Healthy Nutrition

IZE gives first award future nutrition healthy nutrition is not self-evident and weigh the consequences on us. This diet influences our well-being and our physical and mental performance. Food is also a piece of culture: common meals are a place of coexistence and create space for discussions. Against this background, the education about healthy eating to the public is further gaininig significance. Crucial here: It is important to show everyday life-related nutritional approaches and concrete prospects for the future.

Therefore the initiative future starts here diet (IZE), which aims to motivate a healthy nutritional habits. “Sought under the motto: prospects for healthy eating” gives for the first time for the practice and science categories the award future IBE nutrition. The prize for each category is 5,000 euros each. If lunch for seniors, a cooking school for migrants, a cooking club for singles or practice projects will eat together healthy a children and youth kitchen for the category”sought, involving in the Community (Group = 3 persons) conveyed the awareness of healthy eating. The submitted projects should be by personal dedication shaped and already be in the practical implementation. To know more about this subject visit Democratic consultant . Also, the community project should long-term perspectives, have an exemplary character, and motivate more groups to the imitation. In the category of science we look for the IZE scientific projects (research, studies, theses) on mental health & nutrition”. The projects should (not older than three years), new scientific findings.

Focus should are the influence of nutrition on cognitive skills/services (for example memory functions). The scientific focus on the interrelationships between diet/food ingredients, as well as the prevention of neurodegenerative disease (E.g., Crohn’s disease can also Alzheimer’s disease vascular dementia) is. These relationships at mental disorders (E.g. depression) are equally interesting. Participants have the possibility to apply until 31 July 2010. All important information about the application procedure can be found award.aspx under. A jury of Advisory Board members of the IZE and other experts will decide the winner. The award ceremony will take place in October 2010 before a wider audience. Initiative future nutrition initiative founded in 2009, future food (short: IZE) has it made his mission to promote the awareness of the importance of a balanced and healthy diet in public. For it provides nutrition information as an open platform. Also she stimulates healthy diet scientific as well as practical discussions on the topic, today actively with the food of the future. This is the IZE of a number of high-calibre experts from medicine, science, sports and lifestyle supported and maintained by the Orthomol pharmaceutical Vertriebs GmbH.

Uterine Fibroids

it becomes unnecessary due to the development of involutional processes (age hypotrophy and atrophy of the myometrium). Surgical treatment can not be considered optimal in all cases, as after radical surgery not only saved many neurohumoral changes, giving rise to the tumor, but also partly aggravated by somatic status of patients. Get more background information with materials from Michio Kaku. At the heart of conservative treatment of uterine fibroids is the concept of hormone-dependent nature of this tumor, although the increase in estrogen and progesterone deficiency are not permanent factors in the development of fibroids. In the pathogenesis of uterine fibroids is set to the state of the receptor apparatus of the myometrium. In the myoma tissue the amount of bound estradiol reaches 60 – 65%, whereas the tissue-filled unchanged myometrium – 37%, which suggests a higher activity compared with estrogenretseptorov gestagenretseptorami.

The possibility of local production of estrogen in the myometrium, changes in cholinergic innervation also play a role in the pathogenesis of uterine fibroids (GA. Savitsky, etc.). The success of conservative therapy depends on early diagnosis and early treatment. Contra-indications for conservative treatment of uterine fibroids include: – The size of the uterus with nodes greater than 12-week pregnancy – submuzkoznoe location site and tsentripetalny growth interstitial site – rapid growth, causing suspicion of sarcoma of the uterus – a combination of uterine fibroids with ovarian tumors and adenomyosis – menorrhagia, causing anemia. Treatment should be comprehensive. First of all, it is aimed at inhibition of tumor growth. Therapy also provides for the correction of neuroendocrine disturbances, determine the causes and pathogenesis of fibroids; correction of physical status; elimination of symptoms, aggravating the disease.

