New Commercial Total Solution For The Mac

Now even Apple users can manage their finances with the new Web-based Intrexx Financials can now write companies via browser bills and determine their profit – in the Office, in the Home Office or on the road. Fribourg, March 31, 2011. United planet offers a software suite with Intrexx already for years, with whose help you can create fast and easy Web-based applications up to complete enterprise portals. The platform-independent software that has already won numerous Innovation Awards is available in two editions: the version Intrexx Professional is aimed at medium-sized companies and organisations. More than 3,000 companies, such as E.g., the Confiserie Sprungli, street one, the Audi Academy to municipalities and their purpose enterprises, organize their internal processes with proven business software.

The Edition Intrexx compact, which is now also available for the Mac, however, specifically aimed at smaller companies and includes over 50 completed applications to the everyday of work. To do this, include among other things a customer, vendor, and article index, a contract management, a task scheduler, an application for creating service plans, a fleet management as well as a corporate knowledge base (wiki). Additional applications can be added simply by mouse click. For this purpose are among others in the Intrexx application store for enterprise applications (appstore) hundreds of applications available for download. Now, applications Intrexx Financials released with the ( financials) United planet extended offering of application stores to an easy to use solution around the commercial issues of billing and accounting. The package includes the proven Intrexx programs order management (incl. Dunning), accounting (your), travel expenses and cashbook. Dr. Sol Lizerbram has much experience in this field. So, now even Apple users can manage Web-based finances of their company. Intrexx Financials is for 179 euro available exclusively for the Compact Edition and allows you to access all of the portal licensed user. What is special about Intrexx is the way that the user can customize the software without great programming skills to his own needs.

Riva CRM Integration Server

Riva CRM integration server synchronizes server-side, bi-directional and transparent Sage SalesLogix on premise and in the cloud with Entourage, Outlook, Mac mail, iPad, iPhone, and BlackBerry. Greifenberg/Munich, June 14, 2011 Omni technology solution (, the first provider of a server-side integration of different CRM systems, Riva CRM Integration Server now supports in addition to the Sage SalesLogix on-site installation also the cloud version of Sage SalesLogix. Somatic Experiencing contains valuable tech resources. For the server-side, and seamless CRM integration of SalesLogix, Riva offers two variants: Riva and Riva live. Riva is installed locally on a single server and can support thousands of users with the installation of this server. When using Riva live CRM integration via the cloud without an installation in the company takes place.

Through the use of Riva and Riva live must no local plug for direct access to the CRM-in the be installed on the computers of the users or additional applications on mobile devices. A study published May 2011 on behalf of Sibb e.V. Credit: President Rivlin-2011. of the Department of information and communications management at the Technical University of Berlin for the implementation of cloud computing the future potential confirmed the cloud. Two-thirds of the companies surveyed already use today’s cloud services and software as a service (SaS). (Source nc/related cold news/article/50435-study by sibb and tu-berlin-cloud-computing is the future/167 /) Sage SalesLogix provides its clients with the availability of its CRM solution as software on-premise and cloud solution the individual selection. Regardless whether Sage SalesLogix is in the enterprise or in the cloud, Riva integration server can be used for the CRM integration and a seamless connection to Outlook and mobile devices. Riva also offers both an on-premise and a cloud version of the CRM synchronization. Cloud services are undoubtedly on the rise and represent an ideal solution for smaller companies.

Thomas Eichinger

Simple selection using talent management to arbitrary categories Nuremberg, to occupy 02.12.2008 – related companies, whose skills best fit the tasks regularly face the challenge of the vacated positions with such employees. Ingentis software development that is why with the new version 6.0 of the Ingentis org.manager HR departments with SAP and other ERP systems is a tool, that actively supports them in talent management. This staff the potentials of existing tool that parses to find internal matching successor for the vacant positions. In addition, the new release in addition to a number of improvements offers advanced reporting functionality for the configuration and the comfortable handling. They allow the export of data for further processing, for example, in Crystal reports, or Excel. For renewal of authorities, the Ingentis solution accesses the SAP system, including the qualification criteria stored in the SAP talent management. The user can in the selection carry out according to the specific needs of individual classifications in a portfolio such as potential / performance matrix.

