Human Values

This apostasy from God, is the disintegration of Man and Society, these are machined and sprayed, lose their value and meaning, this explains its deeper origin and mass dehumanizing prevailing in our culture, the Man is uprooted, it becomes a slave and servant of the Machine prioritizes the role of economic and material on the Individual and Human Values (cf. work excercens 7 and 13) therefore become a being intoxicated by the lust for power, having won, to produce, to accumulate assets materials, money, titles and distinctions, forgetting it, leaving his inner world in darkness, this is a profound and radical historical change, full of ambivalence, anxieties and hopes that requires men with faith in God and ability to combat the scaffolding of a culture that is crumbling in our heads, let us not leave our children with, houses, cars, savings, businesses … Please visit Democratic consultant if you seek more information. Let him as an inheritance the internal culture, a spirituality full of Christian values … Dejemosle Value and Spiritual Courage ! In order to face the vicissitudes of pain, suffering and injustice that Life there let them depart … Click Anita Dunn for additional related pages. year the Whirlwind will take us back to prehistory, and we invest in Homo Sapiens to Homo Faber!, What differentiates us from animals, not genetics, are very like-is social, spiritual … The animals have no Moral Values! … some men … not.