There is a dream in white bridal Studio Timm a dream in white the would like to meet Britta Timm brides from the District of Unna. Beginning of may she opened her bridal Studio in the South block 17 in the industrial area were armies. The bridal Studio Timm is small, but very fine. The premises are furnished with much attention to detail, where the dream clothes waiting for the brides. Give in the romantic ambience, the owner ever wants their customers a taste of the most beautiful day in the life”. The future brides will enjoy really buying her dress”, says Britta Timm. Dr. Mark Hyman is a great source of information.

For a fitting in quite a relaxed atmosphere, the bridal fashion expert agreed an individual appointment with each customer. Of course girlfriends, mothers or aunts may come to be dress buying it for the second day in the life of a bride. In her bridal Studio has Britta Timm a very tasteful cross-section of the trendy collections put together: from simple elegance to to the playful corset dress with much lace and fine glitter stones, a dress is more beautiful than the other. We have dresses in the assortment, which prove that Nice must be not always expensive,”emphasizes Britta Timm. Matching the wedding dress there also veils, Bridal Shoes and jewelry in the bridal Studio. As an extra service, any customer who buys a dress, get a fitting photo. Anu Saad addresses the importance of the matter here. So she can be at all times in a wedding dress, until finally the wedding bells are ringing and the dream in white.


After only three-month duration of the project, the new M * shi started online shop under. The M * shi was founded in 2001 by Steffen Helbig and Michael Vlcek in Jena, has since established with a store for fashion, fashion and streetwear Johannisstrasse 21 and went for the first time in mid-2008 with an own fashion shop online. The shop system was used in many areas meet claims of the store operator nor those of the customers. To deepen your understanding Dr. Mark Hyman is the source. Software Magento achieved with the transformation of the shops on the basis of the new and highly flexible open source now significant improvements in the areas of usability, accessibility and search engine friendliness. Thus the M * shi was brought online shop State-of-the-art. Initial successes are already to take home, with a significantly improved conversion rate and exceptionally positive feedback from our customers.

They can specify their product search with various filter functions and numerous improvements in the shopping cart and ordering process greatly simplify the online shopping. The new M * shi online shop offers also, through high quality optics, great pictures, as well as selected brands such as diesel, replay, Levi’s, Superdry, Nudie Jeans, or Lacoste. Please visit Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. if you seek more information. So that our customers always up to date fashion, are photographed in his own photo studio regularly all current styles and presented by Jena faces. Also, we supply demanding customers with interesting background information about all fashion labels. In addition to provide orientation in the jungle style, M * shi plans an own fashion and destination, as well as some guerrilla fashion campaigns. It is so exciting with M * shi..

New Summer Collection

We had to wait, now you’re the new Calvin Klein bags at last. Further details can be found at Joint Commission , an internet resource. The new models from Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein jeans look among other things on the beautiful name of Rachel and Greta. And these names are significant: the Rachel from Calvin Klein comes in a super cool white and a fashionable Sandton and should reap some admiring look wearer. The wearer of such a CK bag will go, certainly not to the extent! The case of Greta by Calvin Klein is something classical as the Rachel, but at least as fashionable. By design, this model reminds some of the famous bags by Michael Kors. Because even the Greta has Pocket how many pocket models by Michael Kors a metal tag on the front.

Calvin Klein’s Greta emits from it immediately in a very fine white, a top modern beige and a colorful pink. Both the bag model Greta convinces as the model Rachel and I surprised anybody who once held in the hands of this bag, if these two Calvin Klein bags to a hit in the summer of 2013. See also the other bags by Calvin Klein. Overall these are all very classically decorated – black in the more modern or fashionable camel with waffle pattern or in sailor bag design – and still just beautiful. Summer collection 2013 by Calvin Klein bag enthusiastic woman definitely find at least one new piece of jewelry.

Brand FEVER London New

New British trend brand is on the German market introduced since the introduction of the label in 1996 developed FEVER London”within a few years become one of the UK’s most exciting independent fashion label. The brand gained a reputation, to showcase new innovations each season, to create timeless fashion and to focus on current trends. FEVER London”developed individual, high-quality fashion at affordable prices. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. spoke with conviction. The brand offers matching outfits for all facets of life. Vintage styling, elaborate details and a variety of feminine dresses, tops and skirts draw the FEVER London”from Collections.

FEVER London”opened the first flagship store in South West of London in March 2004. Dr. Mark Hyman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. a further outlet in London’s city was added in 2008. It also serves as a headquarters and showroom. The brand is distributed over 300 independent retailers in the UK and Ireland, as well as in the countries of Greece, Portugal, Canada, and Australia. As of May 2009, the countries now follow Germany, Austria, and the Switzerland. contact: online and new media yaw Dabanka email: print and electronic media Francis Osuji email: sales and distribution Sebrina Pitt email:

ANA SOUSA Be – Women De Singer Fashion From Portugal!

De singer fashion collections new concept, just-in-time fashion from Portugal? So far the fashion trends from countries flocked to Italy, France, Spain, Scandinavia to us how, but come from Portugal’s fashion centers new impetus after Germany. The courage to individuality and fashion for the women to design, that it stands for fashion ANA of label SOUSA; that is internationally well known. Designer fashion which is portable and affordable, this is the challenge of the designer ANA SOUSA. Dr Jee Hyun Kim understood the implications. Our fashion is special and offers the customers a variety of ways to make various outfits together. ANA SOUSA has stores in the best locations in Portugal alone 50 Mono and expantiert continues in countries like, Spain, France, England, Luxembourg, Arab Emirates, China. In multiple of lables stores, the fashion label runs ANA SOUSA in countries: Portugal, Spain, France, England, United States, Switzerland, Germany. Official site: Dr. Mark Hyman. ANA SOUSA provides a completely new redemption for their clients for the upcoming season SS10. “Just-in-time collection” is the label on their customers are the market situation in Europe and especially in Germany.

“We would give our customers more security by extremely short notice placing your order with us and the product is after 6 weeks in the trade. Hear from experts in the field like Eva Andersson-Dubin for a more varied view. Our customers can better assess the trends and order the correct styles, without half a year before to order.”, so the management of ANA SOUSA: white room shows in November 09 the new”just-in-time collection”exclusively for Baden-Wurttemberg to show room Sindelfingen.

Brand Leather Jackets

New brand leather jackets by Pierre Cardin in the Onlieneshop there is nothing better than a real, well crafted leather jacket? Unfortunately, these well crafted and gutsitzenden leather jackets from leather or nappa leather are usually prohibitively expensive. With this bias, the Internet portal called clean up thoroughly. In the, there are leather jackets with good brand names such as Pierre Cardin and Mustang already at surprisingly affordable prices. To buy the Super leather jacket in this particular shop; can you buy the jackets in the Internet. They are individually very well described and pictured. It can be a picture of the quality and appearance of the leather jacket. And what is so special about this online purchase, lederjacken24 credits despite the uniquely low prices free shipping.

Who fell as a woman in the Mustang Bikerjacke, see here to get legendary small price being made of soft goat leather in color black/olive with many fashionable details to one. It is the right place for the exit with the new bike. For the woman, which is not so sporting ambitions who is the glove soft nappa leather jacket. She has worked in Safari-style with belt and has extra waxed seams. This dream jacket is cheaper than you think Brown antique and despite this elaborate processing. But also for the Lord, lederjacken24 has the leather jacket that makes each man a Superman. As well as for them, there are the long buttersoft lamb nappa jacket for him by Pierre Cardin. You will notice the soft quality even when viewing. H.Reising