Oktoberfest In Munich Exclusive At HostelsClub.com

It’s never early to plan enough Oktoberfest. Hear other arguments on the topic with Margaret and Richard Riney. HostelsClub.com provides the unique experience at Oktoberfest. Not many people remember already in the winter, what they will do in the coming autumn. If you but the thought, to go to Munich and since joining the spektakularstem and only artigstem party of all time, you have to think in advance. Otherwise it will be too late. As you may know or have already experienced, Oktoberfest has an average of 6 million visitors in 2 weeks. And lodging, it’s very hard to find in this time in Munich, and destinations of radius of 200 km. If you have not booked, you can forget it! HostelsClub.com to book offers a unique way to accommodation including a special tour to the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Now, they have more freedom to choose!We offer our packages for your trip to Munich! If you want to visit Munich and Oktoberfest, we have the best for you. The operator of this tour notice: “we are Munich! We know what you need, when you come to the Oktoberfest. We guarantee you endless fun! Dare and experience Oktoberfest in Munich!” HostelsClub.com provides 3 – or 4-day packages in Munich during Oktoberfest. The hotels and hostels are in the Centre of the city and you will have opportunity to experience not only the Oktoberfest, but get to know also Bavarian culture. All packages include: accommodation in a hostel or hotel (usually a common dormitory – mixed or only women – 6 to 12 beds) bed linen towel free beer in the “Munich travellers bar” (every day from 1 pm to 5 pm) free “all-you-can-eat” for Bavarian stew in the “Munich travellers bar” (every day from 1 pm to 5 pm), the bar is located near the Isartor and Marienplatz square. * Bars (available daily) free tour * free tour of the city (3 -4 hours) * city map of Munich * free T-shirt * original beer Stein when you book with us, you get various discount: 20% discount on the traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen in the shop ‘Scandal’ 20% discount on the tour by ‘Radius Tours’ 20% discount on the tour of “Mike’s bike tours” If you still have not planned to the Oktoberfest, which is the unique opportunity! HostelsClub.com team wishes you a nice trip!

SchleswigHolstein Wanted

The successful family casting goes into the third round. Win a 5-star farm holidays lure and on 1 September for the final round of the large families-castings of tourism agency Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (TASH) kicks off many surprises. Mayan families who represent chance on in a short video, why are they ripe for a holiday in the land between the seas have for the last time. Check out Jayme Albin for additional information. A family holiday on a 5-star holiday farm on the Baltic Sea beckons for the winners. Until November 15, 2010, families can upload their videos, the voting will run until November 30.

The third family-casting holds very special prizes and exclusive surprises for the family: the 5-star wellness House with sauna and Jacuzzi on the farm Bendtfeld is a real source of strength for the many holiday adventures of tractor driving over the sea surf bath in the Gromitzer wave until the visit to the HANSA-PARK. An exclusive guided tour waiting for fans of the TV series Coast Guard as a special highlight through the Television Studio and the original locations in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea. A one-week farm vacations waiting families, representing convincingly in an original video, why they are dreaming for Schleswig-Holstein, on the Baltic Sea Ferienhof Bahl. The spacious 5-star Wellnesshauser in the Scandinavian style have more everything that needs a Mayan family to relax with sauna, whirlpool, fireplace, view of the Baltic Sea, bread service and much. In the morning, chickens, rabbits and goats are fed together, invite ponies first riding attempts and the play barn offers plenty of room to play on rainy days. Great adventure ensure the visit at HANSA-PARK, Germany’s only amusement park on the sea, a journey through time in the Museum yard Lensahn, wet fun in the surf experience-sea water bath Gromitzer wave”and a trip to Hansano farm, including leadership and delicious Hansano gift basket.

