined measurement of CO2 content, the temperature and the air humidity. Concentrated work is a prerequisite for quality and good work results. Read more here: Mark Hyman, MD. Confounding factors, such as a high carbon dioxide content affect our concentration. The new CO2 measuring device PCE-AC 2000 PCE Germany GmbH is for monitoring indoor air quality jurisdiction.

It has temperature and humidity display a CO2 – and evaluates the indoor air quality on the basis of the combined measurement of CO2 content, the temperature and the air humidity. Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound containing carbon and oxygen, which can cause some side effects with us in increasing concentration, such as fatigue, concentration problems, or headaches. A high concentration of carbon dioxide is produced fast, when there are several people in the closed rooms with lack of ventilation. Especially for meeting, lounges, schools and conference rooms the new CO2 gauge particularly suitable. Well-being is affected by more than 800 already ppm concentrations. The PCE AC 2000 has a calibration function to the adjustment and setting back the good “-value.” At the same time the CO2 level will be shown in detail, thanks to the optical bar graph display and the 3 color stale air traffic. Connect with other leaders such as Celina Dubin here.

The large display makes it easier to read the values. Alarm limits can be freely selected and an acoustic and optical alarm turns on when the limits are exceeded immediately and thus warns against an existing threat. The instrument covers a range 3000ppm. The CO2 measuring device PCE-AC 2000 ensures optimum performance, without headaches or inertia-feelings, triggered by a high carbon content. Also the fact that the carbon dioxide displacing oxygen important for us, takes our Well-being. In classrooms or offices, where many people come together, the CO2 content in the air is particularly important. More information under:..

For WebCam Chats Paid Whos Blame Yourself

Why should you spend money for WebCamChats, when there are countless free WebCam chat? In the vastness of the Internet, there are a countless number of webcam chats. You can use a large amount of this WebCam chats for free when others use is only possible if you paid a certain monthly or even annual fee in advance. Other business models are E.g. Contact information is here: Somatic Experiencing. VIP Member or a so-called paid premium membership. What kind of membership some one so chooses, in each case depends on the price and also what it is hoped to paid membership. Careful you should unquestionably generally where a WebCam chat is not free offered. Who is looking for a partner is usually willing to shell out greater sums of money for such membership.

The only question is: which is really necessary? Not exactly as suitable for use as a cam which is subject to a charge is a free WebCam chat? Actually, all of the video chats are exactly identical, you can turn his WebCam or not, also to then in picture and sound with the chat partner of his choice to chat. Not more and not less. Which is thus between free and paid the difference? Now, you should take care provider to the various functions of the Web site of the chat. You should here ask following questions: you can give up your including free personals? Profile will be checked in the chat, before it it unlocked or directly after activation? Be sent matching partner suggestions via E-mail? Can I leave someone a message, right? Is there any photo albums where you can see photos of the members? etc. Learn more at: Celina Dubin, New York City. all of which usually the difference between free and paid.

But there are actually CamChats, providing free all of those things. WebCam chat is unentgeldlich, the inhibition to register not as large in many chatter and there’s even WebCam chats that allow a free guest access. Some chatter to not bind to a chat and are looking for just a nice pastime, leisure partners, cool people from the surrounding Environment, “the big love”, an adventure or want to meet with like-minded people online. Of course there is always the possibility to find the partner for life in the network or in the WebCam chat. Before you turned on advertisements in various newspapers and today it’s done just online. The chance of search have success for a partner, is as big as a free paid WebCam chat. Why so spend money? Regardless of you meet more people in a free chat, because the most chatter also want without paying money chat with which chance dabb but rises slightly, to find the perfect flirt partners. You will find and certainly not always the love or the goddess of love bad WebCam chats. Very often the Prince prove frogs or the gold that shines so nicely as a pure forgery. It is but also possible long friendships evolve it. The bottom line, one of the many new forms of digital communication, which today no longer are there phone is chat also less and less cost, a WebCam chat for everyone should be free 😉 Michael Hollmayer

Beauty Trends

With monthly five high-end beauty products, trends and tips about beauty and a free fashion and lifestyle magazine offers about what women want. With the new pink box, now every woman in terms of beauty and styling can be always up to date. James S. Chanos takes a slightly different approach. Why? In the monthly sent box, beauty lovers will find the latest beauty trends to try out. Each pink cosmetics, latest tips and trends around the theme of beauty and by a popular fashion and lifestyle magazine, which is free with each box becomes box by the valuable application notes and product information to the perfect styling package. The beautiful pink box containing the five carefully selected, high-quality cosmetic items in original or special size is sent free shipping for only 12.95 euros per month home. Thus can be known to your heart’s content of passion without spending a fortune. The latest products can be tested without time pressure comfortably from home.

