American Medical Association

The sesquiterpenes may also delete or deprogram the codes badly written in the cellular memory. It is believed that the sesquiterpenes are especially effective against cancer. Or that they can reprogram the cell’s DNA. The main problem with a cancerous cell is it contains misinformation, and the sesquiterpenes may remove such misleading information. At the same time the oxygen they transport molecules of sesquiterpenes creates an environment in which the cancer cells cannot be played.

Therefore these compounds attacked in two ways to the cancer cells: disabling his coded behavior and stopping its growth. The American Medical Association (AMA) affirm that if was an agent who could cross the blood-brain barrier You might find the cure for ailments such as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Those agents already exist and have been within our reach since Biblical times, and are the essential oils, particularly those containing molecules of sesquiterpenes. This is not a game or an approximation, we talk about life and death, and I’m sure that each of those who read this mail today knows at least one person who is dying of cancer. It is going to be with this information or is going to share? If you can read English, French or German, you will find hundreds of investigations by putting the right words in the internet search engines. In mental and emotional: excessive attachment to the past, mental exhaustion, depression, fear, insecurity, nightmares, panic. Spiritual: gives great protection, raises the vibration quickly helping us to connect with superior forces.

It helps us to meditate, relax and visualize what we want to achieve in life. It was one of the oils used for the Holy anointing: exodus 30: 1 the Altar of incense 5 get the staves of acacia wood and coated in gold. 6 Then put the altar before the veil that is next to the Ark of the Covenant before the lid that covers it, where I’ll find you.