Everything starts in the birth. However the world if becomes an interminable phase of a game that the result is always the same the death of the player. But only of those players who do not obtain to express its opinions the life is a game all good that nobody obtains to win more the least if it detaches in ranking of better of the game. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mitchell Blutt. But soon they want to abandon the game, therefore q has something comes consuming on the inside wanting to only leave that you do not abandon its game therefore you you want to be optimum of the game. In this the best players finish surviving, only surviving, but what we look for in the life is amusing in them, but when we amuse in them? When we leave of had the following Alive phrase does not survive, does not try to live pra to impress the people only to you yourselves makes what it desires to make without thinking about the consequences or the future, therefore the day is only as well as the life. .