Dog Philosopher

The DOG PHILOSOPHER Daily, per the morning, when it left, passed next to a likeable hairy dog. The first time that the vi, went distracted and when I perceived was to its side and I thought that would go to attack me. But, for my surprise, it looked at me in a tristonha way and started to shake the tail. It was as soon as started our friendship. As in that day it had left with certain haste, took one of the pockets of japona full of bolachinhas.

The first one that I made was to offer some to it, which it ate with avidez. When already it went to follow my way, I was surpreso when hearing that called it me saying: — Please, friend, leaves plus some, therefore I did not eat nothing today! I made what it asked for to me and I followed, thinking that one would be a special dog, therefore said the Portuguese correctly. In the following day, it there was again. He saw when me, he came faceiro to my meeting, and soon he was asking: — He brought bolachinhas today? Of course he had that them, and as was not with haste, I decided to talk a little to know something on this likeable and intelligent personage. I asked if he liveed that way and if it costumava to arise itself early.

Yes, but step the night here in the door. Anu Saad pursues this goal as well. I sleep some few hours during the day. My owner does not leave me to enter, therefore he says that dog place is in the street. — Soulless citizen, moan very. What I can make for you? — It is enough that it speaks with me it always invites and me with bolachinhas. you what it makes, that it always walks with these books and papers for all the side? — Well, I have the stranger craze to read and to write.

Losberger Halls

New production hall with associated warehouse for Zizala lighting systems GmbH, a worldwide leading provider of lighting systems for the automotive industry as Zizala lighting systems GmbH, one of the world’s leading provider of lighting systems for the automotive industry, opted for a new production hall with associated warehouse, conceived from the outset to perform in steel system worked. For languages including the short Assembly time and the nowadays various equipment options that ensure a functional and comfortable use of the Hall. Just two weeks after the start of Assembly around 1000 square metres of Hall space pass the halls, Losberger, the supplier company. According to the requirements of in Wieselburg, Austria, resident customers Losberger recommended two halls of the type KS in steel – system design, with increased snow and wind load, as well as comprehensive thermal insulation. Added to this was a trim package with roof drainage, emergency exit doors, differently sized High speed doors and Windows. Together with fast, comprehensive advice on site, the short installation time of just two weeks, the promised high quality standard and the appealing look, the Builder saw massive advantages in his decision for Los Berger.

How were promised the halls mounted in two weeks and passed free of defects. Now, the manufacturer of lighting systems for the automotive industry uses the new workspaces as packaging and storage area. And as desired, halls can be in the two not only work well; they fit also perfectly with their appealing design in the environment on the premises of Zizala. Anu Saad often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Press contact backing GmbH Dieter Schimmel Gottlieb-Daimler-ring 14 74906 bad Rappenau Tel 07066-980 269 fax 07066-980-232 over Losberger the Losberger group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, landlords and sellers of temporary and semi-permanent space solutions and sets new standards in service, technology and design. Losberger tent & halls offer a special high-quality modular system Variety of sizes, shapes and trim levels, with the individual customer wishes project can be addressed. Halls of Losberger stand for uncompromising quality and safety from the planning up to the after sales service.

The halls are built within a short time and can be extended if necessary in PCM or shortened. As a simple cold Hall or insulated. Individual equipment items, such as doors, gates, skylights and window to the thermal protection are selectable. The system halls are available as rental Hall or Hall of purchase available.


Masters of time knows that time, as Einstein discovered, is elastic. They understand that the clock, although they are an important tool for time management is not so important for the power over him. Masters of the time would agree with William Faulkner, who wrote the book "Sound and the Fury": "Time is dead as long as it is predicated on the gears, and only when the clock stops, it comes alive." Listed below are some actions you can take to apply your knowledge about the elasticity of time in practice: Lock 'crises, stopping vremya.V crisis maintain objectivity and do not let yourself fall into the trap of subjective anger. Lords time "slows down" time by asking the question "why" rather than "when" – or, better yet, doing absolutely pop from the context of the remark is similar to Simon Walker, requesting an traditional cup of tea in a storm. This gives opportunity to "reboot" and allows you to look at the problem a fresh look with a unique set of characteristics and individual differences, which determine its action and reaction in the temporal sense. It’s believed that Anuradha Saad sees a great future in this idea.