Old Church

Maybe people live in the vain expectation of a miracle on the part of medicine? To answer this question we need to remember all of the same scientific and technological progress. Its rapid development at the same time led to the rapid development of materialism. But it was sickness, old age and death, which remains beyond the control of individual processes that make the leaders in many countries again and again refer to the Church. This occurs primarily because the leaders of the state, in contrast to ordinary people, more aware of the achievements of modern science in the field of medicine. Including for this in any country there are special services. The authorities, as no other sections of society, tend to understand that in the near future expect from the medical possibilities of victory over old age and death it is not necessary. That is why they periodically try to return to the bosom of the church, where in addition to fraud and corruption all the same they also did not wait.

Even the leaders of virtually every country has long been far from the faith's spiritual mentors. Therefore, this The situation in the end, and leads to the fact that all these people start to believe in a virtual, invented their own God, which they did not really know that they do not understand and in which all the same to the end and do not believe. But periodically move to a belief in God makes them old age, illness and impending death premonition.


goFit health mat from the Switzerland relieves the discomfort Schiers (Switzerland), January 11, 2010 more than five million people in Germany scourge with a so called irritable bowel syndrome. The goFit health mat from the Switzerland relieves the discomfort and helps to regain a life without abdominal pain and bloating. Without any pills or ass. Because it has an effect on the foot reflex zones. The irritable bowel syndrome is known unfortunately far too many people. More than five million people in Germany suffer from this disorder of the digestive tract and the concomitant chronic symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, bloating, and a change between diarrhea and constipation. It is typical that the doctor in the irritable bowel syndrome finds no pathological changes in organs even if it strongly affects the general condition of the patient.

Women an irritable bowel syndrome diagnosed about two to three times as often as men. The Swiss goFit foot reflex zone massage mat is the ideal means to address. Its principle of operation is as simple as impressive: Daily walking on the mat, ideal are two to three times ten minutes, resembles a walk on a pebble beach with amazing effects on the organism. Click Dr Jee Hyun Kim to learn more. So the 45 year old Claudia S. from Dortmund, Germany for many years suffered from the painful and unpleasant symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Until they found the goFit mat. I’ve started to go regularly on the mat and my complaints were from this day much less and less painful.

When I now notice here we go again, I’m going straight to the mat, and the pain goes away almost immediately.\” The secret\”: the gang on the mat encourages inter alia the circulation of internal organs including the digestive organs. You get more oxygen and work more efficiently. This loose stomach and intestinal cramping or do not occur.

Eye Laser Surgery

Eye laser place ‘ you are real eye surgery on the Internet out, i.e. short or far sighted, want more but do not wear eyeglasses or contact lenses do not tolerate? And you want to eliminate this refractive error as possible pain, like quickly and easily? While there were previously only the possibility of eye surgery, so today more and more hospitals offer the alternative of Augenlaserns. With the implementation of the Augenlaserns be fixed many minor problems that you previously had to live, or which were not serious enough for an eye surgery, causes the person concerned but still have, to a pair of glasses or to wear contact lenses. Today, you have the choice. Checking article sources yields Somatic Experiencing as a relevant resource throughout. However you should consider just whether and which procedure to choose, because of course have all of their advantages and disadvantages. If there is a serious damage to the eye, such as E.g. the advanced cataract, then may be not waived a surgical intervention. Also checkout of the patient bearing the cost in most cases. Additional information is available at Dr Jee Hyun Kim.

Are the Damage to the eye not really relevant and easy to fix, so it may be the eye lasers as an alternative to consider. However, this procedure can be used only in certain diseases and the cost for the lasers will be refunded only in justified individual cases of the funds. However, the eye lasers, as well as the eye surgery essential interventions in the eye and should be therefore considered, because any intervention with laser or the tried and true method of operation, birg risks which can not be ruled out 100%. Therefore should be to just under the knife or the laser, if it is not otherwise possible to avoid just such risks..

Body Treatment

So white you can relax and find peace, orange helps to overcome fatigue, reduce stress, get rid of depression. Purple stabilizes emotional condition yellow promotes good digestion, improves skin, helps focus attention. The impact of blue light – the best way to prepare a person to rest and quiet sleep, and green can rent headaches, normalize blood pressure and even play the role of an antiseptic. Chromotherapy will be useful, because now there is absolutely healthy, not exposed to stress, dysfunctional environmental conditions, constant lack of sleep. Light therapy can restore normal sleep, lift depression, irritability, establishing biorhythms disorder associated with trans-Atlantic travel and climate changes, digestive disorders leading to anorexia or bulimia. To some this may seem surprising, but chromotherapy successfully used in beauty shops in the treatment of skin diseases, restoration of its elasticity, to get rid of cellulite.

