Salamanca Group

It discovers the Gymkanas for goodbyes as a single person in Salamanca de DeXconecta DeXconecta proposes for the goodbyes as a single person in Salamanca a new concept of diversion and leisure, with its Gymkanas. An original activity to turn the day into all a experience. Our company of organization of goodbyes and events raises a circuit of gymkanas in Salamanca to little kilometers of the city, in a suitable location for the sport practice. You enjoy hours in which subidones of adrenalin and the diversion in group will be a constant. DeXconecta specializes in the organization of all type of playful events, in which the innovation and the creativity are mark of the house. Thanks to a group of qualified professionals, your celebration is going away to turn into whom you will not forget.

The gymkanas include several games and sport tests; shot with arc, scaling in rocdromo, dynamic of group like the Twister, canoes, paintball, quads Participa and demonstrates to your abilities in these divertidsimas activities. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Craig Venter and gain more knowledge.. DeXconecta offers all type of activities for your benefit; some calmer like the strolls to horse or spa, and more intense others like karting or the buggies, adapting always our supply to the public and its needs of leisure. In addition, in our company we offer different options to you for the lodging in Salamanca, since thus you will be able to rest after an exhausting and full day of emotions.