In the courtyard Cafe to the brick yard”the winner family is spoiled with a cosy coffee and the tank voucher provides for cheap travel. The Baltic Sea Ferienhof Baiden is one of 400 holiday farms of holidays on the farm in Schleswig-Holstein. Between the North Sea and Baltic Sea holiday guests can choose their vacation home at dairy farms, horse farms, estates, organic country farms, Ponyhofen, agriculture companies, as well as Kneipp – and vital farms. The comfortable apartments, houses and rooms in the courts are all classified according to the criteria of the German Tourism Association (DTV). Join the family-casting is very easy: the maximum three minutes long video just under upload. Now, the user with the award of 1 5 stars decide what family vacation is to be sent. Depending on the video online is used, the more friends and acquaintances can be called via online social networks to vote and the greater the chance of many positive reviews. A jury selects among the ten highest rated videos at the end of the auditions on November 30, 2010 Winners. Among all participants of the three rounds of casting, an original beach chair for the holiday feeling is raffled in addition home.

Is As Celebrated In The World Of New Year

Happy new year HostelsClub.com team wants you! One thing for themselves is to celebrate new year’s Eve. The girls start in July to consider, what you will put on probably. In August they begin to seek to make diet and create guest list the matching shoes to the dress. The preparations are not so important for the guys. Main thing is there enough beer and something to eat. And if need be, then they can get a few Fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles used to banging and popping. Read more from Mississippi Legislature to gain a more clear picture of the situation. How about somewhere else and quite different this year with new year’s Eve? As we celebrate the new year in the world! New year’s Eve in Amsterdam Dutch welcome the new year with huge Fireworks.

It is the most beautiful in Dam square, where thousands of locals and tourists gather and drink champagne. Music is played on the stage and all waiting for spectacle. Eaten will be thief rollers, yummy sweet pastries, champagne not immediately increase in head, and keeping up means night. And then it popped and shot. If it still doesn’t enough did, go to Chinatown, which is found near Nieuwmarkt, there you can see the most spectacular fire games, because Fireworks comes also Chuna and they know it. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! New year’s Eve in Berlin celebrated as every year is also new year’s Eve 2008 at December 31 in Berlin and as always at the Brandenburg Gate.

Last year, a million people celebrated together in the new year, and new year’s Eve party in Berlin is one of the biggest Open-Air new year’s Eve events worldwide. Live music, Fireworks, and many booths with food and beverages make this celebration a special event. And if there is not enough, it is in the numerous clubs in Berlin such as Watergate, Panorama bar or safe, to dance until late in the evening of the first day of the new year. Berlin celebrate just like! Happy new year! New year’s Eve in Vienna which not is missing on new year’s Eve celebration in Vienna, this is the obligatory new year’s rolls.

The Cathedral Of Notre Dame De Paris

The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, also called “Our Lady of Paris”, is one of the most magnificent sights in Paris. The Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, “Our Lady of Paris”, also known simply as Notre Dame, is a charming cathedral on the ille de la Cite in Paris. It was built in 18.Jahrhundert, as the French King Ludwig VII ruled the truest and most powerful Empire in Europe. Construction began in 1163 and was completed until 1250. Notre Dame is the best example of French Gothic architecture, for many sculptures and beautiful stained-glass Windows. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is one of the most famous churches in Paris and probably also one of the most spectacular sights in the world.

Nevertheless, this famous cathedral is still an active Catholic Church, and also the destination of many pilgrimages and the reference point for Catholicism in France. Many important national ecclesiastical events take place in this church. In addition there is the vorzeigbarste building Gothic architecture around the world. The protagonist Cuasimodo in the famous novel by Victor Hugo of the Hunchback of Notre Dame”has contributed too much celebrity this Cathedral. The Cathedral has suffered much damage during the centuries, and after the French revolution it was saved from complete destruction by Napoleon, crowned in this Cathedral to the King of France in 1804. There are many special characteristics that show us that this church is a Gothic edifice: the pointed arches, the vaulted ceiling, the magnificent flying buttresses or the magnificent rose window with the colorful stained-glass Windows. In the Cathedral five naves and a double chorus floor are divided into triangular-shaped sections, as well as a series of square chapels that encircle it. This creates a very large presbytery.

