Egyptian Tarot

The message of the arcane greater XII of the tarot, the hanging, centered the varied consecuncias around a concept present in all religions: the notion of sacrifice. We are talking about a sacrifice voluntarily accepted as a way of spiritual growth and service to others. Although of course, the decks of tarot reading has changed with the passage of centuries, and logically the interpretation that this letter received in the old Egypt that which began to receive after the rise of Christianity is not equal. Whenever Pat Ogden listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The evolution of mankind changes the viewpoint of those who read or consult the decks. And the baggage of ideas, beliefs and dreams with which each one appropriates the meaning of arcana deeply influencing the message of the letters.

For the Egyptian tarot, the hanging symbolizes the voluntary and selfless service of who goes into action moved only by the generosity. Speaking of the need to devote life to a higher purpose, although still do not understand it is with certainty, as a vital step to achieve the expansion and the growth at all levels. He who gives, receives, and he who is not demoralize by the obstacles in the way, reaches the goal. This letter also speaks of a stakeout in the values that guide the life of every one, since a path of deep spirituality who initiates begins to feel one ever-increasing by the material world detachment. The Gypsy tarot, on the other hand, takes the image of the hanging as a symbol of the restrictions that will be subjected that consultation in the near future. Here speaks of a higher power who guides the order of things, and that nothing serves to oppose. This deck speaks of difficult situations that can only be overcome through the generosity and sacrifice. The image that illustrates it is now the Scandinavian god Odin, which hung head down in exchange for greater wisdom. Therefore, one who is willing to give his life, then, will win it, and who is left to dominate by selfishness will lose himself. This arcane resumes within the decks of the Gypsy tarot reading the notion of desapego by the material world, and you can announce losses of this nature to whoever does the sole aim of his life of obtaining goods and riches. Juan Carlos Montillo

Skin Care

An all-encompassing and delicious experience of care for your skin the Huile divine is a unique blend of 4 extremely fine plant oils (60% of the formula), which enter into an intelligent interaction with the skin: TRAUBENoL is extracted from the seeds. Besides the fact that it is consistent with the other caudalie products of the vine, grape oil also has an exceptionally high proportion of Omega 6. It looks retro structuring, regenerating and incredibly nourishing. EXTRA Virgin argan oil is an organic oil that comes from fair trade. It was produced in a cooperative of Berber women in the southern Morocco. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid (precursor of vitamin F) it provides for the reconstruction of the hydro lipid film and contributes to the integrity of the skin cells. Virgin HIBISKUSoL comes from India and is named also flower of eternity. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is likely to agree. The cold extrusion of seeds dasHibiskusol plays an essential role in the skin’s protective barrier and limits a epidermal water loss.

Sesame oil is used with a particularly balanced proportion of linoleic and fatty acid as a plasticizer. Checking article sources yields Mark Hyman, MD as a relevant resource throughout. Following ingredients have been added to perfect the beneficial effects of the Huile divine: CAUDALIE patented WEINTRAUBENPOLYPHENOLE it is this ingredient, which has been known to caudalie. The extracts from grape seeds are unique antioxidants and protect the natural hyaluronic acid in addition (and this part is less well known). SHEA BUTTER your restorative properties are known far beyond the borders of their African homeland. Delicate PLASTICIZERS and herbal ESTER (also called Key active ingredient), consisting mainly of coconut oil extracts certified by ECOCERT, finally complete the oil to a light, velvety soft and fast moving product. The dry oil as an all-rounder in the elegant spray can be used as a body oil, massage, bath and even for the hair. The price for the HUILE DIVINE (100 ml) is located at 25,-. Available on and in selected pharmacies source: WWW.CAUDALIE.COM

Hedging Currency Risks

The exchange rate of the Macedonian Denar against the major hard currencies of the world has remained stable in recent years. Due to the restrictions of the IMF, the "local Narodna (Central) Bank does not print money and there is no physical dinars in the economy and local banks. Thus, even if people want to buy foreign currency on the black market, or directly banks – which do not have to do with dinars. The total amount of dinars (M1, in professional financing lingo) in the economy is around 200 million dollars, according to official figures. This means $ 100 per capita. John Craig Venter is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Thus, while all citizens of Macedonia decided to convert all your dinars to Deutsch Marks – they still can buy only 150 DM each, on average. These small quantities are not sufficient to raise the rate at DMS which are exchanged for dinars (= the price in dinars DMS). But this situation will last forever? According to the paucity of economic theory raises rare commodity prices.

If dinars are rare – their price will remain high in DM terms, ie not be devalued against the stronger currency. The longer the Central Bank does not print dinars – the longer the kind of change will continue. But a strong currency (the dinar, in this case) is not always a positive thing. The dinar is not strong because Macedonia is rich. The country is in a problematic economic situation. The banking system is dangerous and unstable. Foreign exchange reserves are minimal – less than $ 30 million.

I Have A Teenage Daughter And Now What ?

