According to the Royal Spanish Academy of Language, religion is a set of beliefs or dogma about the divinity of feelings of reverence and awe toward her moral standards for individual behavior and social and […]

Patients And Users

Recently, the word “patient” is beginning to be replaced by the word “user”, because of the relationship with the word “patience” and, mistakenly of course, with “passivity” that , though in different etymological origin, conveys […]

History Of Internal

History of internal medicine at the end of the nineteenth century began to develop testicular medicine, closely linked to university clinics, and emerged a new approach to general practice, morelinked to basic biomedical science and […]

Traffic Police

Tips for the exam in the traffic police general, to take the exam in the traffic police in categories "A" And "learn in driving school is optional. Enough to pass a medical examination, to come […]


History The Faculty of Medicine of Montevideo was founded by decree of 15 December 1875 with two chairs, the Anatomy and Physiology. Abbott laboratories addresses the importance of the matter here. The appointed first dean […]