The local directory finds almost all of Halle on Monday, May 17, 2010, is the new phone book edition of the local 2010/2011 for Hall and the surrounding area. The practical reference book handy DIN A5 format listed top current residential and commercial addresses and telephone numbers of the town on the river Saale. 106,000 copies are available at all post offices as well as selected toom DIY stores, REWE markets and NET stores in Halle and the surrounding communities for free pickup. The TVG Publisher shall provide, like additional copies on request via E-Mail). With its extensive range of information the local helps all important contact for leisure, to find professional and everyday life in the city. Also, the directory for local addresses contains a separate Directory of doctors, as well as a special trade, crafts and services. DAS ortliche for Hall includes also a multi-page map and contact information of the offices and the municipal administration. The great practicality is reflected in the success of the Local again.

Particularly practical: You can browse also go digital the local phone numbers and addresses. Under the desired people and companies find themselves with an Internet-enabled mobile phone, Smartphone or PDA. The local can be used also with androidfahigen devices or on the iPhone, for this purpose can be downloaded a free app from the appropriate Internet sites. In addition many phones can be with the o-NAVI free software”to the navigation device to work. Thus equipped, they show not only the requested address, but also the shortest way. The free software download is available under.

Every month five million users can use the online portal The local also scored a huge increase in users in the past few months. More than 500,000 users have rediscovered from October until December 2009. The portal is one of 20 of the busiest thus according to Association of online research (AGOF) now the top Internet sites in Germany. More press releases and press photos are available at for download. About the local the local is the telecommunications directory that caters to local economies in Germany and summarizes one or more small local networks. As an affiliate of 1.2 million business people the local one the most important advertising medium in Germany is. There are total 1.047 expenditure, the total circulation of all directories is around 34 million copies. The TVG Publishing House, the TVG telephone and Directory publishing GmbH & co. KG, established in Frankfurt am Main is responsible together with the Deutsche Telekom Medien GmbH for the publication and the Publisher of directories, DasTelefonbuch Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Various editions of the local as well as, the innovative local search engine for Germany are available in the TVG publishing.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV )

In recent years the number of people contracting the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has been increasing significantly. The concern of the society also has grown and although the disease has a greater connotation in women – for being the leading cause of cervical cancer, "men do not escape the effects of the virus. The National Cancer Institute, in Spain, indicates that HPV is a group of more than 100 types of viruses, some of which may cause warts, papillomas (benign tumors of the skin) or simply may not manifest itself. According to the urologist and surgeon Jose Manuel Pardo, the spread may be through sexual contact or use of contaminated clothing, as an interior or towel. In men, most HPV infections occur without symptoms and go away without treatment over several years. However, sometimes the infection remains and causes changes in cells and the appearance of warts or warts on the genitals, anus, mouth and even up the urethra and bladder.

Define the exact time it takes to manifest injuries complicated, because sometimes the warts appear at weeks, in others months or years of having the infection. Furthermore, not all strains will be manifested in the same way, those which are identified by the numbers 6 and 11 cause the appearance of warts. The patient should be alert to any unusual event in their genitals. The appearance of warty bodies, either flat or in a high Cauliflower is a symptom of HPV. These lesions rarely cause pain and therefore not of major concern in those who present them.