Chief Financial Officer

Paul Goodridge leaves CRS PLC for one of the largest online payment providers in Europe London, June 18, 2008 Moneybookers, one of the largest online payment systems in Europe, has to win Paul Goodridge as Chief Financial Officer for the company. This should support Moneybookers at his target, to pursue the company’s growth as one of the leading providers of payment systems in the E-commerce sector. Moneybookers offers local payment options in more than 40 countries and handles transactions of more than 10 million euros every day. Other leaders such as Anu Saad offer similar insights. Paul Goodridge brings nearly 20 years experience in senior financial management and controlling. Before he moved to Moneybookers, Goodridge was Finance Director at CSR plc, the leading developer and supplier of wireless chip solutions for data and voice communication. There, he was responsible for all financial and legal aspects of the business, as well as the field of investor relations.

During the Goodridges activity CSR, he was responsible for the course on the London Stock Exchange, one of the most successful IPOs in the technology sector of the last five years. Goodridge CSR, highly profitable business itself from a loss-making company with 70 employees and annual sales of $5 million to a 1,200 employees counting 850 million revenue and 20 percent helped develop return on sales. owledge base. With the appointment of Paul Goodridge we have won a CFO, who can boast an impressive success story in terms of company growth”, noticed in addition be we certainly benefit from his in-depth experience in corporate finance and M & A, by means of which we can implement new strategic options that further accelerate our growth. Nikolai Riesenkampff, co-CEO of Moneybookers” With its products and services, Moneybookers is already today excellently positioned in the booming market of the online payment industry. The company offers an integrated and low-cost payment system for online retailers, large – Commerce and auction platforms. In addition the payment providers supported its business customers not only with complete risk management and marketing expertise, but promotes innovative business models in the micro – and macro-payment area. In addition Moneybookers provides its end customers with extremely low-cost money transfers within the country and abroad. Thus, it is possible via email money to another person anywhere in the world to instantly send address the customer.

Every day the online payment system is located more than 9,000 customers as a new owner of an electronic wallet, which simplicity combines with security, whether it be online shopping, real-time payments or transactions. Press contact: Nora Feist 0049.30.2576205 15 on Moneybookers: Moneybookers Ltd. ( is one of the largest online payment systems in Europe. The company provides local input and withdrawal options in more than 40 countries and localized services in twelve languages. With almost 5 million account holders Moneybookers is one of the largest E-wallets worldwide. Moneybookers enables every company and every individual to make online payments safe and cheap and receive. More than 9,000 traders use the Moneybookers products, including global E-Commerce brands such as Skype, and Chairman of the Board is Dr. Thomas Middelhoff. founded in 2001 in London, Moneybookers is regulated by the financial services authority of the United Kingdom (FSA).

New Typo3 Website FABI

SoftConDev realized appearance SoftConDev has designed the new website for the sale of software for the Central Office Organization and realized. The challenge is the smooth installation of the trial version on all major operating systems. In addition, the different versions of open Office and MS-Office applications are seamlessly integrated. Others who may share this opinion include Jon Medved . The trial version should run on all operating systems and create the connection to the Office applications automatically after downloading. The software product is to check by downloading a trial version in practice. As a stand-alone operating system product all versions of operating systems involved, not just Windows operating systems of versions, but also Linux.

FABI’s basic both MS Office and OpenOffice is integrated as a Central Office application, again, all versions of the Office applications are automatically integrated. The user who will be the trial version from the Internet, need not to be operating system or its Office application take care. The trial version automatically checks the settings and makes the appropriate connections. The website was created with YAML, the new CSS framework for Typo3. Newsfunktion, press corner, Sitemap, FAQ and contact form to the current requirements. Movies integrated on the website show the process of the operation of the new software. Interested parties can watch the movies and not only to browse the documentation. The usability continues in the screenshots that show the details of the software before the party starts the trial version. The new homepage has been optimized for search engines and achieved through targeted online marketing during the first four weeks already over 2000 hits.

