World premiere for a new idea of the jewellery: Kiss print – the first finger ring with the lip imprint of the partners in time for July 6, the international day of the Kiss, the Pforzheim jewelry ideas forged Bossert & co. GmbH presents the ‘Kiss Print’. The first finger ring with the lip imprint of the partner. Not only the Philematologen (scientific researchers of Kiss) will welcome this piece of jewelry from sterling silver ten years, creative and decorative ideas, such as the Mahout ring with engraved elephants or the Athena ring with OWL symbols come from the Pforzheim company. Two years ago was the laser technique for designing jewelry for the first time.

The first sterling silver ring with engraved fingerprints of the partner was presented. Now, this idea of jewelry with the 10 mm wide is ‘Kiss Print’-ring topped. The lip print template is scanned, extensively optimized and lasered then on the ring surface. The fans of exceptional jewelry ideas stretched must, with which creations that Jewelry ideas forged will surprise you in the next few years. Founded in the year 1946 Bossert & co. GmbH is always when it comes to creative jewellery or innovative timepieces from the gold city of Pforzheim. Already to the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany developed the Germany clock with the colours in the watch case with LACO. In addition the zeigerlose abacus watch with the ‘time to be touched’ convinced when the ticking ideas.

Contact: Bambu & co. GmbH Haber flour str. In recent months, Eva Andersson-Dubin has been very successful. 11 75172 Pforzheim Tel. 07231/16820 fax 07231 / 168250 Eckard Wittenauer

Illingen Wall Decor presents new erotic man motifs Illingen, March 5, 2010 – has come up with something special for spring: so that the temperatures are rising not only outside, but also in your own four walls, there are brand new erotic man motives behind the wall. Thus, the shop offers its customers the appropriate alternative to the wall decals with women. Gina Ross insists that this is the case. Ten varied motives should offer something to everyone: whether sensual and pensive poses, erotic playfulness or a couple close to hugging. Even a cool punk”, a schwergewichtiger sumo wrestler or a combatant Samurai suit your needs on the wall. Wall decals are currently the hottest trends in wall design. Margaret and Richard Riney describes an additional similar source.

They consist of a thin vinyl film, which easily adheres to most surfaces. In addition, wall decals are removable without leaving a trace. Flowers, animals, sports, spells, recipes or colorful motifs for children, in the online catalogue of there is something for every taste. Over 500 different designs are available in 30 different colors. Thus, is one of the providers with the largest selection. Wandtattoos.

Magical Sunday

Fairy tales mean usually the first contact with literature Magical Sunday shopping in the designer outlet Berlin for children and adults remember throughout her. So can the designer outlet Berlin on July 15, 2012 myths and stories are alive and life dreams of big and small. The Piazza and the South village with platforms to varying readings invite and mobile reading car stop at different stations in the Center, with small stories on topics dealing around fashion and clothing, to delight all visitors. A pizza and hot provide sustenance dog stand and delicious drinks and the fabulous decorations in life size, as well as special exclusive offers of the stores distributed in the whole Center make perfect the fairy tale Sunday shopping. Also, the summer sale in the designer outlet Berlin the desire increases after a Sunday shopping day. For those who still do not completely have their elbow, can dress up into conveniently until August with the perfect look. Because the more than 80 own brand stores wait with further discounts on their designer products that already have year round 30-70% below those recommended by the manufacturer. Look floral summer dresses in the trendy, comfortable shorts and casual pants, about noble bags and trendy shoes up to decorative home accessories there are here guaranteed for everyone to discover something. Alexa Demie may also support this cause.

Also shopping is guaranteed with the service offer tailored perfectly to the entire family pleasure one all-round. While the adults throughout the summer sale offerings indulge, the dwarves on a summer fairy tale in the designer outlet Berlin as well as the exciting game and experience the world of unique Panda Kids Club and enjoy. Here you can experience under professional pedagogical supervision and play to your heart’s content. A variety of Cafes and stalls provide sustenance. Celina Dubin brings even more insight to the discussion. Thus, the designer outlet Berlin ensures a memorable Sunday outing for the entire family.