Preventive Health Check-Ups

Check up this English phrase denoting a full survey of Western medicine. Preventive Check up survey is used in Germany, usually in relation to the population over age 35 for early cancer and other serious diseases at an early stage. The basis of any preventive obsldovaniya Check up at clinics in Germany are a common clinical examination, ultrasound of the abdomen and thyroid, comprehensive blood tests, including markers of cancer, which is especially important for early diagnosis of cancer (eg, PSA for prostate cancer, AFP for liver cancer, etc.). It is not something cardiologist would like to discuss. The physician conducting the initial survey addresses the need for further instrumental examinations. At the clinics, Germany, the most common annual preventive examination of the prostate and colon / bowel straight men and annual preventive screening for breast and cervical cancer in women older than 35 years.

Annual monitoring of blood parameters during treatment in clinics in Germany is the standard. For our clients we practice, as a rule, full check up incl. comprehensive laboratory testing of blood, ECG, ultrasound, spirography lungs. The differences are possible in the selection of a primary specialist – whether it be an oncologist, cardiologist or endocrinologist. This will be discussed with you before your arrival in Germany, depending on your history and your wishes. The need for invasive and radiological surveys will be discussed already upon arrival in Germany. A large amount of information can already deployed in a blood test. Complete laboratory facilities can not be described here, the routine also includes, among other blood counts (red and white blood platelets), rolling system blood, blood biochemistry (creatinine – renal function, lipase and amylase – pancreas, creatinine, urea, JHL, GOT, GPT, kreatinazy – function of the liver and other parenchymal organs, cholesterol – blood vessels, electrolytes, phosphorus, hormones, thyroid and parathyroid glands, cancer markers, such as, AFP – liver, CEA-Gruppe – intestinal diseases and female genital mutilation, PSA – prostate cancer and many others). In the case of minimal suspicion that list will be increased.

Electronic Medicinal

Review of the principles and characteristics of electronic medical devices currently in production and sales of a large number of various electronic medical devices (appliances, devices) for the prevention and treatment of illness in the home. They differ in the nature and extent of human exposure, design and price. However, the available promotional offers do not praise possible to objectively evaluate the capabilities of devices to cure certain diseases. No one has ever conducted a comparative analysis of their performance and cost. Practically this is impossible due to lack of schematics and the lack of objective information on the technical and medical characteristics. Try to understand at least that we can.

First, a brief educational program: The effectiveness of electronic medical devices depends primarily on the used radiator and properties coming on them baseband. As the emitters of quantum devices (channels) are used for various kinds of light emitting diodes (group LEDs) and diodes and low-power infrared lasers, similar to those used in disk drives and consumer equipment. The nature of the radiation they have about the same, but the lasers are more complicated, more expensive and at the same time, have a narrow beam radiation pattern. Emitters of acoustic instruments (channels) may be audible dynamic loudspeakers, audio, piezoelectric transducers and high- (Ultrasound) resonators. Shared head because of the low energy characteristics are not used now. In devices (channels) DC or low frequency pulsed magnetic field applied permanent magnets, the windings of transformers, inductors, and various electrical coil. Note: a) designed by me original high-grade channel "field + ultrasound" uses high-frequency chokes and quartz crystals, and b) there are instruments (channels) of direct action, which are characterized in that the pulsed low or high voltage is applied without direct emitters to areas of the human body with by special plates or probes.


Ayurveda has long attracted the attention of not only doctors, but also anthropologists, historians and other researchers. The first information about it can be found in the Vedas, the ancient books, written many centuries ago. Teachers and Sages ancient Vedic knowledge presented in the Samhita in a form accessible to our understanding. This knowledge came to our days, passing the test of time. Today, many academic schools learn and explore methods of Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda – a Sanskrit word that has two roots: Ayur – "life or the science of the good life" and veda – "knowledge". The word Veda included in the Russian language – be in charge of or know, nymphs, and so on Ayurveda – the science of right living.

Ayurvedic science originated over 5,000 years ago. It has its origins in the ancient Vedic culture. For thousands of years, this science passed from mouth to mouth, from teacher to student, long before written language. Many scientists of our time believe that Ayurveda – one of the first medical systems, which appeared on our planet. The principles of many, if not all, natural healing systems, which are now known the world – aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbs, minerals, and treatment, etc. – have their roots in Ayurveda. Ayurveda – the art of being healthy, accessible to everyone.

