Management & Administration

The pace of life is not a plain cross is very unfortunate as this, in the here and now manifest themselves in many businesses, in all countries, especially Venezuela concerns us, a large detachment of management, with ethics, values that must be the guarantors of morality, justice, respect, dignity, rather, as has been claimed in various media on as many companies through their managers are accused of acts of corruption, illicit enrichment , mishandling their Pernales, a performance that threatens the corporate social responsibility, events that leave a lot to say, among others …. No wonder that comment, indicated that ethics must be part of the education of the individual from his childhood, reinforced especially by family and formal education. Development can not be simulated. There are laws that determine it. One of these laws is the "law of the harvest." Whether or not it is clear, you reap what you sow. Therefore, we must recognize that if we want a management more full, effective ethically must begin now to educate ethical principles to the next generation of managers.

I remember that many years ago, while studying engineering at ITESM in Monterrey Mexico, among the last subjects to study, there was a mandatory, as was the professional ethics, where the emphasis was on performance values, morals, in all those virtues that guarantee honesty, responsibility, morality, respect. Topics to be explained fully with all its scope and impact. Unfortunately, in our universities, even in schools in high schools, ethics is not considered and this agreement facilitates the conduct which states that being away from them, not surprised, that constantly report acts of corruption, abuses that threaten against the community, especially with companies that can make it happen.

The Successes

With this we’re talking about reducing or void the possibility that children move away from family, which the parents live together the successes of the children and as spouses reach the promise of always live side by side, with the satisfaction of complementarity that provokes in couples respect and increases love. This leaves aside what now they tend to say the new couples is common and natural that after so long of live together us away, we tired, we live together by custom; in this way they will no longer be only beings that share a physical space House and continue living in a space of love called home. In this case the vision may not be at the stage of being just a cute idea. To make it a real vision, have to take the next step: this next step is to set aside the idealization of family and put into action each of the goals charted as a good intention for the future; make it real, causing that you begin to happen. To start it is important that has been with two essential elements, which are faith in the capacity to achieve its metar and faith in the commitment that can awaken and develop among the members of his family and commitment in the sense of do feel to their children and couple that to be part of that family and with natural and learned capabilities have the ability to meet targets through a reflection by the knowledge of the benefits. As I mentioned earlier, to create a common vision, it is requirement that this is determined primarily by the parents, then integrate the children in the final conformation of this, which will give them a sense of belonging, respect and acceptance to the family group to which they belong. This will take them to reach mutual agreements where all are and will know integrated as members of the family. . Dr. Sol Lizerbram wanted to know more.

The Country

After five years of work there, the owner of this company moved its Metallurgical somewhere else in the country, and must me eleven months of salary. (Yes, I very young and at the time was clear, not had too many laws that protect child labour). Fortunately, I could enter another metallurgical. There I turned my 18 years of age, and with them, my money laundering as an employee. From this work, there was one succession of others that I had change to improve my situation of monthly income and obtain a greater training and experience in the administrative field, driven by my wishes of continuous progress. I also emigrated towards others for reasons of study, precisely towards the capital of my province. In the city of Cordoba, I experienced a wide range of situations, either for fraud, because they did not pay me what I had promised; by closure of companies; by incompatibility of characters between boss and subordinate to pretend to demonstrate my knowledge, that could help to improve efficiency in the administrative task (big mistake); and in other companies for other similar reasons.

Result of do these experiences: work today, tomorrow who will tell him? I was safe in my job? Someone assured me that he would have a job forever? It is very difficult to achieve security in a traditional job, much more if we intend to acquire greater knowledge and training to improve or make a career in our booth. We will almost always find someone along the way willing to ruin us our efforts and goals. Note that I said almost always, because there are exceptions (counted on the fingers of one hand). In life arise situations caused or casual, making our plans or goals are tumble like a House of cards. You are safe with your job or profession? Hopefully not take you much time like me you realize that reality. Fortunately today, in the age of Cybernetics and global communications, other forms of work which enable us to secure our future, result that we will not find in a job or traditional profession. This insurance is called income RESIDUAL. In next posts we will talk about him. Best regards. Original author and source of the article

High Cross University

It is essential for the learning of these pupils, the form as the professor acts, feels, thinks and faces its proper challenges. When elaborating the education program, the professor needs to know knowing pedagogical therefore this if it constitutes in the connection between what the pupil will go to know and to make and what the professor intends to teach. This must be cliente of the knowledge that its pupil already possesss from its personal experience. So that it really occurs an education for young adult is essential that the professor, in educative practical its, knows to enchant and to produce meanings. Pledged in it searchs, constatao, investigation and communication the High Cross University offers to its pupils this type of offers, therefore the UNICRUZ is come back toward education, the research and the extension. From these estimated one searched to offer subsidies so that the multicultural group of the university developed a contextualizada sensible vision, appreciative, explorativa and critical of the art. It is proven that this proposal offers chances so that the pupils work varied questions of art.