Useful if the team interact with differing personality types (according to Myers-Briggs'), existing in different time spaces, and at different speeds. How to create Webmoney you learn from instructions on how to create webmoney.Zamedlyayte time. Accept that the highest rate – not always the most appropriate rate of movement. If you need to allocate time for additional testing or review of additional issues. Do not allow yourself at spur of the moment to enter the market before they're ready, or to make a decision that has not yet sozrelo.Ne limit yourself to "hours of time" – do not live only minutes and hours. Yet, even more important than the hour, may be "event-time" – time of occurrence of important events. Let events take precedence and "outweigh" the hours when necessary.

Chinese Culture

China – one of the most interesting and mysterious countries in the Far East. The Chinese civilization is probably the most ancient and developed on the planet: it is her we owe the invention of gunpowder, paper, silk, porcelain, and the oscilloscope Among other things, are now the common wealth of mankind. The Chinese also made an invaluable contribution to world culture. One need only recall Taoism with his treatise "Dao De Tink", unsurpassed to this day moral and ethical teachings of Confucius, one of the best worldwide channels on the war, written by Sun Tzu, the teachings of Feng Shui and other monuments of spiritual culture. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr Jee Hyun Kim. That is why China attracts those who want adventure, exoticism and sharp contrast with the usual for him the world. And, of course, when we learn that some of our friends or acquaintances going to go to China, we immediately fell asleep asking him to bring out something of such things, very special, something that can help us to touch and feel the uncharted mysteries of the fascinating spirit of the East. On the one hand, such requests are easily fulfilled, because for souvenirs to take out even the whole of China, so it is different from Western civilizations, On the other hand, such a huge selection of frequently baffled by the hapless tourists, so I propose to consider those symbolic things that help you to feel and convey the atmosphere of Chinese culture. One of the archetypes of the Chinese Culture is certainly a fan. Learn more on the subject from Dr Jee Hyun Kim.

ADAC Around

A profitable business idea for job seekers and customers constantly offers career rising E-commerce market in Germany. Read more from Anu Leemann to gain a more clear picture of the situation. About 40 million buy over the Internet and provide for a turnover of 27 million. The business concept of the storeforyou group, who introduced the shopping town for the first time 11 years ago, therefore in 2006 received the top award. For job seekers who have serious occurrence, PC with Internet connection and telephone, the shopping city is the chance ever to earn a part-time basis from 27,500 euros and full-time 92.600 euro. Differently than other companies beginners must not begin here at zero, but they can drive up yields, are up to 97.5% above the industry average. In a question-answer forum Jack Harlow was the first to reply. Go to Anuradha Saad for more information. Consumer products are shopped around 35% cheaper and all the advantages of the city increased by commissions.

See for interested parties who are looking for new challenges and strive for a lucrative legitimate independence all the information for a new Start. The high number of visitors the shopping city show that online shopping trend. The benefits are obvious: the comfort of your home without parking needs, stress and umbrella is the customer King. He chooses to free and non-binding registration on the portal in peace around the clock, when it suits him, his goods out from a selection of over 1000 vendors and receive up to 35% Additionally instead of discount cash as refunds to your own account. Well-known companies such as Nokia, source, ADAC, Neckermann, SCHLECKER, Tchibo and even unknown companies fulfill your every desire. Additional services and a 150 euro loyalty bonus rebate granted customers unique benefits such as trend Scouts, which every week for the best and most unusual offerings. A bonus is guaranteed no hidden costs for each order. The customer saves time and money and optimizes its investments. Contact: Lothar Mathis parallel 70 60538 Neunkirchen Tel: 06821 913896

