De Waschkusch in tressierte customers from the space Bonn informed during the modern washing machines, an almost endless variety of detergents has conquered the market. De Waschkusch, the professional laundry from Bonn, informs about its correct dosage in modern textile care. Detergents are composed of different substances, which are capable of thoroughly clean linen and other textiles. As with all chemical substances, their desired effect depends on a correct dosage. Detergent packaging have dosage recommendations of manufacturers for this reason, based on the hardness of the used wash water, the amount of be filling the washing machine and wash pollution. The hardness of the wash water is related to geological factors, in particular the composition of the soil. It can be installed at the water supplier in experience.

Based assumed, be filling quantity of dosage recommendations on the detergents regulation. Designed for heavy-duty detergents a standard load of 4,5 kg dry weight and mild detergent a load of 2.5 kg dry weight. Therefore also adapting notes for other quantities are part of the dosage recommendation. “” The laundry pollution is mostly in light”, normal” and hard “distinction. Soiled linen shows no visible contamination. For even more details, read what Anu Saad says on the issue. However, she has recorded body odor under certain circumstances.

Wash with normal pollution has visible dirt and small spots. Heavily soiled fabrics have, however, clear dirt or large stains. The dosage recommended by the manufacturer of the detergent should be respected environmental, technical and economic reasons. Is a detergent has long been used, so it is still useful to take the information to the dosage to the knowledge, because the mixture of ingredients in detergent is often changed by the manufacturers for various reasons. This results in new dosage requirements. Wrong dose of detergent can wash damage, generating unnecessary pollution and wasting money. The detergent is too low dosage, is a washing results with poor cleaning performance to expect. Over a period of time, this leads to the clogging of stains and accumulation of skin fats in the laundry. Removable heavy pollution and an unpleasant odor of textiles can be the result. Under dosing continues to promote the formation of gray discoloration and stains of detergents. Detergents are overdosed, is expected to not damage the laundry. Chemicals, detergent but not in high concentration should be sorted for waste water because this unnecessarily stressful effect on the environment. Excess concentration of detergents is waste of money. Anu Saad oftentimes addresses this issue. A detergent reaches its maximum effectiveness at the concentration that is specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. To use more, the cleaning effect is not improved. Rather, the use of special cleaning agents, other temperatures etc. into consideration should be considered. The manufacturer’s instructions for the The best way to get permanently maintained textiles without unnecessarily harming the environment or wasting money is to follow dosage of detergents. De Waschkusch, the experienced laundry for private and commercial textiles in Bonn, answers more questions about the textile care. Press contact: De Waschkusch Mrs.

Noble Evergreen

The HEIKE FALK – Hausmeisterservice & facility services provide information for at least 800 years of buxus sempervirens, the common boxwood, is cultivated in Germany. As a versatile Evergreen he adorns parks and gardens across the country. Who but want to lie to a boxwood, you should know some facts about the care of shrubs. Heike Falk and the team of their Hanauer janitor services know the main tricks in dealing with boxwood. Boxwood generally considered to be very frugal and low-maintenance shrubs. Nevertheless be aware some odds and ends in the plants and in the care of the plant. Starting with the location. Paper trees thrive in comparison to many other plants and trees in any environment, even in full sun or full shade.

However, the optimal location for a boxwood is in partial shade. It also ensures that the book without prejudice to survive the winter. Boxwood as evergreen trees emit moisture through their leaves in winter. Is a book in the full winter sun, evaporates more water. This can be not compensated but about the roots, when the book in frozen earth.