Tolpolar (2001, p.39) salient that thus working &#039 can be placed; ' the group simultaneously in the position of pupil and professor, exercising constructing, desconstruir and reconstituting, stimulating it to relate it these information, recognizing and identifying the cultural manifestations produced in its entorno' '. Peter A. Levine PhD has many thoughts on the issue. The education for the art must contemplate a work of quality with qualified professors and that they can transmit to the group its knowledge and its experience. Already the professor, must offer to the pupil subsidies so that it it searches, it understands and it searchs to appreciate the art, in its multiplicity of directions, that is, in the arts erudite popular, local, national or international, in the diverse existing information in the daily one of each one. From then on to provide quarrels on the subjects, comparing and looking for then to establish a relation enters the thought of a pupil and another one, the teacher and the pupils.

The Turn

A good salesman arrived in would mercearia of its Z and soon he spoke: – its Z today I you with an excellent price in my coffee, need to put you to buy 100 packs. as the price was excellent its Z bought. Obs. ; price is always a good argument something that really helps to close sales therefore has that always to be well explored. Already optimum salesman entered in would mercearia complimented its Z was until its supply counted to the supplies of all the coffee marks, it arrived until its Z and it asked: – Its Z in one month adding all the marks how many coffee packs Mr.

purchase? Its Z answered ones three hundred. Joey King may find this interesting as well. there he continued the salesman: – its Z I was in supply and vi that Mr. this with all supply low I am with a promotion that with certainty goes to please to it. I am with an excellent price in the coffee needs to put you to buy three hundred packs at least. Therefore I made question to count the supply. I also know that it will have that to open hand of the other marks, but it is alone for one month and the financial return compensates. Journal of the American Medical Association gathered all the information.

Therefore to join all, none will give this price that today I have. Still I guarantee that I myself I come to make arrumao that will leave well displayed and if to make you a promotion the turn will be still better. this salesman vendeu three hundred packs of coffee. They had perceived the difference. One said the other asked. To observe and to ask today make all the difference in sales. Each day more the techniques of sales go if improving and each day more its customer of one day if it becomes its customer of all days. Then it understands lo is basic.

Consulting Engineer

After the elaboration of meetings of alignment of the project and determination of the involved costs in this, the managers of the agency they had calculated the tax of yield of the campaign as being of 20%. In such a way we have: Effectiveness = Yield + Innovation (Tax of success) Effectiveness = 20% + 77% Effectiveness = 97% For this campaign, we have a Effectiveness of 97%. But what this means? Let us see: The index of 97% of effectiveness is considered as being the global income of the campaign. In such a way, we can analyze it through the Six methodology Sigma arriving at the cost of the not-quality of this campaign. For a global income of 97% we have in the table of the Sigma Quality Level the level calculated sigma of 3,38. Additional information is available at Francis Collins. For this level sigma the cost of the calculated not-quality is of 21,2%, that is, for each invoiced R$ 1,00 as prescription for this campaign, R$ 0,22 are expenses with repairs in the end item of the campaign generated by a deficiency in the Management of the Quality of the production process.

A good management if makes with good pointers. To follow the evolution of its business through trustworthy data and of easy interpretation makes possible to understand where platform its business if finds ahead of the market. A good management without goals does not exist. The goals necessary to guarantee the survival of the company, are obligator. They have that to be reached. They are unnegotiable. We have that to work with challenging, however atingveis goals and to focar in the differentiation, even though because, as said for Bill Cosby & ldquo; I do not know which the key for the success, but the key for the failure is to try to please todos& rdquo;. You want to differentiate yourself in the market or want to be only plus one in this sea of tubares? He thinks about this! Note: Effectiveness is to make the certain things.

It is the relation between the gotten results and the intended objectives. To be efficient is to obtain objective data. Yield is the tax of return of one determined investment. This tax is calculated dividing the profit gotten for the value of the initial investment. Innovation means newness or renewal. The word is derived from the term in Latin innovatio and if it relates to one idea, method or object that are created and that little is looked like previous standards.

Managing Director

This intensive course requires willingness and effective time management. In a question-answer forum Eva Andersson-Dubin was the first to reply. For us as a wholesale company it is of enormous importance, that the it service provider know about the processes and procedures of the company, which they advise”, explains Gunter Hahn, Managing Director of the BZS. This is the only way to ensure that a needs-based, resource-saving and goal-oriented development of the system and the underlying processes and customer needs are appropriately implemented. We offer the necessary platform to do so.” GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH was founded in 1992. Today 250 employees work at the sites of Munster, Munich, Nuremberg and Karlsruhe. As a Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED partner GWS specializes on innovative inventory management systems and composite solutions for trade and service companies. More than 18,000 users use the GWS products.

