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The magnifying of the document notion and the transformations in its proper one conception had reached the pedagogical work directly. In the practical one of the classroom, the problematic one concerning a study object can be constructed from the questions placed for the historians or of whom they are part of the representations of the pupils, of form such that they find meant in the content whom they learn. In this way an active attitude in the construction of knowing and the resolution of the learning problems can be obtained of the educandos. It is necessary that if light in consideration the fact of that History excites questions that proper it does not obtain to answer and of that has innumerable possible interpretations of the historical facts. In this in case that, the problematizao is a basic procedure for the historical education.

Another point to be considered is the fact of the classroom to be an environment of diversity, a time that a heterogeneous universe shelters, plural and in constant movement, where each pupil is singular, with an identity originated of its social group, established for values, beliefs, habits, to know, peculiar standards of behaviors, trajectories and diverse cognitivas possibilities in relation to the learning. This mosaic of resultant diversity of the complexity human being, can express greater interest and enthusiasm of the pupils for determined area of the historical knowledge, or, apathy and indifference, what in last case the learning of the pupil would be deeply harmful. Therefore, it is important that the professor is intent the receptividade and the attitudes of the pupils at the moment of study of the contents. Of this form, practical its will not be centered in descontextualizadas information, routine and reproductive answers. The causal analysis is another element to be detached. Traditional education explained History from the identification of the immediate causes longnquas and of the historical facts.