Child Reflexology

Child Reflexology can be practiced from the first day the children are born. The foot massage bring a part of this intimate contact and attention they need exclusive infants and children. Using massage feel cared […]

Natural Herb Remedies

In extreme cases, this can negatively affect normal body functions and create disturbances in delicate systems of the body. The have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to support the immune system […]

Other Medicine

It is obvious, if you’ve taken a look at the original, which is not but advertising with promotional video included, a curious machine called Quantum Scio, based on bioresonance principles. If you do not sound, […]

Medical Routine

Today it can be said that organ transplants are part of the medical routine, also the population tends to be fairly aware that lengthen life as much as possible is a priority for most. However […]

Medicinal Remedies

Every day conventional medicine is more expensive, but what is more serious is that, as this type of medication is abundant in side effects i.e., while soothing you one thing you is damaging another. Themselves […]


History has left us many teachings, which we must learn, a very relevant that must rescue to understand the death of the young Felix Ugaz Leon, 4th year medical student at the National University of […]

Medical Anesthetist

I must have been in the hands of friends anesthesiologists about 10 times in critical situations and about 10 times in procedures of medium complexity, I keep fond memories and affectionate gratitude towards them and […]

Medicine In Peru

Medicine, emerges as an instinctive Act, in the everyday relationship the man engaged with physical nature and animal, but since its inception was a vital, social and humanitarian act, anyone and everyone were their creators, […]

Same Medicine

Did you say someone, the pills he had to try until he has given with one that sat him well?. Well actually that sent it was the same product with different presentation, i.e. the same […]