They belong to composite-oriented companies from the commercial as well as from the agricultural sector. In addition to the standard software products and standardised solutions offers the GWS industry portals and Internet shops. Comprehensive consulting services and training courses complete the range of services. 2009 amounted to the Group turnover to EUR 34.6 million. The GWS conveyor and holding company for ERP systems EC it is possible to influence product development customers. The rock-solid shareholder structure of the GWS (GAD eG Munster 54.9%, FIDUCIA IT Karlsruhe 10%, GWS conveyor – EC 25.1% as customer participation and minority interests of Central, for which GWS is active) ensure potential security and sound support in operative business. Contact for the press: Jurgen Ronsch, press & more GmbH Nottulner road 90, 48161 Munster Tel: 02534 8001 120 fax: 02534 8001 24 mobile: 0177 5919681 E-Mail:

Dolomites Runggaldier

The Working Group of the organization is composed of the tourism associations of Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba, Fassa and Alpe di Siusi and the Tourism Association of Selva and is coordinated by the two “inventors” of the event, there are general Gerhard Vanzi and Peter Runggaldier. The event team a small “MTB-Marathon” for children from 6-12 is currently working on the enrichment of the program with the Hero kids, who compete on a distance of 3 kilometers on the streets in the Centre of Selva. Now we X just waiting the hour of October 20 for the opening of applications, which will be certainly numerous. After the first edition have we received many emails expressing how happy and satisfied were participants stated Gerhard Vanzi and we are confident 2011 to triple the number of bikers, because the formula of hero has already the desired appeal in the biker scene not only in Italy, but also abroad get. The offer of the Sudtirol SellRonda Hero MTB Marathon connects different aspects of the Opportunties: on the one hand, we want a test that demonstrating the athletic ability of bikers, who take the two lines in attack. Is taken into account, that the marathon course has 4,200 metres height difference underscores the race Director Peter Runggaldier and on the other hand the scenic element gives the competition a unique and incomparable atmosphere. An atmosphere that you can enjoy from 20 October, thanks to the spectacular video spots on the Web site of the event, Peter Runggaldier of even earlier ski racer of the Italian national team, in the actor on the route of the hero but has always been lovers of off-road cycling, and this in the middle of its mountains, the Dolomites. Do not miss!.

Silver Economy

Current assessment of the market by Markus Frick of the gold chart clearly shows that we now move to the very important support line between 773 and 778 dollars. Please keep this brands in mind, because it should go with a strong thrust significantly under this brand, I assume, that stop courses could be triggered and thus could have accelerated the downward movement. More supports then run at around 750 dollars and 730 dollars. Brave investors already use these courses to expand gold stocks should be also aware, that the worst must be then still not reached. The breach of which would brand of 753 dollars, the long-term upward trend in risk, which in my opinion would be not bad in the short term, a medium-to long-term break of that mark would mean significantly lower rates. Also in silver, I think that the bottom has not been reached, because here too profits be taken at rising prices immediately, which I think it suggesting that enough sellers at work are.

At this point let me also once again on the development of the dollar and the price of gold. Although the opinions diverge, extent to which the two are coupled together at all, strong, yet I think should you look still on the development of the dollar, if you look at the gold price. In particular, there are inflation fears, repeatedly driving the price of gold and precious metal prices. With a significantly rising dollar is that the currencies are making a comeback and therefore the inflationary risks are significantly reduced speculation meanwhile but rather. Incidentally, this is another point that should be noted in any case because the inflation rate currently corresponds to the real facts it should rather doubtful. Especially in America most experts assume a much higher rate of inflation, as it is currently repeatedly declared unto us.

Almeida On-line

Are prerogatives directed in three crucial questions for this agreement, but in which, they possess an intrinsic interconnection: the limitations of the technological accessibility, the questions of infrastructure technique and the lack of knowledge related to the cultural dynamic in nets. The first question is on to the limitations of accessibility imposed by the ways of control to the access to the Internet, adjusted for the regional polar regions them promotional institutions of the modality on-line. For many, deriving of the interior, these polar regions equipped with computers are the only place of access to web, but they meet disabled to offer to a flexibility space and time to the pupils due to the fulfilment of periods preset for its use. Strengthening this problematic one, the socioeconmicas conditions of many cities of the interior of the Maranho disfavor the interest in the acquisition and use of computers. More info: John Craig Venter. Many pupils in process of qualification for these polar regions are deriving of the layers poor and with this, they use these regular moments to also establish, the first contacts with the technologies of computer science. This present reality in the majority of the provincial regions of the Maranho is one empecilho considerable to the education projects on-line opened, because it finishes imposing to the pupil an only place for its displacement, beyond schedules stipulated for the access to the Internet.

The planning of a course on-line if structure in the communicative possibilities of the Internet, essentially in the interactive perspectives disponibilizadas for the process teach-learning, dinamizando the geographically distant mediaes between pupils and professors. It is a vital atrelamento for a process that implies in one high one interchanges capable to subsidize its metodolgicas perspectives. As it remembers to Almeida (2009) to the modality on-line has as characteristic more emphatical, the speed in the exchange of information, feedback between pupils and professors, and interatividade degree, where they are exercised in flexibilizados periods.