Western V Eastern Medicine

To undergo of acufenos or tinnitus, by all means that is not pleasant for anybody, but can be reassuring to know that we are speaking of a symptom and not of a disease. Before the appearance of this symptom often nothing is made and the visit to the doctor is postponed indefinitely. Everything changes when tinnitus begins to increase its intensity and their annoyances happen to be slight to be important to the point to become a torture. The causes originate that it can be thousands and is this one perhaps the reason by which the modern medicine is so permeable to errors and failures in the referred thing to the treatment of these sufferings. It is possible to clarify that a specific and general treatment for the acufenos does not exist in the medical formality, and that in spite of the advances obtained by the medicine along with science, not yet can be guaranteed the complete elimination of the hummings, but a reduction of the same, that according to is the case, will be in major or smaller percentage. It is in these cases of medical failure is when the patients, moved by the desperation and downheart, leaves to look for and to prove any type of homemade, alternative or natural treatment that clears the annoying humming to him of its ears.

Usually one resorts to natural preparations, fitoterapia, application of heat, homeopathic medicine consumption, etc. In many cases (and according to stories of patients) they are like solutions; acupuncture for acufenos and until the hypnosis. Nobody can affirm that these techniques, like acupuncture for acufenos, do not serve or that they are detrimental, but that to be realised to take with certain precautions and from responsible form. First that one must do it is to consult with his otorrinolaringlogo so that it determines the causes of tinnitus and although it sounds " time perdido" , to always first try the treatments with scientific endorsement. There is a well-known but very effective method little that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear for always. If you want to read as I personally managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, you do Click Here. Original author and source of the article.

Body Mass Index

A healthful objective is the reduction of one to two units of the index of corporal mass, approximately 4.5 to 7.5 kg below the present weight, to reduce the risks of the disease and of improving the health problems. According to the World-wide Organization of the Health, the maximum loss of weight per week, must not have more of a kilogram, and insists on which the 500 reduction of a 700 grams of weight to facilitate the stabilization in the long term. This means to put in a month of kilograms two, three or four, following the pursuit of the diet and the frequency of physical activity. The objective weight must be realistic. Therefore, each person must be able to fulfill the promises and are the turn out to change her habits. For it, the American Dietetic Association defines most important in the control of the weight is to obtain a healthful weight. This weight defines by the American Association like the result of the adoption of an feeding and the practical exercises of maintained way, that it indicates by the reduction of the risk of the disease and a sensation of energy and well-being. In agreement with this definition, the reduction of weight must concentrate in improving the health, that is evaluated when the index of reduction of corporal mass in one or two units, that had begun when the control program of weight.

To lower of weight is a process that requires nutritional advising by a professional, who evaluates in nutritional terms of the age, sex, activity, health and habits. Recommendations To reduce of weight is a process and since so it is necessary to graduate it and to make it part of the daily life. It is why a series of principles is recommended that will help him in the profit of the proposed objectives, according to indicated Magnolia Escobar Castrilln.