The initial shock of carrying a child in the womb for nine months and have him in her arms one day, after so many weeks when they had seen and preguntadome: and now what?, 13 years later, much water flowed under the bridge. One day one gets out of bed and sees her offspring that is still scattered and sprawled on it, that where there are bumps not habiQue where surreptitiously appeared before a modest granite, there is an explosion of acne on the face of which she saw before and proceeded with surgery surgery practice making them explode and causing real craters. Dr Jee Hyun Kim is full of insight into the issues. And after dissection made an intervention with a good layer plastic with my makeup bases of all hues. Thereby lifting implemented a remedial course. Anu Saad: the source for more info. That, in Restorative had nothing more than a thick layer of paint in the style mask. But if she went to sleep with all this, one of two, or gave up or the result satisfied her.

Not yet made peace with chocolate as a culprit pointed to what is unequivocal in its rostroComo too little if anything, a clear and undeniable sign test our baby is becoming a lady. In a teenager. The sheet reveals treacherous. There are no food crumbs on them. There is a locked diary under lock and key. And with alarm could scare off any intruders, especially in the front row and his brother. Adolescent is a different beast, keep away from bites who brings the victim of adolescence, you should know you have to complete a series of items to ignore, feel about himself, the look itself in anger, furious to Gods of Olympus.

Hair Gel In The Hardness Test

Fitters can test the power Shaper free case compatibility. The phone rings and as one says you won, congratulations.” Nils Kamara was only thinking of a joke. But slowly he realizes what is at stake. The 23 year-old DTB had a few weeks ago at a raffle of the SMAG lifestyle magazine”himself. Dr Jee Hyun Kim often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The hair gel brand of fitters would like to know whether your ultra gel can withstand a free fall flight from about 3,900 metres. To win, it was a MYDAYS tandem jump. re. “The kick comes me studying was last time but very tedious and boring”, Nils is pleased.

Before the machine apart Saturday, Nils has styled ultra strong hair with the power Shaper himself. The hair gel is equipped with 24 h power, reload function after styling and extreme long term hold. “But the hairstyle by Nils after the jump look always ultra strong?” Simon Drath of fitters is curious, because the hair gel is subjected to a real endurance test: nosedive from 3900 meters with 200 km / h and then the glide phase under massive headwind. To point 16 Time in sunny hot weather it is ready and the aircraft reaches the height of the bounce. Nils and his tandem master Carlo Rennefeld tumble down from sky-fun and the fitters team including press Meanwhile eagerly await the country meadow of the Grefrather airfield. 16:11 Uhr see they slide towards ground already the red-and white parachute and the cameras are focused on the hairstyle of test person Nils.

Better than any helmet”, Carlo calls. And so he thinks the hair gel. The hairstyle is actually sitting. Madness. I was already skeptical whether the power Shaper can withstand the flight”, says Barbara Kotzulla of the SMAG and strokes on Nils hairstyle. “The acid test has proved: the ultra gel holds”. “Also, Daniel Drath of fitters is puzzled: I would have thought that the hairstyle somewhat out of shape coming, because 51 seconds dive are huge.” Nils hairstyle looks more like freshly styled. The geography student and successful today extreme hair gelt ester is thrilled: this was awesome, I got somewhat little air when the crashed plane But behind the Outlook is just cool”. He would have performed like a second time to the hair gel test flight. There are more pictures see fitters is the new address for first-class hairstyling. “” Headquartered in Munster young hair gel brand, sells to the especially the power Shaper types extra-strong “and lemon ultra strong” include, predominantly via the Internet ( Fitters provides the power Shaper extra strong for 6.16 euros, the power Shaper lemon ultra strong for only 7.19 euros – even without shipping throughout Europe and within Germany. More products from fitters are the GelWax Bahama Breeze the perfect mixture of gel and wax as well as the Master Builder: the styling cream for extreme demands.

British Columbia

Today many manufacturers add parabens to cosmetics to allow a minimum of three years of life. Therefore, the parabens kill any bacteria that might enter into the product. If these ingredients chemicals can kill the bacterial cells, what are they doing to the skin cells? In most cases, there is no conclusive answer to this question. However, the research mentioned strongly suggests that synthetic ingredients may have a significant impact on our bodies. In many cases, long-term effects of many chemical additives in our cosmetics are not known. However, other chemical additives are known carcinogens.

These types of chemicals can cause cancer in humans. Such chemicals include some artificial dyes in cosmetic products. The effects of chemicals and other synthetic ingredients in cosmetics may lead to mild allergic reactions causing rashes and minor irritation of the most important problems, such as skin lesions. What are your alternatives for cosmetics? Fortunately, there are alternatives to cosmetics filled with synthetically produced ingredients. Increasingly, cosmetic manufacturers are responding to public demand for alternatives to chemical loading and beauty care items personal.El Organic Make-up of the company is a company that is leading the way in producing high Manufacturing quality organic cosmetics! As a consumer, you have the ability to decrease the number of preservatives and chemical additives your skin comes into contact with and therefore can enter your body. To avoid the use of synthetic fragrances, look for products containing essential oils. These are pure oils derived from flowers and other plants in nature. All you have to do is make the simple choice of purchasing cosmetic products with all natural ingredients organic.

