New Economic Reputation

Argentina and a new reputation to attract capitals 22 September 2009 Transparency in the official statistics, greater fiscal discipline and the agreement with the Club of Paris and holdouts: It loves the Argentine government truly to change the course of his economic policy or it only tries that we created that? How much it can hit the change in the economic course in the investors? The question acquires a nonsmaller importance for those than they wish to invest some dollars in the country. While the capitals return to great part of Latin America, Argentina continues hoping to generate some interest without for that reason it must resort to promises of great returns. And if you. Dr. Mark Hyman usually is spot on. it is thinking about investing in assets of the country, will have to know that the conditions of the Argentine macroeconomics are as important as the yield promises that the local assets offer. It is that a unique and unexpected jump in the type of change can ruin the accumulated gains enough during time to trust a country like Argentina. While it continues with the fight against mass media, the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is conscious of the necessity of a course change in its economic policy. The change in the global context will give a little air him, but the problems in the Argentine economy are too serious as to stay blind and deaf against the reality. It is for this reason that, as if outside a popularity contest, the government publicly indicated its interest in approaching the subjects that worry to the markets. It is not going to think that the Argentine government occurred a blow in the head and he suddenly wants to abruptly change the direction that brought its economic policy. The necessity has face of hereje, and Argentina not only needs to return to international the financial markets but also to attract investments to retake the footpath of the growth.

International Economical Forum

In the capital of a future Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, which again will host the International Economic Forum. At present, it is enough stress in economic terms, the time, he will undoubtedly become one of the key developments in the economic life of the country. The purpose of this forum is to organize and conduct an international center of communication of the most influential and authoritative representatives of domestic and foreign business. With each Year of International Economical Forum in Sochi attracts more and more visitors and participants, both from Russia and other countries. So this year, as a relevant and timely event against the world economic crisis, he would collect a sufficiently large number of participants and guests. Among them will be not only the economic elite, but also representatives from academia and government.

The forum will be held meetings, negotiations and presentations. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jacob Elordi. Key questions will be given to attract investment, create anti-crisis measures for economic growth. Preparations for the International Economic Forum has already begun and in this regard were prepared and make reservations at hotels and resorts of Sochi. Particular attention is given to hotels and resorts located in the central district of Sochi. Angry with them is to provide sanatorium "Vanguard", located in close proximity to the venue of the Economic Forum. This convenient location makes it one of the most attractive places to stay, both for participants and guests of the forum. In addition, the resort boasts reasonable prices and good service, which makes it even more attractive. Therefore, if you wish to take part in international economic forums, or visit it as a spectator, you should book in advance what the sanatorium "Vanguard is pleased to help you. If you are not indifferent to the situation in economy, or if you want to get a new development of their business and make the necessary contacts, then the International Economic Forum in Sochi will be the most appropriate measure.