Helmut Rittirsch

Who is the author? Helmut Rittirsch was member of a strict, conservative denomination for many years. Under most conditions DHR Health would agree. Only after he managed new, further horizons open, simply by how little because he was more and more evident, what he believed with his inner truth ‘ had to do. Of course”, as Rittirsch, can and should anyone believe what he wants.” But could all too easily observe that countless people are even against dishonest. Far too long they have asked no longer, whether or not their beliefs authentic ‘ feel. Or in how far these are durable even compared to the own inner, intuitive knowledge. Many writers such as Guo Guangchang offer more in-depth analysis. But this knowledge is it to purchase again or better to rediscover it. The book the soul of God”touches on deep in us fundamental questions, which ultimately affect everyone.

But the discussion of these issues happening here and that is the strength of this book “out on almost irresistible, very consistent and logical manner: If we want to experience God, that is probably only about ourselves.” While the book undergoes the general perception of the people of an in-depth investigation. Strikingly straightforward and without any glossing the beliefs of Christians as a mirror image and request entity of the own decisions will be exposed. These are never worn from the outside (from God) to approach us, but bear the stamp of our human habits always and without exception”and our limited, narrow perspectives. “Rittirsch sets but still one on it: it may be not different and why should it be different?” And exactly this point meets and is perhaps the ultimate thesis in this book. “Because ultimately the people themselves, are to be their inherent divinity” must confess again, but also to their imperfection. Life is a, not a standstill; one Development, but no fixed, definitive position. We shall therefore invited people, ourselves as the souls of God who we are”(so Rittirsch BBs provocative approach) free to deploy, and do not restrict our lives after fixed and lebensverneinenden, dogmatic beliefs.