The best: With the help of the beauty profile, which filled under can get every woman individually on their needs and their type customized cosmetics. And who fell into a product and found the perfect beauty item, which can simply order box page it on the pink. The perfect gift mother’s day or birthday – the pink box is also the ideal gift and can be guaranteed every female heart beat faster. The gift certificate for three, six or twelve months is available as a pdf download voucher, which makes the perfect last-minute gift for the girlfriend, sister or mother. Also you can save up to 15% depending on the coupon and the best: the wasted pink box subscription ends automatically. About pink box: the pink box is a monthly and beautifully packaged beauty box filled with five cosmetics surprises and a high-quality fashion and lifestyle magazine. The beauty ticket costs 12.95 euros (incl.

Showroom Designer

Event agencies speak at the staging of fascinating temporary brand worlds all senses of consumers at all honestly, would read at this point would rather contribute via product presentation or seduction? The reason says product presentation? You can relax, because we have a compromise suggestion: just read this post about showroom design, because the realization of inspiring brand worlds synonymous with seduction pur “.” And in many areas of industry, trade and services: equal, whether a fashion label the collection of the coming season or a car manufacturer its innovative model exclusively wants to introduce, whether a new cruise ship or a next goes home cinema system developed on the market: specialized event agencies are in the realization of the respective showrooms before the task, to stage the product show, so completely that all sense of the consumer addressed. The most important prerequisites are the perfect realization of the business idea, i.e. the philosophy behind the Product is the imaginative communication of the brand if necessary inclusion / placement of a new brand under the already established brand (sub branding) as an indirect extension of the brand will be creating an atmosphere inspiring to intensive discussions with customers and last but not least the efficient technical realization the creative design ideas inform the marketing mechanisms of action experienced showroom designer their creativity, all your expertise and can use, offer a skilful mix of familiar and surprising spectacular. Especially the key image of the brand is known for the keyword”to name a few, because this figurative trademark symbol (key Visual) connects consumers with the brand essence and is thus important element of brand communication for fixed anchoring of the advertising message in whose conscious (and unconscious). For assistance, try visiting Celina Dubin. When negotiating event manager with a focus on showroom-design of brand experiences and emotions are in their element, because here they can draw on the full, because the available the ingredients”are so diverse. Always going to be not only special eye-catcher or fascinating eye lining, rather way should optimally senses of consumers are made aware of and addressed with sounds or scents. This involves not only new customers see things or learn to teach: because know showroom designer to the emotional value of memories and desires, they are necessarily include these categories in her showroom scenario.

“Regardless of which design of the showroom will ultimately receive: sophisticated mix of styles or clear rigor of all exhibition items formative are, whether splendid pomp or deliberate waiver under the motto of less is more” prevail one showroom must above all: through uncompromising implementation of temporary corporate architecture in the framework of the corporate design as a meeting space between consumer, brand and company goal-oriented work. That means, above all, must the showroom designer under the available space Intelligent structure application basic interior design principles. So, for example, specific areas can be created by functional partitions of various kinds with lounge character conversations with customers. Naturally, showroom as brands landscape are temporary in nature. But under their full creative potential succeeds savvy showroom designers inimitable manner, that a temporary brand world leaves lasting impression with their spectacularly staged promotional messages to the customer. Conclusion: Showroom Designer will be with the right sense of exclusivity and authenticity on the one hand, as on the other for passion and pleasure every product launch a seductive event of class.