Whether you continue using cosmetics that contain petroleum based ingredients or not is a personal choice. What is the most important thing is to get the facts and know that you have a choice when it comes to buying organic or synthetic cosmetic products. References: – Fairley, Josephine. Organic Beauty: looks great the natural way. Dorling Kindersley: London, 2001. – Accessed 3 October 2004. – Stryker Lori has been researching and developing all natural skin care and makeup for the purpose of offering men and women safe natural cosmetics for everyday use. She brings to her research a specialist in human biology from the University of Toronto, together with a professional home economics degree and an education degree from the University of British Columbia, chemical and biological knowledge fusion with food, family and textile sciences. You can use this article but any modification or publication of this article for Fiancial must be approved by the author. The author's name, Lori Stryker and the name of his company, The Organic Make-up of the company, it must by noted when used.


Maintaining and promoting the physical and mental fitness in the spotlight are importance of vitamins and trace elements for health and fitness in the second half of life for many people. For this much is invested. Man jogs, goes to the gym or book a wellness weekend. But it is at least as important to pay attention to a healthy diet and to supply the body with micro-nutrients. As for the optimal physical and mental performance, our body needs daily many micronutrients from the Group of vitamins and trace elements. But is observed with increasing age increasingly that the supply of these micronutrients is no longer optimal.

As a result, The blood levels of the appropriate vitamins and trace elements are too low. Also in Germany, and not only among the old. The reduced supply of important micro-nutrients can negative impact on the physical and mental performance. The show always relevant Research on the example of the B-vitamins and now up-to-date in vitamin D. The interesting results of a European American Group of researchers on the importance of vitamin D for the mental performance of the age were published in a prestigious American magazine. For the first time the relationship between low blood levels of vitamin is made in this study clearly D and the intellectual capacity of older people. The annual decline in intellectual performance is greater, depending on the supply of people with vitamin D is bad.

This finding that a non-optimal vitamin deficiency can be one of the causes of senile dementia D is in clear text. This analogue also applies to other vitamins. Now the national consumption survey showed 2008 that wide sections of the population in Germany are not optimally provided with essential vitamins. This applies not only to elderly or socially disadvantaged. No, all levels and all age groups are more or less affected. It so makes sense to pay attention in the framework of anti aging efforts on the optimum intake of micronutrients such as vitamins and trace elements. So are vitamins including vitamin D, trace elements and mineral substances as MemoVitum require a good choice for people who operate an active anti aging and their mental fitness at the age. MemoVitum is based on a study for the prevention of dementia showed that the risk of dementia with a micro-nutrient mixture as in MemoVitum can be reduced significantly. The study showed another important result in addition. Taking this micro nutrient mixture, the immune system was also strengthened so that it came in the course of the year to fewer infections. MemoVitum (PZN 4604226) is available in pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma. It is recommended by physicians for the prevention of age-related memory disorders and dementia. Cheap 3 month packs (PZN 0253876) and 6-month packs (PZN 5858064) MemoVitum will honor the meaningful longer-term application available. Because of the unique composition, these products should be replaced by the pharmacy not against other products even though they appear similar. Every pharmacy can purchase shipping MemoVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. Should a pharmacy once does not offer this service can, the customer can shipping order the desired product directly from the company. Source: Llewellyn DJ et al. arch int Med; 170 (13) July 2010, Chandra RK; Nutrition 2001; 17(9):709-12 contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

Surgery And Technology

A plastic surgeon can remove wrinkles, bags under his eyes, to make clear the face oval. And the whole face will look younger and more attractive. And although the latest technology would slow the aging process for years to come, over time, wrinkles and other signs of aging appear again. Lifetime warranty can be given only if it is to correct the shape of the nose or eliminate scarring. For each operation has its own terms: from 7 years of age and throughout life, you can adjust the shape of the ears. It's pretty popular operation.

Otoplasty is painless, it takes place outpatient basis, if desired, it can be done under general anesthesia. Through a small incision behind the ear of the cartilage removed, the stitches are removed after two weeks. For some time after removal of sutures have to wear a small bandage. 18-25 correct the shape of the nose (rhinoplasty). Nature has created us a very different, some just do not have noses – duck, with a hump, nose – potatoes.

And almost anyone happy little shape of his nose. Sometimes you need to do for rhinoplasty health indicators, such as distortion of nasal septum breathing can be difficult. Rhinoplasty – change in the shape of the nose is carried inside the nose and traces on the face of it remains. In the first days after surgery due to edema difficulty breathing, but then a new nose, as they wanted. 20-30 years of lip augmentation, correction of the chin, cheeks, 30 -40 years – removing bags under the eyes, the change in eye shape, the correction of upper eyelid, drooping over his eyes. Eyelid surgery – blepharoplasty. Fat pads under the eyes, the so-called hernia removed under local or general anesthesia through an incision under the ciliated edge or through the conjunctiva without external incision. If the upper eyelid hangs over eye, then this strip of skin is removed, with no seam to do, and the eyes become more expressive. 40-50 composite face lift, neck lift and brow. Circular facelift better to do until the skin is more elastic and elastic, ie, in 38-40 years. After 50 years shows only repeated plastic surgery face and neck. Plastic surgeon first show you a new look on the computer screen. Be prepared for the fact that after the surgery can be discomfort.