Knowledge of the laws of right living were recorded not only in India, they also have roots in Russia, China, Tibet and in many other countries. The aim of Ayurveda – treatment of diseases and maintaining the quality and longevity. It is the art of everyday life that comes from practical, philosophical and spiritual understanding of the world. Ayurveda offers a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of each personality, intelligence, character and personal mix of elements that are on the physical, mental and emotional levels that are the foundation of health and earthly happiness. Ayurvedic medicine treats the whole body system, not just the disease. Its principles are based on the fact that it is impossible to treat just one organ and at the same time to achieve full health. We must treat the whole body as whole system. Prevention of disease is achieved with the right balance of thought, nutrition, lifestyle, use of herbs, spices and so on. Depending on the constitution, age, mental state, the forces digestion, bad habits and many other factors one gets certain rules. Disease – a natural process by which the body speaks to us of disharmony with the surrounding world and unnatural for our lives. Ayurvedic treatments restore the disturbed balance between us and the environment, and in a harmonious and happy state of disease recede and recovery occurs. Knowing how to use herbs, you can prevent many physical diseases, and with the right combination of food – to harmonize and way of life. We, the internet shop, you will learn about the curative and preventive properties of spices learn how to use them and combine with a variety of products. You will learn how spices can affect your health, state of mind, a common condition, and in my own practice, ensure their medicinal properties, which when used properly, affect us with no side negative effects. You'll also learn how to use spices in cooking and learn about the unique and simple recipes.


And yet, there are more women who prefer treatment of dandruff at home First, the main advantage of natural shampoos, household that they include no chemical components that are abundantly found in industrial facilities. Secondly, the presence of natural "live" component helps to achieve from the use of shampoo greater effect. Perhaps check out abbott laboratories for more information. Third, given the type and the problem is your hair, you can to prepare a suitable tool for you. Fourth, home shampoos are not expensive, but effective. It is true, will have to spend a little time to prepare the shampoo, but believe me, these costs will be compensated, when looking in the mirror, you see the effect of the work done. So, a few recipes for home shampoos. Rum Shampoo is used for dry hair.

Two yolks of fresh eggs mixed with three teaspoons of flaxseed oil and the same amount of rum. Thoroughly soaked with a mixture of hair and scalp. Leave on for 40 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Egg Shampoo Widespread prescription. Two or three egg yolks (depending on hair length) beat with warm water (200 ml). Apply to hair and scalp, head bent over the basin. Escaped shampoo to the head again.

Leave for an hour, rinse with warm water. Protein Shampoo. It also has a basis of egg yolks. Two yolks gently whisk with two tea tablespoons gelatin (powder). Add a tablespoon of shampoo for your hair type. Put on the head, rinse off after 5 minutes. Revitalizing Shampoo for 150g of dried leaves of burdock and nettle pour a liter of water and keep under cover for 24 hours. Then bring to boil (but do not boil!), strain and use to wash it. Shampoo hair loss 1 teaspoon mustard powder mixed with 2 tablespoons of strong black tea and one yolk. Put on your head for 10-15 minutes. Warning! If a strong burning sensation must be washed with shampoo. Use 1 per week. Herbal Shampoo 1 tablespoon dried chamomile pharmacy mix with the same amount of tansy. Pour boiling water grass (half liter). Infuse for two hours. Wash your hair infusion. Helps with oily hair, oily seborrhea, dandruff. Bread shampoo best shampoo is derived from rye bread. Crumble a small loaf of black bread, mix it with yogurt (the land hair, the higher percentage of fat yogurt). Place in a warm place. Cherez2 hours stir mixture into a blender and blend to wash his head. Dry shampoo dry shampoo is also easy to prepare at home. Gently rub in scalp and hair is one of the following products: Semolina flour, oat buckwheat flour almond powder after applying to wait 5 minutes to skin secretions, dirt, dust and soak in the applied substance and then carefully combed his hair out. Believe me, none of the well-known cosmetics company will not be able to pamper your hair is so unique and useful tool