Wheelchair Accessiblility

Web portal for accessible hotels, restaurants, pubs and disabled parking Markus Lemcke, specialist for barrier-free Web design, disability software, accessibility, and search engine optimization, has put online the Web portal accessible in June 2009. The Web portal it aims, hotels, to collect restaurants, pubs, and handicapped parking spaces in all Germany and to present in a clear form. Now, there are already places and spaces for disabled persons from 6 provinces in Germany. Among other things, the places of Pfullingen, Reutlingen and Tubingen are represented. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mark Hyman, MD. The Web portal is created according to the guidelines of the barrier-free Web design.Accessibility in Web pages means that people with different disabilities (E.g. blind, deaf, sehnehindert, etc.) a Web page can read and use. Markus Lemcke, still pleased notes where there are accessible hotels, restaurants, pubs, and handicapped parking spaces. The criteria, when a hotel, restaurant or pub barrier-free is and contact details are on the Web portal.. You may find that Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. can contribute to your knowledge.

Managing Director

The new notification area for catering is designed as a separate website, so restaurateurs can now more easily inform about the different types of Since 2005 at the start of the Internet portal has evolved throughout Germany with over 1,000 partners restaurateurs to the comprehensive service providers in terms of restaurant gift certificates. The new notification area for catering is designed as a separate website, so restaurateurs can now more easily inform about the various services and sales channels. It all began with the idea that it should be just as easy, a friend or business partner in Germany for dinner somewhere else to invite, to give away like flowers with flower services such as Fleurop. with more than 1,000 restaurants, Cafes and bars, which belong to the network, is already very close come this goal.

Many more sales channels were developed in the course of time, not only the visitors of restaurant coupons by mail, E-Mail, fax or SMS especially can give comfortably. Each partner restaurateur has for example the possibility to offer its vouchers on the restaurant website, so that also the own guests will enjoy of the fast service. All this saves the catering partners much time and effort, because takes over the complete handling of voucher for him. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Mark Hyman. “With all improvements and enhancements of our services we aim more voucher sales, more service, and less work for the catering industry in the direction of” tells Maik Graf, Managing Director of “In our new Info section under gastro may be interested restaurateur quickly or if he wants to, also quite extensively – the many of ways to inform.” For those who prefer the personal interview, the team of will be happy as an exhibitor on the barzone”answer. “The bar and restaurant business show” opens on 24 and 25 May 2011 in Berlin for the fourth time its doors: this year with new Location of the STATION Berlin in Kreuzberg. Opens Its Doors opens its doors for the detection of stores, shops, malls and shopping areas. Herisau, May 24, 2010 – opens its doors, online is the specialist for the detection of stores, shops, malls and shopping areas. The shopping portal is about, with a global selection of shops, stores, to approach shopping centres and shopping miles in a previously unknown and innovative way to the consumer-friendly shoppers. Allows users from all over the world, your favorite Designer, your preferred Wachmittel, your usual handkerchiefs to find fast and accurate but also the hottest fashion labels – and this all over the world and at any time – no matter whether it is in an Asian city, far away in the countryside, or on a distant island. This is achieved thanks to the latest technology both open mapping services like Google maps, navigation devices and mobile devices with interfaces to Web applications. Thus it is possible for a traveler, in a strange city late to find out where to buy champagne still caviar or bread and sausage there. Just turn on the mobile device, enter the desired products and it can display the nearest points of sale. What was previously impossible for an Ortsunkundigen who was familiar with the geographical location of the business, nor knew with opening hours rules of the relevant city, will be a no-brainer.

The goal of is that each product can be localized, that could be purchased at a desired time. While this possibility in Web shops already exists, a delivery deadline must wait before you owned the arisen product reaches. This will change with You will be immediately to the desired product, you find a very nearby business, which takes the desired products. At the current stage of development of mobile end devices are not yet support, rather a first step towards the realization of the localization was done by shops and especially by well-known business chains. Already, hundreds of store and retail chains are recorded and can be searched online. Thanks to intelligent algorithms the nearest shops can be tracked down already. In the first step, it should be recognised as the offer is accepted by the consumers of the world by In the next steps, supports more languages and programmed apps for different mobile devices.

