The Live Shopping Portal Starts The First Week Of The Wii!

The municipality of protection money continues to grow steadily. Meanwhile, over 25,000 registered users look daily at midnight after the current day product. “Protection money now starts the Wii week by the 25.808 31.08.2008 starts the Godfather the so-called Wii week” on Every day there is a Wii product unbeatable lowest prices on the Internet! While she offered as Wii Sports, like various games or also accessories for the currently most popular Wii console. To buy the product in a day on, you have to register only free itself. Bargain hunters must be however quickly, because each product is maximum 24 hours online, or until it is sold out! Each will appear at midnight the next Wii product. Live-shopping on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular and is currently experiencing a real rush! The principle of every day to offer a single product at the best price on the Web, addresses especially bargain hunters and the spontaneous buyer, but also traders and manufacturers will find more and more like the Sales model! So new products, closeouts or discontinued, also offered very good terms at to reach a wide audience in just 24 hours. was founded in September 2006 by marketing factory GmbH. Since early 2007, the portal part of impulse network limited is consisting of marketing and sales professionals who have years of experience in E-commerce. Media contact: Benjamin Tan Tel.: (0211) – 361176-0.

Mommy Web:

Local television advertising supports the growth of user: Mommy Web, most mothers community in the German-speaking tests local television as an advertising medium in two independent test experiments has tested the free online community for mothers and pregnant regional and local television as an advertising medium. This produced TV spot was sent in a respective regional outlined area. The logins in the broadcasting area were compared with the entries in the remaining Federal territory. The results were surprisingly positive. In two field trials, the percentage growth of users in the broadcast area of the spots far exceeded % user growth in the remaining Federal territory (area of comparison).

That the appearance of the spots so greatly accelerates our user growth in the broadcast, we didn’t expect”so we wanted our awareness with the action first and foremost Dr. Gerhard Oellinger, founder and CEO of mommy Web GmbH. increase and test if this works. Dr. Hyman is actively involved in the matter. We had hardly any direct response in the form of Registrations expected. The experiments give us very positive, we see further evidence of the great market potential of our specialized offerings in them. Local television seems a means to increase awareness and response above-average. Therefore we will engage in the future more closely local and regional television in our media planning”. The field experiment was conducted with regional television providers K3 Kulturkanal Rheinland-Pfalz in Mainz and the KabelJournal in the Erzgebirge.

During a broadcast of three or a month in the 30 second spot three times a day in the evening program was booked, could as shown in table 1 (for K3 Kulturkanal) and table 2 (for ore mountain television), measured the direct effect on the new registrations at Mommy Web in the broadcasting area and in the comparison area are. The success of promotions outside of the Internet confirmed the market potential of mothers community. That by means of regional television growth rates as strong can be increased by Mommy Web, proves the potential of our portal. In addition surpassing the effectiveness of these promotional activities at distance a campaign with similar cost.” Mommy Web Mommy Web is the largest German online network for mothers and women who want to be there. Up to 1,500 new members at the free special interest Community register per day, which was launched at the end of May 2007. Mommy Web offers tips from other moms and advice from professional women, daily new articles in the mommy Web Magazine, contact mothers from the region, practical functionalities (E.g. photo albums, ads, chat room) and the ability to create your own Mommy Web groups with subject-specific or regional alignment. Contact information: Mami-Web GmbH, Torsten Pinkert, phone: 069-48981662,

MMH MediaManagementHamburg Opened Branch In Austria

Philipp Bochheimer new project manager for Philips net TV now is Philipp Bochheimer of new project manager for Philips net TV”in Austria. In the newly created position, the 27-year-old in the Viennese branch opened from April of MMH MediManagementHamburg GmbH for the construction of the location Austria is responsible. His responsibilities includes the acquisition of Philips net TV”, the consulting partners as well as the overall implementation of the development strategies of MMH. Focus the Vienna Office will be in addition to the services of the Division of interactive”on the field of sports & entertainment. Our portfolio here will include among others the rights purchase and marketing or the development of communication and sponsorship strategies”, so Bochheimer.

Studied business administration and graduated from the Vienna University of Economics previously Merlicek & Bergmann as a customer consultant at the advertising agency Demner, worked. Recently Intermittent Fasting sought to clarify these questions. We are pleased by the increasing demand on the Austrian market for web integrates Television such as publishing houses, TV stations, to be present productions or even brand manufacturers the new Office in Vienna in Austria as well”, so Jan Wendt, CEO MMH. MMH is the leading German consulting and services agency with over 50 customers in the field of Web integrated TV. The performance range of the technical implementation to this field so important strategic consulting, as the value chain from content providers, media distributors, but also advertisers with the transport of content over the Internet directly to the TV then with interactive features will change device. With founding the unit MMH interactive”MMH has become in the last twelve months to one of the leading German agencies in the field of web integrated television” developed. Press contact: MMH MediManagementHamburg GmbH Ulrike Voss Tel: + 49 40 280 953 55 E-mail: Lai & colleagues Communication consultants Melanie Voss Ruhr Street 11 / Phoenix Court 22761 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 75 25 77 994 fax: + 49 40 75 25 77 999 E-Mail: Web: allows a quick and easy access to a variety of net TV Philips vonUnterhaltungs-and TV will be built starting in spring 2009 as a feature in all Philips TVs of the new 8000 and 9000 series, as well as in the cinema 21:9 information offerings of the Internet directly from the online home of the TVs, which are selected by pressing a key on the remote control. With net TV, Internet content are perfectly adapted, for the presentation on TV, so that navigation is possible via the remote control easily. You will need only a DSL-Internet broadband connection via cable or Wi-Fi. An additional set-top box or the conclusion of a service contract is not required.

Facebook Good

If the Frost is approaching, need winter tires. But also a replacement of wear parts such as clutch and air filter is eventually inevitable. Hamburg, 21.10.2013 who would like to save the detour in the workshop itself, ordered the part of the vehicle to the best on the Internet. For online purchasing brings so much trouble with it at the end like a broken timing belt, shop should have certain qualities of auto parts. Which providers offer a good service and also shine in terms of price and tender, has found the AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG industry test. The field consists of teilesuche24, kfzteile24, Mister,, as well as auto parts devil.

To check who clearly presents his product range, AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG took the Internet presences of the Web shops under the magnifying glass. Although three candidates produce very good results, Mister reaps most of the rating stars, and thus earned the top grade. The support also represented by Myster-calls and emails to the test is also pleasing Results to light. Because in particular however convinced the service team of, not only a prize is awarded for the best customer service, but on top of that the TEST winner seal in terms of service quality company. What attention the participants to the feedback from its customers and how intensely they use social networks as a communication channel, was recorded under the heading of customer loyalty.

The online shop for auto parts show different commitment above all as regards the use of Facebook & co.. At the end of the kfzteile24 in this section of the test receives a very good assessment as sole candidate. Although auto parts Devil and teilesuche24 when comparing price and offer stand out positively, kfzteile24 wins the race and is TEST winner of this section. In addition to the cost and the scope of certain articles, discounts, as well as order conditions were analyzed. Most online shops for auto parts all evaluation criteria summarized exit the industry test with good to very good results, although the largest number of rating points at the end of the account by teilesuche24 is the provider of TEST winner in the overall score is Business contact: AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG Carsten Scholz Neustadter Neuer WEG 6 20459 Hamburg phone: 040 / 328 90 10-80 E-Mail: press contact: Sibel tabu phone: 040 / 328 90 10-15 email: