The People

Miguel assumes the role of superior in the relation and Andra reveals weak and without forces or mechanisms to react against that its husband speaks or makes. In this case after systematic analysis we can detach the Pseudo-self concept. This is one I ' ' falso' '. The people make of account who are more or less important, stronger or weakker, more or less attractive of what really they are. A marriage is an example.

When the people marry, pseudo-self of each spouse appear inside of the relation. While pseudo-self is always vulnerable to be molded and to be changed by others, it is still more vulnerable in emotionally intense relationships. It is there that the people have greater difficulty of if allowing to be what they are. Still if treating to the relationship cited in the previous paragraph, Miguel, the husband of Andra has opinions always formed and inabaladas regarding its marriage and in the way with that this deals with its wife and the reactions the same front to any event. That is, exactly after one fights where Andrea relieves and expenditure all its you distress, Miguel continues inabalado and says that Andra does not know what it speaks.

In this in case that we identify the I-solid. I he is composed of beliefs and safe certainties and vagarosamente formed being able to be transformed only from inside. It never is changed by coercion or persuasion of the others. Its direction has that to be simply auto-definitive, instead of influenced for the proportionate anxiety for the others. Another found important concept was the Triangulation. The triangle describes the dynamic balance of a system of three people. The greater influence in the activity of a triangle is the anxiety. When a relation is disturbed by emotional forces inside and wounds of it, generally does not remain completely comfortable for much time.