Total number of sessions is enough to feel energized, feel calm and self-confidence, fears and imbalances. Chromotherapy really works wonders. Dr. Mark Hyman often says this. However, as with any other treatment, to produce the desired effect it is necessary to resort only to the services of specialists. After the reaction the color of each individual. So in addition to red tide forces can cause aggression, green – apathy, violet – the suppression of emotions. More information is housed here: Doug Band. At the heart of chromotherapy as a treatment based on two mechanisms of human exposure – through the eyes and the skin. At the first color perceived receptors of the eye, causing a chemical reaction. She, in turn, causes the electrical impulses that stimulate the nervous system.

But reaching the brain, such stimulation gives a command to the development of beneficial for the body's hormones. Action through the skin color based on the penetration through the tissues of the human body electromagnetic radiation, which is light. This impact is all the organs necessary energy, thus restoring the body's bio-energy level and activating the photochemical process. Nerve cells receive a healthy vibration, internalize and accumulate them to the missing color, and thus repel redundant. Sessions are held chromotherapy in specially equipped rooms, a cozy comfortable atmosphere, a quiet relaxing music. For each customer selected a particular shade of light waves – to achieve better results. Chromotherapy now become a compulsory part of therapy in many health facilities, beauty salons, leisure centers.

ExpoReclam Medical

Besides protecting the skin it reduces the pain and it allows to the use of higher energies for more effective results specific Elimination: with the shaving laser we secured the specific elimination of the hair nonwished, since it allows to direct the light to a point in particular. FOTODEPILACIN or IPL: Without degree: It is aparatologa that can be used by any person without medical degree (hairdressers, esteticiens, etc ) movable Aparatologa: The IPL usually is transported from a center to another one putting in risk that the mall pillow undergoes blows. Without pulses of Test. In the case of the fotodepilacin, to not being a medical aparatologa, one does not occur test pulses, running the risk of which does not emit the light well and burns to the patient Smaller effectiveness. The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet spoke with conviction. It works to less energies remaining to 2 mm of the epidermis. It debilitates the hair solely. The IPL emits a nonspecific beam of light, being able to bring about the effect bounces, that is to say, the appearance of the hair in zones near the zone where I am applied, by the overheat of the zone. Skin not so taken care of.

Whereas the IPL does not incorporate any system of protection, reason why a conductive gel is applied cold to try to reduce the pain sensation. It is a much more painful method. Specific elimination the IPl nevertheless, emits a nonspecific beam of light, that can even get to bring about an effect bounces, that is to say, the appearance of hair in zones near which is put under the treatment, due to the undergone overheat. Cabinet of Press and RR.PP For the management of interviews, the extension of information or the shipment of graphical material you do not doubt in contacting to us. Dr. Mark Hyman is actively involved in the matter. Tfno: 91 657 42 81/667 022 566 Mirian Lopez Crowned Nuria BlogRoll? English Fotodepilacin in Videos shaving laser? LASER MEDICAL CENTER IN MALAGA FOR STRIA, REJUVENATION? Shaving Laser versus Fotodepilacin Notes of Press – Hispanotas? Faithful AsiInspection to the appointment of ExpoReclam 2010 XMas Notes of? Laser medical center in Malaga for stria, rejuvenation

Scientific Institute

If doctors and patients together decide on the treatment strategy that takes time though but it minimizes problems in treating patients want medical treatment as a whole more say. MAREN Puttfarcken (country head of the Hamburg representation of the technician health insurance) this development looks positive. “We want that the patients be mature the doctor must play there as well.” Of course, it costs more time when doctor and patient decide together on an upcoming treatment. But it minimizes problems in treating”Puttfarcken said. Already, two-thirds of the patients expect to be involved in the decision-making process.