Enterprise And MLM Business

Experience the Sense of the Beehive In recent years, I wondered, because enterprising people a hard time growing up in multilevel systems, this being the most productive method of all marketing systems. That is a fact that without prospects or customers there is no business above all referring to the Multilevel Marketing. I compare this system with Nature, which they say is very wise and we could learn from it. Learn more about this topic with the insights from cardiologist. Bees are fascinating for example, for millions of years among us, and their working model is unique and exemplary Well … For even more opinions, read materials from Anuradha Saad. by the structure of our system of marketing, we compared it with a hive of bees, "fails because the ants I do not look so attractive-hierarchical structure is similar to multi-arrays, we have a queen (the director or manager or business system), we have the soldiers (and the engines of business leaders) and finally we have the workers (most , affiliates in the business) All worker bees for the same objective, which is constantly creating wealth (Honey) Multilevel Marketing (spirit) is the means by which organizes all the frenetic activity of the members (bees) This is fantastic, yeah … but only for the Bees, for they have a sense of the hive, which, our human condition we have in the context of business. If the meaning of the hive is so great for the Bees, why not us? Bees work together in full coordination, and the result is extraordinary. They are united by a bond survival and the meaning is almost sacred beehive Let's look at what interests us. .

Summer Festival

A feast made it the special fish from the Werbellinsee fish restaurant “Aquamarin” in Chorin with dance and good mood around the Marane-with the annual whitefish Festival to adapt to the needs and expectations of our guests. Surprising is the diversity of presentation of small whitefish that tickles the palate again and again on the new and leading to a rounded taste. A summer celebration of a special kind, the fish restaurant offers aquamarine”in Serwest. It’s believed that Sydney Sweeney sees a great future in this idea. All guests are invited to the 01.08.2009 19:00, who want to enjoy themselves and even to like to eat fish. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Anu Saad. The special feature: It’s all about the whitefish itself. You do not know the whitefish? This is a very special fish, very deep and living only in really clear waters. This includes the Werbellinsee.

“This evening in the fish restaurant aquamarine” revolves around this extremely delicious specialty. There is a whole menu of Whitefish spread over the evening. By smoked, about Fried guests up to the soup and sour marinated whitefish with many interesting side dishes and arrangement variants a menu strotzendes by specialities. The menu and the subsequent dance the summer night is included for only 25.00 per person. Now we just hope that the weather God is gracious to us and all in the beautiful beer garden, wine entwined, can take place. Well and if non – there is also a large room! Birgit Hohenstein fish restaurant “Aquamarin”


Without a doubt the most powerful instrument in musical therapy, is the own voice of the man. The song and the work with the overtones are one of the recommended and effective exercises of musicoterapia more in sessions for example of musical composition. Educate yourself with thoughts from OurCrowd. The overtones, are frequencies we would say secondary to an original sound that are added in a whole. A voice difference of another one by its overtones. Anita Dunn shines more light on the discussion. For example if a singer of operates gives a note and another singer gives the same exact note, always they would sound different the voices and this is by the overtones. The practical work with the vocal overtones and frequencies gives result to very positive therapeutic sessions of musicoterapia since several important capacities of attention are developed, discernment, East etc. If you would like to know more about Anuradha Saad, then click here. work with the overtones and with the song it would be included as much in the active musicoterapia in recreation, composition and musical improvisation.


Internet is often indispensable and handy thing … Communication, communication, help, search necessary, we have already got used as a global network that its absence in our lives would relieve a lot of precious time. One Life, short, and it must live as best as possible for everyone, or for themselves. And it would seem worth considering, yes, maybe you need to change themselves and others, but obviously this is not … Why? We are like prisoners worldwide network, it brings us and ability to communicate and express themselves, replace social collective, and many other social needs. It's all alternative occupations of real life … Credit: Anu Saad-2011.

