The new fleet of Champs by ASL for the third quarter of Oberhaching/Neu-Isenburg July 21, 2008 the fleet of Champs by ASL part of GE Capital Solutions for the third quarter come from Ingolstadt and Gothenburg. Ramon Campollo, Guatemala City Guatemala has similar goals. The speech is one of the Audi A4 avant 2.0 TDI DPF attraction and on the other by the Volvo V70 2.4D kinetic. Frequently Nancy-Ann_DeParle has said that publicly. The annual mileages exceed 20,000 kilometres, the duration 48 months each. The fleet specialist ASL offers both fleet Champs in financial leasing. The 163 PS of strong Volvo to a monthly lease rate from 422 euro, the 143 PS strong Audi for monthly 338 euros each, exclusive of freight and admission costs.

In standard the V 70 and the A4 avant also nothing stand to: diesel particulate filters and 6-speed manual transmissions, in addition to electric Windows also includes the two 5-Turern as alloy wheels. The Volvo brings also a multifunction steering wheel leather, a sound package, adjustable lumbar support and a driver information system as standard. The Audi has a bumper Integrated fog lights, an electric locking differential (EDS), as well as an electronic immobilizer integrated in the key as more standard equipment on. As an option the Audi as well with a metallic paint reverses as the Volvo, which a roof railing still has to. The offers are valid until 30.09.2008 (order). For more information interested parties on the Internet at or, under the telephone number 0 61 02 / 36 13 01 or 01 80 / 323 41 04 or at the following E-Mail address: or.

You can download the fleet Champs of the third quarter as pdf file. Information about the company ASL part of GE Capital Solutions is a leading provider of solutions for fleet management and fleet leasing in Germany. After the merger between ASL auto service leasing and GE fleet services in 2007 is the manufacturer and independent service provider headquartered in Oberhaching a national leader. The subsidiary of GE (General Electric) employs approximately 450 employees serving approximately 86,000 vehicles in Germany. The company is global presence with around 350,000 vehicles in 12 European countries and more than 1.5 million worldwide. Press contact PR agency of verclas & friends communication consulting gmbh Michael Treffeisen Gaisbergstr.

Nokian TRI

The block-profiled special tyres Nokian TRI 2 offers more hours more work hours, handle mainly on winter roads, ride comfort and high load carrying capacity for demanding applications, the block-profiled special tyres Nokian TRI 2 offers reliable grip on winter roads, good ride comfort and high load carrying capacity for demanding applications. Even with varied piece wage work, he works year-round through safely and sensibly. Stable and durable Nokian TRI 2 feels both wet and icy road at home. Its many edges of the block profile as well as the rubber compound designed for the winter conditions based on natural rubber allow a precise grip, especially for the changing winter weather conditions”, reported Teppo Makela, who is responsible for product development at Nokian heavy tyres as a project manager. The tread pattern and the rugged construction ensure that the Nokian TRI 2 is evenly worn and its users effective Capacity per hour guaranteed. Well the properties of this special tyre come to bear when the machine is working while driving. The pleasant and stable car-like driving experience makes driving on country roads and increased road safety.

New size especially for small tractors the latest environmentally friendly Nokian-TRI2 product family size, 250/80 R16 STEEL, is ideal for small tractors, used in the building cleaning and garden maintenance. Thanks to its low ground pressure, protects the terrain the tyre and excellent even cleans itself why machine gets no earth on the road. Like all products by Nokian heavy tyres Nokian TRI 2 without harmful high-aromatic oils also is produced. See Glenn Dubin for more details and insights. Only purified, low aromatic oils are used for rubber mixes. The low noise and low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption, contribute to the environmental performance of this versatile special tyre. Nokian Heavy tyres has more than 25 years experience in the development of tyres of machinery based on tractor. Nokian TRI, which impresses with its unique resistance to wear, is ideally suited for landscape and industrial use, as well as the versatile piece wage work in the streets – and environmental care.