Preventive Health Check-Ups

Check up this English phrase denoting a full survey of Western medicine. Preventive Check up survey is used in Germany, usually in relation to the population over age 35 for early cancer and other serious […]

Electronic Medicinal

Review of the principles and characteristics of electronic medical devices currently in production and sales of a large number of various electronic medical devices (appliances, devices) for the prevention and treatment of illness in the […]


Ayurveda has long attracted the attention of not only doctors, but also anthropologists, historians and other researchers. The first information about it can be found in the Vedas, the ancient books, written many centuries ago. […]


And yet, there are more women who prefer treatment of dandruff at home First, the main advantage of natural shampoos, household that they include no chemical components that are abundantly found in industrial facilities. Secondly, […]