The ornamentation is wonderfully adapted architecture. The privileged location directly on the Seine, surrounded by magnificent gardens, turned Their visit to the Cathedral in a memorable event of your trip. You can also see the Cathedral from each bridge, crossing the River, and from there take photographs of the magnificent cathedral. Each facade of Notre Dame is really impressive: the facade on the West side is the most notable, and whose most Ma because it has two towers with a height of 69 metres, as well as three Gothic inputs and the rose window with an incredible beauty that comes from the year 1220? works and original Windows are always well preserved. “On the Western side is au? erdem of the largest tower with the famous Bell Emmanuel”. The three entrances on the West side are a perfect example of the early of Gothic architecture. There are the scenes of judgement, the Blessed Virgin Mary and of the life of Saint Ana reflected. The inputs at the northern and southern Querschiffen are also very beautiful. The exterior of the Cathedral seems to be a perfect match between horizontal and vertical line. The Interior is just as impressive as the exterior, especially the little middle ground, and the altar. Right after the Eiffel Tower is the Notre Dame the second most visited tourist attraction in Paris. Do not miss visiting this wonderful Cathedral! To discover this historical attraction in France and all its wonders to enjoy? en, rent an apartment in Paris. Address: Place you Parvis de Notre Dame U – Bahn station: Cite or Saint-Michel (line 4) RER: Saint-Michel (line C) bus: line 21, 38, 47, or 85 translated from the Spanish by Christina Gersberg

Spa Hotel Jagdhof

The Spa Hotel Jagdhof as a comfortable refuge in the southern Bavarian Forest all what a loving heart beat faster, the Bayerischer Wald in Rohrnbach can be found in the Spa Hotel Jagdhof. Under the motto of cuddle time for two, this 4-star superior hotel offers a vanishing point of comfortable elegance and secluded in the countryside in the South of the Bavarian Forest. How created, remote time from everyday life for two to enjoy the time. An experience for all senses is waiting for the lovers. In the sauna and vital area over 1500 square metres. There, you can sweat in 6 different saunas, or bask in the outdoor Jacuzzi. A generous Wellness package belongs to the arrangement.

Time and space are unimportant when it engages on the Oriental trilogy with Serail bath or on the Spa in the Whirlbottich, blowing to the scent of hay-flower, passion fruit, orchids, or English Rose. Then wait the lather massage or the Einsalbung with noble oils. The well-tempered waterbed attracts to the cozy rest. The Caribbean Dream bathroom is a must for two in the Emperor tub, there are sparkling Prosecco. Love goes also through the stomach. For two, it tastes even better in one of five different rustic and cosy dining rooms of the Jagdhof.

A special attraction is the buffet with show cooking, where you can see what later comes to delicacies on the plate. “The vital-breakfast buffet, an afternoon buffet and dinner to sweeten the cuddle time for two. The culinary offer provides across through the week for surprises: with Gala menus and theme nights. At the end of a harmonious day then is at the bar, dancing to live music, or contemplative with a glass of wine in the fireplace lounge with winter garden. Special moments, which both long time will remember themselves. Cuddle time for two a beautiful temptation not only for young lovers, but also highly recommended for those who are already together.

Arlberg Families

Austria vacations are mainly domestic tourists of increasingly popular awareness to the world’s climate and arguably the financial situation of many families were decisive for this circumstance. The destinations for a vacation in the home could not be more different. Of course bad holidays at one of the numerous lakes in the State of Carinthia or also a winter sports holiday in Tyrol or Vorarlberg are particularly popular. But also city trips to Vienna or Salzburg enjoy popularity with the locals. The area around the Arlberg is a region, which got to feel this development in a very positive way. Especially in the winter months, this record-breaking number of overnight stays were recorded.

There were still mostly foreign guests who have paid a visit to the Nobel ski resorts St. Anton, or Lech, a few years ago are today reinforced Austrians, and Austrians, who often take advantage of the offerings of the region. The typical Austrian tourist nachtigtin a Wellnesshotel in the Arlberg region. This Spa Hotel emerged in recent years be plentiful in the region, so that in particular winter guests in the Arlberg region can offer a certain international standard in terms of relaxation and recreation. The offerings of the spa hotels around the Arlberg are for a shrewd combination of sport and relaxation. In addition, there are currently some family hotel at the Arlberg, where especially larger families will find perfect conditions for a hiking or skiing holiday. An international investor team has discovered that the establishment of this family hotel on the Arlberg certainly would be worth. So, today six hotels, geared especially to the needs of families and children are of course also available are Austrian families. The utilisation of capacity of this hotels is quite high. And so is already on other similar projects in Vorarlberg fiddled.