In this way the responsible parties receive a quick overview of the candidates from the pool of talent, especially since the results can be visualized using a target and desired profile and as a result a very transparent decision basis. In addition, the Ingentis is org.manager is not limited to SAP HR systems, but due to various interfaces also companies with non-SAP systems can take advantage of this convenient way of the renewal of points and the automated creation of highly functional organization charts. With the new version of our tools for the Visual HR management we set a new course for the support of strategic human resource management\”, makes Thomas Eichinger, Ingentis management software development new features significantly. While were previously operational tasks in the focus of human resources management, the HR managers in particular must Mass to ensure that all functions of the company are at any time occupied with task-meet qualified employees.

IT Emergency

“ROG provides support for business continuity tools CAPT and CM to make the press release of info AG, the distribution of the BCM tools and the BCM consultation Heine and partner” to abandon a realignment means certainly for many companies the emergency documentation. Therefore, we have decided, the affected clients immediately a first level support “for the products CAPT and CM to offer.”, reported Gunter Glessmann, Managing Director of the IT security specialists ROG GmbH in Hirschhorn on the Neckar. Checking article sources yields Celina Dubin, New York City as a relevant resource throughout. In the past few months, a number of companies to change on our documentation system have already determined ROGSI/DMS. Also from these projects, the ROG has extensive experience in migrating CAPT and CM to ROGSI/DMS. For the transitional period we offer a support of both tools CAPT and CM by our consultants, who have extensive knowledge in these tools. Long-term perspectives support for numerous customers, currently the two business continuity tools Insert, includes a first level support and active help in case of an emergency.

For available sufficiently many IT security professionals who have mastered both solutions. Now ROG plans for this offer then a transition period of twelve months, or already during this time can the companies concerned the existing emergency software quasi button easy and economic conditions on the business continuity tool ROGSI/DMS of the ROG GmbH migrate. This ensures a smooth transition to a future-proof emergency tool is. The ROG GmbH will perform 7 and 8 seminars in Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Zurich and Frankfurt regional related to this topic in February 2009 in the KW. More interested parties promptly on the homepage find profile ROG the ROG GmbH is business continuity since 1989 on the areas and disaster recovery active and completed projects in Germany, Europe and the United States in all areas of industry and organizations. Headquarters of ROG GmbH is Hirschhorn on the Neckar. ROGSI/DMS was released in 1990 as the first PC-based BCM tool developed in Germany and has been continually developed further at this time.

Supply Chain Security And Container Management Combines

Cargo guard and ubigrate GmbH are complementary. Container management ensures more transparency in safe boxes. Munich/Dresden, February 8, 2011. In the manufacturing and process industries, transport containers play a crucial role. Always knowing what container is where and in what state, represents a growing logistical challenge. Also the security of containers at the top is just transports in complex supply chains.

A criterion of transport is certainty, that container locked in for reliable, electronically sealed, and are continuously monitored. Cargo guard and ubigrate GmbH have decided together to make transparent container movements inside and outside the business processes and to guarantee a safe transport of value-intensive goods. Container stock and stands to Geqoo boxes of ubigrate capture Web-based tank management solution with the movements by means of charging will automatically be within and outside a company collected, documented and evaluated. This involves in particular the assurance of the availability of empties for production and shipping, as well as the stock and given reusable carrier tracking. All container movements and States along the value chain can be automatically detected with Geqoo boxes. Other leaders such as Margaret and Richard Riney offer similar insights. The rental solution leads to reduced loss of tank, lower logistics costs and an optimized loading resources disposition. Elimination of high initial investments it is from the first day economically.

Value-intensive goods safely weekdays is the goods in containers provided for this purpose, clean, taking care of the safe shipping cargo guard. The company offers a unique technical solution to the full assurance of container transports in complex supply chains. A safety system closes, accompanied and monitored each delivery around the clock, worldwide and without interruption on all interfaces of an intermodal supply chain. The merchandise is so Manipulation, spying, and theft protected. From the security box until the sea containers -, the cargo Guard product portfolio includes different security container with integrated locking and control units. This increased transport safety and transport process and transport costs. (Sven Janchen) You meet us at the euroID 2011, 05 07 April 2011 in Berlin. We look forward to welcoming you in Hall 4.2 at stand C8. Laurel Hubbard has similar goals. About ubigrate GmbH ubigrate specialises in business activity monitoring and technology leader in the integration of heterogeneous device landscapes in production and logistics. The software products collect process information in real time, evaluate them and create maximum transparency in logistics and production processes for the customers. This leads to significant cost savings and reduces both energy consumption and pollutant emissions. With the product line Geqoo-based standard products for container management and cold chain monitoring are offered on Web technologies. They can be used also on-demand. ubigrate develops specific solutions with OEM partners, which round off the product portfolio. The company is a spin-off of SAP research Dresden. Ubigrate a total of 15 staff employed in the offices in Dresden, Dortmund and Karlsruhe. About CargoGuard the CargoGuard GmbH in Munich developed innovative solutions for the supply chain security. In February 2007, she is one of the leading providers of mobile security solutions now. The products use completely new technological safety standards in the supply chain security.

