Dimitrios Babakos

Reasons for the sustained success of secure pension and financial leeway as is Dimitrios Babakos, head of the German branch of the ASPIS PRONIA in Neu-Isenburg, in particular the financial data associated with the product and the comprehensive communication work to the introduction. Alone the generally valid high interest rate of 3.35 per cent\”, as Babakos, gave an important incentive insurance intermediaries, with customers and interested parties. \”\” That our guaranteed trace output is but also still 25 percent higher, than in the magazine FINANZtest \”presented best offer, the broker has electrified downright\”. The offer, which came in April on the German market, the more efficient cost structures in Greece and the high participation advocate also. Also self-employed and workers can make a profit even in the second half of their career with the product transferring pensions in attack, explained Adolf Wiesner total sales Germany, Director. This applies all the more so as the ASPIS PRONIA basic pension at the age of five has one of the lowest minimum duration at all, so even in very late life a pension can be rebuilt. In addition, Wiesner emphasised: the market it also reinforced products asks, which are equipped with guaranteed pension commitments.

To calculate sustainable because only the policyholder can already his second income\”. Surpluses can only considered added value in this context\”considered to be\” collectively cover all benefits, a very high potential of demand has developed the intermediaries\”, Babakos says happy. Audible and visible consequence of the appeal: Immediately after publication of the data the phone no longer stood still and every day increased the number of broker agreements. The insurance specialist but also the integrated marketing and communication work sees as a key success factor for the demand at the beginning of the launch.

A Way Out Of Your Credit Card Debt Card Debt Consolidation Loans – Find Problem

Government debt consolidation loans – bad credit debt Cosnolidation loans bad credit debt consolidation programs is a good thought is if every month your total amount of debt remains more or at least $15,000. with debt consolidation, you can settle in for a lower monthly payment. People have debts from different lenders and thus it makes it difficult to manage multiple credit cards all the creditors, especially if you are unable to them all every month. With debt consolidation, you can save money every month especially if your percent is lower than your ARP ARP that you pay on your current loans. Some creditors so offer free credit card debt consolidation services and debt counseling sessions. If you own a home and have equity in it then you can get a debt consolidation loan very easily.

What’s more, you can take advantage of the ARP Council, as they are few percent points on top of the mortgage rate that you have. Credit card debt consolidation quote on your property is secured loan type. Thus, it is not that risky while the rate is of interest so not that high. Lender are very much ready of offer you debt consolidation loans even with your poor credit rating since they are secured loans. Thus, the difference that you earn from the low interest consolidation loan and your current loan is your savings.

However, you should do your math right, since your consolidation loan can go up to as long as 5 to 15 years. You may end up paying more since you will be paying for such a long time. You should so know that if you take up a secured loan they have the right over you home if you fail to make the payment in full. You should consider debt counseling before you take any decisions. Briefly, if you put together all your scattered loans and credit card bills into one monthly affordable payment you will end up saving a lot of your precious money. Furthermore, you can so get out of the vicious circle of debt and interest rate. Shop around online and you want some genuine find companies that can help you.