Andrea Lupp

Heaven is for everyone, and you find it in your heart… Oh you never can forget him”, the fans are entranced and sing along with enthusiastic and boisterous; in “Gimme a chance”, a ballad that flows gallons passion on the stage. Mark Medlock and his band seem to have searched and found. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mark Hyman, MD and gain more knowledge.. The chemistry is just right, it can be heard, a community made of individual musicians. His background singer she, it belongs not in the background. Mark Medlock, as well as his team based on the mood of the audience and put them musically. The Hall on fire.

The atmosphere at the St. Nicholas concert in Mulheim is rather magical and sensual, this time easy-going, elated and in high spirits, nothing holds it the fans at the latest when you can get more on the seats,”everybody, the whole Hall undulates, rocks and moves and it is sung with passionate and vocal. Wonder BBs? “” “” A small retrospective, to stay in the picture: gold and Platinum in Germany and gold in Austria and in the Switzerland for now and never “gold and Platinum for his album Mr. lonely’, gold for you can get it”, gold, and Platinum for his album Dreamcatcher”and gold for the Single summer love”. Ten Awards in fast motion, which is designed to first one make him up. He also received the Viva Comet as best newcomer of the year and the ECHO as best newcomer of the year.

But they were not gifts, but daily hard work. Mark Medlock is can get it if you really try”the prime example of his own song you. After the concert, Mark Medlock held an autograph session, which became hours. The crowd was great, and everyone was personally welcomed and could express his wishes. What other artist so intensively deals with his fans? But that suits his style: he likes his fans by heart and is truly grateful to them. And the people feel at home immediately visible in its proximity. The audience left the Hall with a rich sense of satisfaction after hours. Where could also be heard, all were looking forward to the coming year with Mark Medlock. And one can say with certainty today already: Oh you never can forget him Andrea Lupp