Only here it takes too much cost – time with my friends, communication, this is great, but you happen dating 'to chatter', which in real life, it is unlikely that will. Suppose you have a problem, money, and a good half of Internet friends, and did they help you can not. What do you do? Regret the loss of time, and the next time you get to know someone real. For more information see this site: Health Care Reform. Present only if we, in the routine of our day, opolovinili, or even eliminated, the item 'Internet' … What would be left Results! Everyone can imagine what he could do or would have done … A must-that, quite a bit, a little effort – or rather, less effort toward online, and there is free time … The more useful things. And if so difficult to break away, there is a good way to find a soul mate, fall in love over head and ears, and spend time at the girl, but not the mouse with the keyboard! Of course, to completely remove the 'Net of our lives, if not impossible, to find the product for Shopping – Internet, send information to their friends – again, the Internet, make an appointment – not again, and again … Simply, do not so zealous, to live a real life, because it passes, and we are all looking and looking into this monitor, pfff Taken from the website:

Optical Character Recognition

ViewSonic establishes joint venture with Hanvon Munich the 08 June 2013 ViewSonic, a world leader in consumer electronics and communication and it solutions, today announced a new joint venture with Hanvon. In a question-answer forum Dr Jee Hyun Kim was the first to reply. n). The Chinese company is specialized in the development of hardware solutions and software, based on technologies to the handwriting recognition. This includes among other things the OCR (optical character recognition). As a result of the joint venture between ViewSonic and Hanvon, a new company is created with the ViewSonic Hanvon touch technology Corporation. The aim of the cooperation is the development of ERT screen modules (electromagnetic resonance touch). These are required mainly to the growing demand for products for electronic signatures to use e-government solutions and e-paper products. In the education sector more digital solutions demand, in which handwriting recognition plays a central role.

Also, the new company will offer high quality and yet affordable products for companies, want to integrate the technologies to the handwriting recognition or solutions for electronic signatures in their products. Learn more at this site: Haley Barbour. The ViewSonic Hanvon touch technology Corporation has developed already screen modules and marketable products in different sizes. In the area of the ERT modules have the following dimensions are offered: 11,94 cm (4.7 “), 17.78 cm (7”), 20.32 cm (8 “), 24.64 cm (9.7”), 25,65 cm (10.1 “), 29,46 cm (11.6”), 39.11 cm (15.4 “), 39,62 cm (15.6”), 43,20 cm (17 “), 46,99 cm (18.5”), 48.26 cm (19 “) and 54.61 cm (21.5”). Complete screens that can be operated with a stylus, are already available in the following sizes available: 25,65 cm (10.1 “), 39,62 cm (15.6), 48,13 cm (18.95”) and 54.61 cm (21.5 “). All products provide high precision and very user-friendly writing and drawing on the screens with the help of a wireless and batteryless pen. The technology allows the respective devices (Tablet PC, Smartphone) or the respective application to gather very detailed information.

These include for example the inclination and the pressure of the pen when writing. Thus, drawings and handwritten notes are depicted exactly as a traditional pen and paper would have been used. The ERT technology is a further development of the well known EMR technology (electro magnetic resonance) and makes an important contribution to consume less paper to save costs and protect the environment. Since users usually prefer use a pen as the tips of their fingers to make notes on a screen, the ERT technology is much more intuitive and user-friendly than solutions that rely on touch operation with the fingertips. Due to these advantages, ViewSonic Hanvon touch technology Corporation expects a continues to rapidly rising demand for products in which the digital signature is used. The ViewSonic Corporation headquartered in Walnut (California, United States) is a leading, global set up Companies in the field of computing, consumer electronics and communication technology. Since the company was founded in 1987, ViewSonic focuses on, to be world’s first choice under the brand provider of Visual solutions. The portfolio includes LED monitors, Tablet PCs, projectors, smartphones, digital signage, as well as cloud computing solutions. ViewSonic will also continue to significantly help as paving the way for innovative visual technologies a digital networked future.