Old Church

Maybe people live in the vain expectation of a miracle on the part of medicine? To answer this question we need to remember all of the same scientific and technological progress. Its rapid development at the same time led to the rapid development of materialism. But it was sickness, old age and death, which remains beyond the control of individual processes that make the leaders in many countries again and again refer to the Church. This occurs primarily because the leaders of the state, in contrast to ordinary people, more aware of the achievements of modern science in the field of medicine. Including for this in any country there are special services. The authorities, as no other sections of society, tend to understand that in the near future expect from the medical possibilities of victory over old age and death it is not necessary. That is why they periodically try to return to the bosom of the church, where in addition to fraud and corruption all the same they also did not wait.

Even the leaders of virtually every country has long been far from the faith's spiritual mentors. Therefore, this The situation in the end, and leads to the fact that all these people start to believe in a virtual, invented their own God, which they did not really know that they do not understand and in which all the same to the end and do not believe. But periodically move to a belief in God makes them old age, illness and impending death premonition.

Surgery And Technology

A plastic surgeon can remove wrinkles, bags under his eyes, to make clear the face oval. And the whole face will look younger and more attractive. And although the latest technology would slow the aging process for years to come, over time, wrinkles and other signs of aging appear again. Lifetime warranty can be given only if it is to correct the shape of the nose or eliminate scarring. For each operation has its own terms: from 7 years of age and throughout life, you can adjust the shape of the ears. It's pretty popular operation.

Otoplasty is painless, it takes place outpatient basis, if desired, it can be done under general anesthesia. Through a small incision behind the ear of the cartilage removed, the stitches are removed after two weeks. For some time after removal of sutures have to wear a small bandage. 18-25 correct the shape of the nose (rhinoplasty). Nature has created us a very different, some just do not have noses – duck, with a hump, nose – potatoes.

And almost anyone happy little shape of his nose. Sometimes you need to do for rhinoplasty health indicators, such as distortion of nasal septum breathing can be difficult. Rhinoplasty – change in the shape of the nose is carried inside the nose and traces on the face of it remains. In the first days after surgery due to edema difficulty breathing, but then a new nose, as they wanted. 20-30 years of lip augmentation, correction of the chin, cheeks, 30 -40 years – removing bags under the eyes, the change in eye shape, the correction of upper eyelid, drooping over his eyes. Eyelid surgery – blepharoplasty. Fat pads under the eyes, the so-called hernia removed under local or general anesthesia through an incision under the ciliated edge or through the conjunctiva without external incision. If the upper eyelid hangs over eye, then this strip of skin is removed, with no seam to do, and the eyes become more expressive. 40-50 composite face lift, neck lift and brow. Circular facelift better to do until the skin is more elastic and elastic, ie, in 38-40 years. After 50 years shows only repeated plastic surgery face and neck. Plastic surgeon first show you a new look on the computer screen. Be prepared for the fact that after the surgery can be discomfort.