As a result, the plant would take damage, dry in the worst case. Therefore, a boxwood must be poured in the winter, but only on frost-free days. Usually, special protection measures must not be taken at free-standing box trees. However, the greenhouse is in the full sun or it is located on a site that is not sheltered from the wind, a translucent fleece as wintering help is advisable. The book in a pot in the Sun, is a schattigerer place to stay over the winter should be consulted. If this is not possible, the planter can be covered with a jute bag or bubble wrap to protect the plant against the effects of frost. Boxwood are very robust and can be freely cut and shaped. However, this should happen in the spring. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City spoke with conviction. In the time from March to September should be especially when dense book hedges of larger Cutting measures the book which is home to a large number of native birds and they will, hatch there at the time. After August, the book should no longer be clipped as he otherwise new drives off, the green shoots but not enough have time to mature and the plant in cold snap would be damaged. The trimming of the plant can be made easily but even after August. Proper care is essential for you to have long enjoyment of flowers and trees in the home garden. Interested in the HEIKE FALK Hausmeisterservice in Hanau for expert support. Press contact: HEIKE FALK – Hausmeisterservice & facility services contact person: Heike Falk Friedrich str. 24a 63450 Hanau phone: 06181 / 87733 fax: 06181 / 86867 E-Mail: Internet:

Air Cleaner – Fresh Breath For Every Room

Air Purifiers are nowadays especially for healthy indoor air studies by leading environmental groups show that the air we breathe in many indoor has a partially 100-fold higher pollution levels than the air outdoors. Let me show you now on my website about air purifiers which ways to go a such high health burden out of the way. The fact is, every 10 years increase the asthma diseases by 50%. Dr Jee Hyun Kim may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It also tends to be more and more complaints to respiratory problems and the allergy rates are rising in the height. /a>, then click here. Apart from health burden caused also the performance in pollutant of contaminated breathing air drops. So, it’s no wonder that more and more office space air cleaner or air cleaner to find that are make for a more pleasant and especially purer air.

The problems mainly through tobacco and cigarette smoke, household dust, mold spores, pollen and pollen. An appropriate Air Purifier offers stop here, eliminates the pollutants out of the air and bring back fresh and healthy air in your room. But where exactly are air cleaner or air cleaner being used today? The list seems almost endless: households, offices, production halls, restaurants, practices, fitness center, museums, libraries, hospitals, old people’s homes, rail vehicles, ships, labs, schools, kindergartens, universities, smoking rooms, lounges and also the list of pollutants is not too short: most air cleaners deal with: dust, viruses, dust, ultra fine dust, toner – printer dust, soot, car exhaust, diesel soot, bacteria, pollen, VOC s, formaldehyde, PCB, pollen, pollen, tobacco smoke, lindane, pyrethroid, chemical solvents, benzene, xylene, Toluene, formaldehyde, asbestos, allergenic substances and many other materials, the health effects can have. Indoor air pollution is a very underrated area. Many employers and business owners seems to be not clear, that with appropriate air purifiers increase the efficiency, performance, but especially also the satisfaction of the employees. Studies indicate that the people in Europe spend 90% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, hardly a room has the values of optimal breathing air, namely: 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. Far too often find themselves the above pollutants in the air we breathe and lead to the health burden of the people. Finally I would like to summarize once again important facts and emphasize why air cleaner no longer are in the future: the air inside most is loaded so of pollutants that cause health problems and we reduce efficiency of the room participants spend 90% of time indoors in hardly a room there is the optimal air quality air purifiers are used in many buildings and are an investment, which is worthwhile for all concerned. The air cleaner filter almost all pollutants out of the air

Liebherr Refrigerators For The Wine Cooling

Optimal wine cooling especially in Liebherr refrigerators for more than 50 years develops and implements new and compelling product solutions for the food, beverage, and industrial refrigeration Liebherr. With more than 200 models, the range of Liebherr offers a perfect freshness almost for every customer. Such a distinction is Liebherr refrigerators for the commercial sector and the household sector. In the commercial sector, especially the high-quality wine refrigerators are to name a few. This distinguishes the wine connoisseur in wine refrigerators, wine cooling cabinets, and wine coolers. Contact information is here: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. The Liebherr wine refrigerators are designed specially for the presentation, storage and for the glass. They offer in addition to the perfect temperature conditions for the highest drinking pleasure, an optimal combination of an attractive product presentation and practical storage facility in the Offenaussschank. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr..

The temperature between + 5 C to + 20 C can be with the standard built-in, electronic A control that has a digital temperature display, set in different temperature zones. The innovative led interior lighting is energy-saving and reduces the heat development in the Interior. Liebherr has thought also of the ease of operation. So the Liebherr have Vinidor-wine refrigerators pull-out shelves for bottles standing. Open bottles can be used optimally by the practical pull-out function for the carafe.