Providing Services

Due to the expansion of services and integrated services companies to improve the quality of services to individuals, the company 'City Taxi' has developed a document highlighting a number of aspects of their work. By the same author: Celina Dubin, New York City. 'The rules provide transport services' to help understand the principle and mechanism of the 'City Taxi' with their customers. They detail the main points, which often have questions and uncertainties such as variations in time 'Receive Order', the principles of 'taximeter' rules 'Distribution of orders' guarantee 'arrival on time', holding 'meetings in airports and train stations' charging 'time out', the specification and internal rules 'Travel' options 'Payment'. For more information on 'Rules …' You can visit our website at. The rules for legal entities located in the 'Corporate', for individuals – in the 'About Us'.

For taxi call 500-0-500, we are always glad to see you. About company: 'City Taxi' founded in 2003. Today, it offers the following services: – taxi – a personal car – combi transportation; – evacuation vehicles; – corporate transportation services. In April 2006 the 'City Taxi' was an official carrier of the international airport Domodedovo. Currently building Domodedovo International Airport has 4 racks Order 'City Taxi'.

Since May 2007, the company is the official carrier of the TC 'IKEA Teply Stan', from October 2007 – the official carrier of the shopping center 'IKEA Belaya Dacha'. November 2007 – 'City Taxi' has reached a new level of service in the direction of the evacuation of passenger cars and motorcycles. January 2008 – the expansion of corporate integrated transport services for cargo. City Taxi (495) 500-0-500

Electric Drill For Home Use

What is lacking in all normal house has at least one small tools, and the longer a person lives, the more tools he acquires, whether male or female. And really: do not call the same master every time you need to change a light bulb screwed into plafond? Simply take a screwdriver and myself to do this simple operation. Rarely, someone in the household is not there a couple of the most screwdrivers, a hammer, a jar of nails, screws and plugs and anything else similar, not occupying much space and which is able at any moment in handy. Also in great demand inexpensive furniture "Ikea", which is proposed to build the house yourself, sold with the correct number of bolts and nuts, but alas, no screwdrivers, and a table knife – a very uncomfortable way, so for the most extreme cases. In recent months, John Craig Venter has been very successful. Many of these amateur woodwork and metalwork little things can take a closet where there is some different-sized pair of pliers and wire cutters and a screwdriver which can amount to tens.

Paradoxically, among these smaller utilities probably will not be such an important and necessary tool, as a simple drill. Loyal assistant is it for? In a nutshell, the drill holes. If not in a nutshell, without a drill you absolutely nothing to hang on the wall of an apartment house in the panel, whether it is a tiny shelf for keys or bookshelves, and in brick and wood do not hang on a wall or curtain rods for curtains, no carpet, no television – in short, anything heavier than a souvenir of Venetian masks. Credit: Celina Dubin-2011.


Contextualization of the beekeeping and its importance for the environment Beekeeping ‘ ‘ it is the creation of bees (mellifera Apis) in confinement under control of the man, lodged in artificial beehives, using developed methods and equipment better to explore the natural capacities of these insetos’ ‘ (Wig et al., 2002). An excellent alternative for the complementation of income for familiar agriculture and small entrepreneur. In accordance with Gonalves (1992) the africanized bees are polihbridos resultant of the crossings between the African bees (mellifera Apis scutellata, previously classified as. the m. adansonii) with European subspecies (. the m. mellifera; . Gina Ross describes an additional similar source.

The m. ligustica; . The m. carnica and. the m. caucasica) existing in the American continent before the introduction of the African bees in Brazil in 1956 that, in the following year, it would give beginning to the africanization process. They predominate in the africanized bees morphologic and mannering characteristics of the African bees. For its nature, the beekeeping is a economic activity conservative of the species, which had to the low ambient impact that it causes, making possible the permanent use of the natural resources and not the destruction of the agricultural way. Thus, she is one of the few preenchedoras activities of all the requirements of the tripod of the support: economic, the generating one of income for the producers; social, the ocupador one of familiar man power in the field, with reduction of the agricultural exodus; the ecological one, since it is not deforested to create bees, needing itself they, in contrast, alive plants for the withdrawal of the pollen and the nectar of its flowers, its basic alimentary sources (SON, 1998). The bees had been introduced in Brazil since the colonial period, in this period the beekeeping had little importance, being considered as it passes time, as the studies of the University on-line of Viosa-UOV (2008): At this time called bees had been brought Europeans, mainly two species the Apis Mellifera known Lingustica popularly as Italian bee and the Apis Mellifera Mellifera also known as German.