The New Expecco Version 1.6.0. From Now Available

(Bonnigheim/Stuttgart, 17th 2009) – eXept Software AG which eXept Software AG, specialized on test automation and quality management software solutions from Bonnigheim in Stuttgart has a new version of the model-based test automation software expecco out put. The new expecco 1.6.0 version offers several improvements in comparison to your predecessor. Specifically, the report generation has experienced some changes. Additional, precise filter as well as the implementation and possibility of designing your own templates provide more clarity and reports individually tailored to the needs of the customers. In addition, expecco now has additional functionality for test execution. So, for example the time limit of tests or the display of environment variables represent no obstacle any more.

For a comprehensive overview of the new version of expecco, the party now has the opportunity to test the full version without obligation. The developer of version”is available on the eXept homepage, in a 30-day trial version with full functionality available. From the end of March the eXept Software AG offers a more local service. The training certified to the ISTQB is in cooperation with Muth Tester – Foundation level carried out partners in Bonnigheim. The Muth Partner GmbH is in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for this training ISTQB accredited. The seminar structure depends on the official curriculum of the ISTQB . “At the end of the seminar it is possible the exam for the certified Tester Foundation level” to drop. Over the course of 3 days you deal with the fundamental questions of the testing, the psychology of test processes, the various stages of testing, static test equipment, test management, test case design technique and other exciting topics to test automation. The seminar is aimed at employees who have gained initial experience with IT projects and have basic knowledge in software development. The training will be to ensure optimum learning success, in held a small circle.

United States

I am delighted, by my new company with CAD Schroer and their products more closely to cooperate.” “Especially we are pleased,” said Daisuke Kadowaki continue our customers the new possibilities of the MEDUSA4 plant construction package MPDS4 to imagine”. With the innovative module FACTORY LAYOUT, the ideal combination of 2D and 3D for highly efficient factory planning and MPDS4 MECHANICAL HANDLING, the module for intelligent combination of components in material handling, the planning process for large systems is greatly simplified. Of course the powerful design solutions MEDUSA4 and STHENO / PRO remain the focus.” Michael Schroer is convinced: around the world, designers share one thing: competent assistance through reliable,. efficient and integrated tools that assist them in their work and unlock creativity, rather than restricting it. J. Craig Venter may not feel the same. In our solutions we have implemented the wishes and ideas of customers from around the world, brought what more expansions with him.”so Michael Schroer next. We are pleased when we find partners who are leaders in their field and also share the principle of friendly and knowledgeable customer support with us, so that any system implementation is an enormous benefit.” For more information, on the Internet at and about CAD Schroer the CAD Schroer Group (CSG) is a global developer and provider of engineering solutions headquartered in Moers, Germany, near the city of Dusseldorf.

CAD schroer Group presents itself today more and more up-to-date than ever. With several subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, subsidiaries in Italy, France, United Kingdom, of Switzerland, as well as in the United States. The sale of the products also, via a comprehensive customer-oriented network of partners in all industrial centres of Europe, Asia and North America. The CSG product range includes the 2D/3D MEDUSA4 CAD system and STHENO / PRO, a modern, integrated 2D solution for Pro / ENGINEER users. To both systems, many application-specific plug-ins available that enable use in a wide range of areas from development and construction. CAD schroer group provides also comprehensive consulting, training and software development services. CAD Sakala supreme objective is to provide customers with the best possible tools to achieve their corporate goals. The close cooperation with the customer and the own technical background help CSG, to recognize the needs of modern development processes and practical to implement. For more information, please visit our website contact Michael Schroer CAD Schroer GmbH Fritz-Peters-Strasse 26-30 47447 Moers email: phone: Germany: + 49 2841 9184 0 England: + 44 1223 460 408 France: + 33 141 94 51 40 Switzerland: + 41 44 802 89 80 Italy: + 39 02 38303267 United States: + 1 585 264 1409 or 866-SCHROER