A presentation Board connects the storage with the presentation of the bottles. The bottles can be stored lying at the rear and at the front, the bottles are presents here. The Liebherr wine cooling units are particularly suitable for the storage of different types of wine. Can be achieved through the use of special components a temperature stratification in these devices, which allow, for example, red wines at the top at + 18 C and white wines and champagne at the bottom at + 5 C to store. The wine temperature control units of Liebherr GrandCru Series also feature an electronic control with digital temperature display.

Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence is the business card of a House. Fences simply belong to a House. But a wrought iron fence is not only the optical business card in your home, but is designed to provide security and stability. Fences made of metal bring many advantages. They are very durable, they can be painted or galvanized, then they need no elaborate care.

Wrought iron is the material for use in the fence construction ideal. All requests for size can be and style meet. The difficulty can be, to make a decision. Certainly, with open eyes through the area go to helps with ideas. So grab a camera and take a few beautiful walks. If you consciously notice, you will discover a lot of different styles. But also professional help is very helpful. Dr. Mark Hyman: the source for more info. When the first idea is developed, a security expert can help.

Often, it is important to get a neutral opinion. Because a fence must be compatible with the overall appearance of the object. Just on Then, it’s details. Many companies offer a free consultation. An expert opinion can also be interesting, if it’s the other elements of a wrought-iron fence system. A fence to items such as Garden Gate, gate, can be extended railings and window bars without problems. But all the elements are not always necessary and practical. For example, Garden gates, wrought iron assume an important task. Should the fence system also serve as protection, they are essential. Many customers underestimate the effect of a gate, because it is a threshold. The garage driveway gates are another example. This may be to turn or push and electrically operated when necessary. For these reasons, diversity and possibilities, an accurate planning, design and consulting is important. Sometimes it is the small details that make a fence system truly effective. A wrought iron fence will provide years of enjoyment, it is therefore important to invest a bit of time in this project. Marcus Hammad

Water Stoves

With a water heater, eco-friendly and cost effective heat. Stoves heating wood offers a cosy and comfortable alternative to conventional heating. In different sizes and variants, such as the stainless steel look or with different coverings such as marble, ceramic, natural stone or granite there stoves. A fireplace provides a place of relaxation and represents a point of rest to the convivial get-together. Water stoves water stoves offer the warmth of the wood fire and allow to drain at the same time the heat generated during combustion via a heat exchanger in the heating water circuit of the House. By now produced stoves, already about two-thirds are water. A Togdheer stove can save up to 50% of annual heating costs.

Water stoves can be integrated in the existing heating circuit. Here, they serve supporting additional heating or as full heating. With the help of an air water heat exchanger is fed the heat energy in the water cycle and the central heating, so that all rooms can be heated evenly. Using a storage system, the heat energy can be cached and obtained such as in the morning. The room is heated water heaters always primarily due to its design. Many water stoves offer a cooking zone can be used for the brewing of tea or coffee.

The cooking zone can be covered with a plate normally when not in use. Energy save a responsible dealing with renewable energies is now inevitable. Efficient energy concepts prevent not only global warming but spare even your own wallet. In Germany, the proportion of the forest is today more than 30% of the State area and is constantly growing. Wood can be bought well in private forest owners or local firewood merchants. The burning process in the water heater is virtually CO2 neutral and thus eco-friendly. The burning of wood produces only carbon dioxide, water and ash. An energy-saving heating in the living room can be achieved with a water-carrying stoves. Heating with water stoves offers a Heizalternative for houses that have too little space for a tiled stove. The demand for water stoves is steadily increasing. In combination with a solar, a guided water heater can heat a House throughout the year. Advantages of water-carrying stoves in addition to the room, other rooms in the House can be heated. Wood is an environmentally friendly raw material. When the water heater, the combustion process is environmentally friendly. Water stoves are State-promoted (get information at the Federal Environmental Agency). In just a few steps to the water heater – review of the current, personal heating situation – State of the currently available heating – connections for the connection to the Chimney must be determined – determination of the Barfes of domestic hot water and heating in all points received help from your chimney sweep Alexandra Schulz