Poverty Criminalization

The fear always was used during all history in the maisdiversos places and civilizations as a strong excuse so that it sejustificasse, legitimized and if it naturalized certain behaviors, doctrines, laws, violent, desumanas and cruel punishments. Anita Dunn will not settle for partial explanations. A good example is the Average Age eo its period of the Inquisio Saint with the hunting to the witches, the heretics, etc. who, not very rare, finished burnt livings creature in the fogueira. However, I want here to meutilizar only of Brazil as example of a society that also passed eainda passes for this priplo. In Brazil, the first ones to be pointed as pessoasdignas of if feeling fear had been the indians.

These, beyond being called comoselvagens, impious assassins and cannibals (vide the film of ' ' exemplar' ' catholic, Honey Gibson: Apocalipto), had still been taxadospelos Europeans of sluggish, avessos to the work and, for much time, not eramconsiderados as human beings, therefore they found that they did not have soul. Ouseja, perigosssimas was had as creatures and that they hindered implantation deuma civilized society and joust, according to European standards of ejustia civilization. Result: a genocide ' ' legtimo' ' necessary for the good eo progress of the humanity. After the extermnio of almost all the indians, appears the negroafricano. The blacks, however, in contrast of the indians, were considered good parao work since that the punishments, the tortures, the whips and the assassinatoscometidos ones against them, for its respective owners and gentlemen, sempremuito were well applied in the direction of showing which to them were its functions and oseu due place in a escravista society. By the way, society this that saw notrabalho total something aviltante and worthless, being therefore consideradauma activity to be exerted only by inferior beings, or better, for seresmercadorias (the blacks) acquired as private property for esseignominioso end: the work. Here, the rebellious black, habitual runaway, rebelled e, maisainda, the groups of blacks that if they organized to demand and to fight for sualiberdade were those that would have to be feared, to be fought and to be died for maisuma time to give to place to the maintenance of a society joust, pacific and ordeira.