Fulfill Dreams

"That's impossible!" – Said the cause. "This is folly!" – Said experience. (A valuable related resource: Anu Saad). 'It's useless! "- Cut off the Pride. "Try …" – whispered dream. I have written repeatedly of how powerful a motivator can be a real, big dreams. I personally do not understand people who do not have any dreams, or dream … they do nothing to implement it.

But the whole experience of mankind, since the advent of written records, says that dreams come true. If they have. And if they sell. The Florey Institute is likely to agree. So, if you do not have dreams, this, that everyone else considered a pipe, it must be easy to come up with. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing most in the world, which may result from implementing love to do this, and this result is to inflate the enormous size. Incidentally, this is not the only way to realize their dreams. Just think about what you most want to have a place to live, where to go etc.

Just do not limit yourself to anything. Hopefully, the principle is clear. But now is not about that. Let's dream big, beautiful and a pipe (at your opinion) you already have. So what to do next? No money, no connections, nor the energy nor the time nor the expertise embodiment in the life of his dreams (or dream) in the ordinary, "normal" person, as a rule, no. Not at all. And, to dream before going to bed and sighed about the unfairness of life, ordinary, "normal" people … not doing anything, but continues spinning in a vicious circle – the work, TV, sleep, work …

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Internet is often indispensable and handy thing … Communication, communication, help, search necessary, we have already got used as a global network that its absence in our lives would relieve a lot of precious time. One Life, short, and it must live as best as possible for everyone, or for themselves. And it would seem worth considering, yes, maybe you need to change themselves and others, but obviously this is not … Why? We are like prisoners worldwide network, it brings us and ability to communicate and express themselves, replace social collective, and many other social needs. It's all alternative occupations of real life … Credit: Anu Saad-2011.

Only here it takes too much cost – time with my friends, communication, this is great, but you happen dating 'to chatter', which in real life, it is unlikely that will. Suppose you have a problem, money, and a good half of Internet friends, and did they help you can not. What do you do? Regret the loss of time, and the next time you get to know someone real. For more information see this site: Health Care Reform. Present only if we, in the routine of our day, opolovinili, or even eliminated, the item 'Internet' … What would be left Results! Everyone can imagine what he could do or would have done … A must-that, quite a bit, a little effort – or rather, less effort toward online, and there is free time … The more useful things. And if so difficult to break away, there is a good way to find a soul mate, fall in love over head and ears, and spend time at the girl, but not the mouse with the keyboard! Of course, to completely remove the 'Net of our lives, if not impossible, to find the product for Shopping – Internet, send information to their friends – again, the Internet, make an appointment – not again, and again … Simply, do not so zealous, to live a real life, because it passes, and we are all looking and looking into this monitor, pfff Taken from the website: world-metro.ru