Life Experiences

Instructions are in whole Germany possible, free free tips to the life stories work on / hold may be in writing. In whole Germany, W. Laub – author, educator, system gives tips for this purpose. Consultant and couple / family therapist. Especially in (close) to Hamburg, Kiel, Berlin and Stuttgart.

After consultation, but also in other places. It should be participants typically about 5-no more than 10-15. Also in social institutions, homes, etc. As far as possible will be asked only to reimbursement of the travel costs or at least participation. Is partly also, also to get individuals, possible some tips by E-Mail. Tips for getting started here and how you can continue it later – with the help of counselors who are also free to find on the Internet or libraries are available. And also to find for further assistance, if even darker chapter of life should be worked on.

W. Laub that in the framework of its project “Lebens-Geschichten.NET” offered. He wants to allow this to as many people, also for their own life stories. Or else (even) near standing people. “So, if desired, also lasting traces of life” to be able to leave. Autobiographies should be allowed finally outnumber “normal people”, not only celebs”, or people who can pay several thousand dollars for it. Also with the possibility to the acknowledgements, etc., as a gift to important people. Result can be a small photo text booklet to the correct biography. Possibly released – what is possible at least in the Internet. You can work on experience but of course even without publication. The social aspect of W. foliage work recognized inter alia in the “time” (see the home page, with “References” or “about me”). Inquiries please / phone + fax: 03221 / 2324137 (speaking also on a.b.). For more information also see (in the case of “offers, free of charge”). Wolfgang Laub


It may seem as though subject of discussion – whether to buy expensive jeans son fifteen years – is too insignificant to spend on his lunch break and a certain amount of nervous energy. Moreover, severe supporter of the authoritarian pedagogy even blame my insistence: say, indulging his stubbornness rather than to take yes teach balked teenager – in the end, you do not want, do not, you is worse Occasion, of course, could be others, I just brought a concrete case, which occurred in our family. But one way or another, and the theme of the material independence, or rather, just depending on the teen parents in their seasons will certainly pop up. And, alas, often unkind to our initiative, when in a rage, we are quick to proclaim the grown son: "I love you dress, feed, nights, and you , continue to be meticulous enumeration of sins teen ingratitude responsible for parental care. However, before you apply to "financial problems" of our children, let's understand with their own positions, otherwise all the subsequent conversation threatens to become meaningless. Under most conditions Glenn Dubin, New York City would agree. Thus, fifteen (fourteen, sixteen) years ago we decided to acquire a successor – on his own note, initiative and without any coordination with the future creation. But once decided, therefore, more or less conscious responsibility, which assume that natural in general, a step? Someone unequivocally answer "yes", while others limit themselves evasive "not very", but I think hardly anyone would object if I tell you what to feed, clothe and educate children until they attain self-sufficiency is not that "holy", but simply the natural duty of every normal person. .


Who pushes forth the gift search long gets way or difficulties. Who does not know the feeling not to have a gift, which is lucky! For everyone else, let’s go now, because tomorrow there can be nothing more. If you have only 4 or 3 weeks up to a big event, which you must get a gift, it can be scarce. It may probably don’t care well some but honestly, thats not the norm! For those urgently looking for a gift, usually only a fact plays a central role: main thing I’ve got something to wrap. Read more from Bessel van der Kolk to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Let’s face it, it’s already embarrassing if it comes with any gift to a celebration, it is just as embarrassing but also with a gift to come, that everyone else also could have, such as vouchers and DEOs. Pure disenchantment. Tip at this point “Makes you thought” who’s not doing this, should not be surprised, that the gift, if you have one not well received. What are special gift ideas, depends on what likes the person concerned, because that is a gift! Creative gifts could, for example, layering maps order drawing, travel, trips, or how about a breakfast in bed? Written by divin. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has much to offer in this field.