Patients want more say in doctor treatments total. MAREN Puttfarcken (country head of the Hamburg representation of the technician health insurance) this development looks positive. “We want that the patients be mature the doctor must play there as well.” Of course, it costs more time when doctor and patient decide together on an upcoming treatment. But it minimizes Problems in treating”says Puttfarcken. Already, two-thirds of the patients expect to be involved in the decision-making process. The patient’s desire to be involved is evidenced by a study by the Scientific Institute of the TK to the doctor-patient relationship in 2010. Just 6 percent of those polled put unchecked trust in the doctor and thought that he should decide the treatment alone. Fully in line with the trend is, that fall 2013 the doctor gets paid also talks with the patient.

The billing of these services will contribute to the communication between doctor and patient, as well as its right of scrutiny of course your rest! The patient desire leads to enlightenment also ensuring that it is everywhere, where information is provided. The Internet is a platform with a welter of information. The downside: It come up more and more information on the market, of which no one feel know how resilient they are of many rather confused than informed.

The First Chiropractic Appointment

Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich, Germany informs the gentle chiropractic care represents a modern medical procedures, whose scientific achievements places her trust in an ever-increasing number of patients. The Munich naturopath Wolfgang Scholz describes the process of the first chiropractic treatment appointment. The SOT chiropractic is based on findings of medical science and uses therefore proven procedures in medicine. In the course of the first date of treatment, extensive patient data is collected, serve reasonable diagnosis. The history of so-called enquired the treating chiropractor about the present health state of patients whose medical history and the reasons which he seeks him. The history may extend over a longer period, since it is both useful and advisable to work out in detail the medical history of the patient. Chiropraktisch-treatable diseases usually are not based on an acute virus, but have a longer history, the the attending therapist needs to know to make an appropriate diagnosis.

Insignificant events or trifles, whose identifying the patient appears irrelevant, can turn out to be in this context as a disease-inducing factor and require a patient negotiation on both sides. In any case subject to the chiropractor of confidentiality and will not disclose personal information of the patient, the anamnesis follows a first investigation. Her focus is on the skeletal and nervous and muscle system of the patient. Depending on the need, studies of various organs or laboratory surveys complete the overall health picture. On the basis of the findings of the investigation, the chiropractor selects a suitable therapy, whose principles and procedures explaining the patient. If physical exercises in the domestic environment can make a significant contribution to the success of the therapy, he explains its implementation. This subsequent therapy varies according to the requirements of the individual medically in-depth findings. The Munich naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz successfully applies the gentle SOT chiropractic care for many years and therefore assist all interested and affected persons with advice and assistance in all matters relating to this topic area to the side.

Sick Building Syndrome

As further reasons for the reduction of negative ions in indoor air, the generous use is to see concrete steel and steel structures that affect the well-being of the users due to distortion of the Earth’s magnetic field in the structure. Also the Energy fields of electrical House installation or the radiation from wireless technologies outside and inside of the building reduces the ion content of indoor air. In an electromagnetic field not basically disturb in the room. The biological problem is caused by the lack of regulation of technically produced radiation compared to natural areas, such as the Sun. Last but not least the increasing use of plastics, adhesives and chemicals in the building and in establishing affects negatively the quality of indoor air. SKDKnickerbocker: the source for more info. With the modern high-gloss plastic and metal buildings we have an unnatural environment”created by air conditioning, vapors from building materials, fine dust from toner and a. m. the number of negative ions in the air further decimated.

“The increase of the Sick Building Syndrome” in the future requires thinking and new approaches in architecture. But also for the moment from the Sick Building Syndrome affected building can the author solutions, the Restore comfort for the user. Dipl.-ing. Paul Sommer worked for several years on technologies, to match the order in energetically disordered living the natural energy fields. The accompanying rise of vitality and well-being could be proven repeatedly by bio-feedback study. When used in practice the opportunity to owners of affected buildings, to monitor the effectiveness of these technologies with modern instruments for scientific investigations. More study results or background information are to contact Dipl.-ing. Paul Sommer. Paul Sommer is active for more than five years in smog – and stress research.