Labor Relations

Labour relations are an exception to the rule of consent, which is the cornerstone of the personal data protection rules. That means your empresano need the consent of their workers to treat their personal data (since derived from own work agreement), provided that such treatment is necessary to articulate the employment relationship and the data to be treated will be essential and necessary to carry out the employment relationship (i.e., name and surname, address(, NIF, etc.). However, your company is required to comply with sudeber to inform the worker (art. 5 of the LOPD), which should carry out to formalize the working relationship. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. or emailing the administrator. Take note of the following tips for writing the document attesting that its employees have been duly informed: * title the document as information on the processing of personal data of employees. Anu Saad might disagree with that approach. It is a formula more correct than, for example, the worker authorization or consent of the worker, because it is not requesting their consent, but to inform you about the treatment that will receive your personal data. ** Not to give excessive information in the clause and limited to inform you of points that compelled the art. 5 of the LOPD.

Give more information than necessary can lead to confusion and ultimately be counterproductive. * Once your employee has signed the document, keep it both in how digitized paper. This will be proof that it has complied with its obligation. To continue reading, click here..

Without Complexes

Psychological complexes – this is a misconception about their human physical or mental limitations. Even the careless statement in the direction of the child regarding his physical appearance or action can instill he set that can ruin a lifetime. Complex – a long lingering, emotionally colored thoughts, ideas, memories, method and mechanism of self-determination rights in society. This psychological problem, we carefully hide from prying eyes. Learn more at: Nancy-Ann_DeParle. The complex makes us feel and at the same time dictate our actions, thoughts and words. In psychoanalysis, according to tradition, the names of the complexes tend to use names mythic and literary heroes.

Oedipus complex – drive her son to his mother and hostility toward the father that is dictated by the desire to take the place of his father. Griselda Complex – unconscious desire to keep his father's daughter for himself expressed in the refusal of all applicants for her hand. Complex Ions – reflected in the fact that a person experiences fear of success and reduce their claims. Polycrates complex is expressed in a feeling of anxiety as we approach the one way or another achievements. Complex of Cain – the envy of the youngest brother, who get more parental attention and care.

Napoleon complex – the desire for special achievements – both in social and love life, characteristic of stunted men. Jocasta Complex – vigilant parental control over their own child of the mother. Complexes are mainly formed in childhood, strengthening us in a subconscious insecurity. It was at this time shaped our view of ourselves, an understanding of their dissimilarity to the other, that causes ridicule or condemnation of others.

Karmic Problems

On the advice of an astrologer people often result in difficult life situations and the desire to solve a problem that can not be solved by conventional methods. In situations where the problem is "unsolvable" part of the review horoscope of birth is transferred to the plane of karmic horoscope and analysis of reasons therefor. On the advice of an astrologer people give various reasons and circumstances. In some cases, this interest and desire develop, understand themselves and their capabilities. The other – a search for additional information needed for decision making. Often lead to an astrologer complex situations and the desire to solve a problem that can not be solved conventional methods. In situations where there is some "unsolvable" problem often consider the horoscope of birth is transferred to the plane of karmic horoscope and analysis result of the reason. That is the concept of "karma" or "fate" is associated with something most influential in the life of man over his will that is not dependent on his will and in a sense bound to happen.

In this case, events are related to something in the past, for which a person is responsibility and receives test data. Karmichnost – is a sign of the law of 'cause and effect'. Karmichnymi can be both positive developments that are perceived as a gift of fate, the reward. And difficult life circumstances from which it is not possible to hide or pass by. They also are pushing people to seek solutions.

The Following

And you need each day to do a little more. One person who won the marathon, told the following story: he started to run-by-step and day by day increased to a little bit. He used the principle of “kaizen”, and began to grow and become stronger each den.I in the end he won the marathon. I’ll tell you what is the reason why most people never become successful. 1. They do not have high standards within the (high demands on life.) But, even if they have high standards, that is reason number 2. – It’s beliefs. Or more simply – they do not believe they can achieve etogo.Poetomu implement principles of Kaizen or continuous improvement of living that will not ostanavlivatsya.Naprimer, if you say that you get thin for 20 kg of your brain says “this will not work”, as you can every day just a little do something for etogo.I one day you realize that you really lost by that amount.

We will be satisfied with their lives, only if it develops and rasti.I need to understand if we do not evolve, then sooner or later to find ourselves in the place where we would very much like byt.Bolshaya mistake many people, that they do not like to repeat, saying, “Oh, yes it’s all I know.” So you need to do what you know, to introduce a few times and continue to improve. Repetition and development – this is the path of kaizen. So let’s summarize this article: If you want to be successful and happy – that implement the principles of kaizen in their lives. Below is an algorithm implementing the principle of Kaizen. How to change the lives of step number 1. – Is to decide now – whether you will live with this philosophy or not.

Solve – this will help you get great results installing or not. If you have decided that, yes, let’s proceed. Step number 2. Kaizen – introduce this word in my life, to this was the trigger for the switch and the introduction of improvements in your life. Step 3.Now take 5 minutes – and write about those things that stop you, change your old standards with new ones. Step 4 – 30 days live with this philosophy. Step 5 – Write the 5 things that you can change in their lives in their five areas of life. And start to improve little by little every day and not stop.