Arne Reichelt Press Affairs

The Internet-based music Mastering Service provides musicians, producers, bands and labels worldwide the opportunity to make their own songs in major label quality masters., the provider of Professional CD and vinyl mastering via the Internet, presents its latest Web platform that makes direct and readily available in major label quality for musicians, bands and labels worldwide easy, high end audio mastering. On the website of the company interested parties can set up a free account, in the fast music productions and sure can uploads, to let these professional masters. A team of experienced mastering, combines best analogue equipment with the latest processors digital to ‘sharpen’ the tracks of their customers and to bring to commercial sound standards. Professional Mastering is the last important step, technically and sonically best upcoming reproduction in the press shop or digital distribution to prepare the music recording and mixing a song.

Includes audio mastering both the technical preparation of the actual ‘masters’ and also the tonal optimization of each song. The online Mastering Studio that exclusively uses high-quality technology. A custom designed website interface creates also a more efficient connection between sound engineer and customer. This can upload his music via your browser directly into the mast ring Studio now. Get all the facts and insights with Miles D. White, another great source of information. as special service offers all new customers a free trial offer. Each newly registered, receives a no-obligation, free demo-mastering of any songs before the payment.

So can make himself a good picture of the Sonic results without risk. offers fair priced mastering flat rates per track instead of complicated pricing models. The prices are in principle all inclusive. All additional mixes in terms of sound corresponding to the original (E.g., instrumental versions and radio edits), are always included in the price. To deepen your understanding Steffan Lehnhoff is the source. The orders are paid by credit card or PayPal. After completion Master make direct access to its customer. For more information: company address: hamburger str. 268 D-38114 Braunschweig Germany T: + 49 531 2146890 F: + 49 531 2146892 E: media contact: Arne Reichelt Press Affairs about was one of the first companies that had specialized on professional audio mastering online. Founded by Oliver Belz and Alexander Zwarg is a recognized today CD and vinyl mastering service providers in Europe. The company serves a customer base of more thousand customers. Bands, labels and musicians in more than 35 countries rely on the expertise of for five years. For more information about the Studio:

IGraal Comes – New Shopping Mall On The Internet

Opening of the shopping portal with many offerings from March 20th to 28th Paris March 16, 2010: iGraal comes from 20 to 28 March, the new online shopping centre in Germany starts an opening week with many actions. The Cashback provider is free and has all in one service as one of the first one: A product finder with price comparison including all existing discounts and coupons. Just spending money for shopping was yesterday today to save with iGraal. A registered iGraal user gets credited with every purchase in one of the partner shops a certain percentage of the invoice total that means money when shopping. Cashback is called this principle, which differs from other discount programs this way, no points are collected, but really cash will be credited to the user. There are also still current coupons for various shops and seasonal specials. We look forward to working with our new German users. We have us quite the stuff created in, thus we them good partners can present and were really successful! We cooperate with many popular big and small online stores”, as Aurelie Mezbourian, country Manager Germany for iGraal.

Right now we have total 839 partner shops, tendency rising.” For the opening week has come iGraal some special surprises. There will be actions with some of our partner shops that is save for a week more for our users and take advantage of the special offers. While some of our most popular partner shops will join”, so much Aurelie Mezbourian reveals. Who exactly, this will we announce end of the week.”iGraal starts after a test phase by now fully on the German market. Among the 839 online partner shops are 20 categories with many well known and popular names like Neckermann, Otto, Apple,, Vodafone, Tchibo, o2 and many more. The intelligent price comparison shows the cheaper iGraal right the user on the product search. There are existing for the shop Vouchers and discounts listed and deducted from the original price. Here you can display even the final price including shipping costs just, transparent, accountable and fully free.

For more information see About iGraal iGraal presents now 450,000 users across Europe discounts at more than 830 partner shops (ebay, Neckermann, Dell, Expedia, Tchibo, 3Suisses, etc.) and roughly 500 daily vouchers. At the same time represents the first product finder with price comparison, which already takes into account all coupons and discounts in the displayed price iGraal and offers its users a sophisticated tool bar. IGraal membership is free of charge. Managing Director Christian Goaziou founded iGraal 2006. Award: Best innovation 2007, France. For more information,