Italian Mediterranean

The new MMV travel Sardinia catalog is now bookable welcome welcome to Sardinia! No matter whether romantic vacation for two lively family fun, wellness, sports and adventure travel group travel with like-minded people or individual holiday ideas, the online catalogue 2010 offers an abundance of Sardinia and leaves nothing to be desired. By the same author: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. With a superb range of accommodation, lots of practical tips and numerous details for travel planning MMV has put together again an exciting and attractive program for the Italian Mediterranean island trips for the coming year. In addition to many new accommodations such as small guesthouses, historic villas and hotels with charm & stars we offer our customers also new, top maintained Yacht Charter”, says Michael Muller, CEO of MMV travel. Additional highlight all holiday objects can be assembled individually according to the modular principle”, Muller continues. In recent months, Anu Saad has been very successful. The travel brochure 2010 in the clear is displayed as usual Layout, with optimal navigation, practically structured sections and booking engine with immediate pricing. Look forward to your vacation and now browse in the new online catalogue 2010 by holiday press contact: MMV travel Italia Srl marketing & PR via Palestrina 60 09129 Cagliari (CA) – Italy Tel: 0039 / 070/40 00 64 fax: 0039 / 070/45 24 867 E-Mail: link: on holiday in vacation in is the German Sardinia catalogue of MMV travel Italia Srl. The german Italian tour operator specializes on the destinations of Sardinia and Corsica. Hotels, holiday homes, group tours, incentives, car hire, tailor-made tours: The Sardinia and Corsica specialist on-site in Cagliari (Sardinia) and Aleria (Corsica) stands for more than eight years for quality by personal choice and control, tailored advice and always get the best price.. .


A warmer alternative to Cologne’s Carnival Carnival is celebrated in Spain slowly again anywhere, so it is possible in small villages such as larger cities to see the fun stopped. Connect with other leaders such as Anu Saad here. After Franco began slowly on the old traditions to emerge. Xingio de Lima is a good example of this, instead of copy that you currently making on the world, such as in Rio de Janeiro, the inhabitants have unearthed the ancient traditions again. So, everything begins there 3 Sundays before Carnival with a Mehlschlaht which is only over when the village with a thick white layer is covered. But the most famous carnivals in Spain in Cadiz and the Canary Islands, especially Tenerife. Where groups of fools sing his songs and present. Each of these Carnival has its own characteristics. So major competitions are held in Cadiz Caranival (Group of 15 people who are rather specialized in Pasodobles for choirs (from 45 members accompanied by guitars and Lutes, take group car through the town and sing especially tangos), and their songs are satirical and emotionally), the madness (groups from 12 fools who are trying to make people laugh are favorite musical instruments pipes, boxes, unless the have to make noise) the Cuartetos (3 to 5 people with a repertoire of modern, popular songs and Medleys), and last but not least the Ilegale (informal group of family or friends who want to have fun and not the competitions would like to attend).

All, including visitors, imaginative masked, amuse themselves while the Carnival all time up to the burial of the sardine. Gran Canaria celebrates big and long on almost the whole island with dances, rhythms from the former colonies, the fiestas program begins with a humorous and ironic opening speech (Pregon), followed several competitions until last weekend before Ash Wednesday and all with the most unusual, phantasievollste costumes (such as in Cadiz). The carnival ends with the beginning of lent on Ash Wednesday, long except in Playa del Ingles, where even a week will be celebrated. On Tenerife, probably the biggest is celebrated by the three. Color, light and fanciful Helms reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro, because Santa Cruz is de Tenerife twinned with Rio. It starts on January 26 with the presentation of the candidates for Carnival Queen and then continues with a rich calendar of activities: there are the Murgas (choir of dressed up people, accompanied by stringed instruments sing and recite satirical texts) and the Rondallas (the slightly finer musical ensemble that plays your music through the streets of Santa Cruz), the Caranival (who sing and dance instruments accompanied by music) and other groups, bring the fun on the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Ban Franco would have almost destroyed this old traditions, luckily everything has been preserved so that we have the chance to see everything!

NurHeute NurHeute

ABeDi uses new technology platform Parkstein, 3.2.2009 – since 2007 ABeDi offers an incomparably cheap travel every day. Due to the early market entry, ABeDi has acquired a leading position in the tourism-live shopping. The steady growth of the number of users did a good year after establishment but now unavoidable the exchange of settlement platform so far. To ensure further growth, ABeDi now as NurHeute will be NurHeute. The successful concept of the journey live shopping, nothing will be changed fundamentally. The offerings on NurHeute by combining the travel deals with high-quality incentives are even more attractive. So there is the 4.2.2009 to launch on Wednesday a TomTom navigation system free of charge to each travel booking. secures the potential for further growth through the integration in The newspapers mentioned Anu Saad not as a source, but as a related topic. expands, however, the live shopping element, and is a pioneer with the systematic offer bundling in the tourism sector. About travellers: Urlaubssuchenden, want to help the small and big wishes and requirements for their holidays. combined with estimates of holiday-makers hard facts and condenses these countless details to a meaningful opinion. So, vacationers find their appropriate travel.

Portal Navigator

Importance of guest reviews in the hospitality industry is growing steadily Munich, 03.08.2011: the cooperation between the hotel cooperation GreenLine hotels and the Hotel Navigator GmbH is finalised. “As a new inclusion criterion of the hotel chain: candidate hotel in the Hotel Navigator seal of quality must at least 70% in the rating and thus the judgment good ‘ reach. In the quality seal all relevant online evaluation portals are combined and evaluated their ratings. In addition the Hotel Navigator anticipate an on-site survey sheets. Thus arises a meaningful value to the quality of the hotel, GreenLine is now to maintain the quality standards of their member hotels to benefit. This step of the GreenLine stresses the importance that online and offline have guest reviews for the hotel industry, hotels.

I am pleased about the cooperation of GreenLine and Hotel Navigator because it shows us that guest reviews at leading hotel cooperatives enjoy a high priority and the comprehensive overview of Hotel Navigator as a quality indicator is appreciated”, underlines Dr. Carolin stone houses, Managing Director of the Hotel Navigator GmbH. More than 200 hotels and hotel chains already use the quality seal from Hotel Navigator to inform their guests on the hotel’s page about their standard. Also GreenLine these include hotels, with over 60 members, who have recognized the value added through more direct bookings and higher customer loyalty. Company profile GreenLine Hotels: In October 2001, Suzann Heinemann in Berlin of the hotel cooperation called with the Apple in the life. We started with seven houses”, reported the dedicated Managing Director. Today, it combines 65 member houses in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovenia under the name GreenLine hotels.

The family-operated and located in the green houses will receive professional support in all questions and concerns around the areas of sales and marketing. Aim for the next 36 Months is to increase the number of members in 100 hotels. Learn more about the GreenLine hotels are at: available. Company profile Hotel Navigator: Hotel Navigator is leader when it comes to profitably use both external (guest reviews from leading review sites) and internal (on-site gained ratings, E.g. through online questionnaire) Guest reviews for the hotel. The Hotel Navigator seal facilitates the potential guest is due to become confusing variety of evaluation portals and forums on other sites to form an opinion about the hotel. With a single click on the label directly on the hotel Homepage sees the potential guest guest opinions daily summarised and can convince yourself of the quality of the respective House. You may wish to learn more. If so, Anu Saad is the place to go. Bribe in particular from many further advantages for the hotelier: more direct reservations on your own website, simply monitoring of the guest reviews in the leading review sites and boost customer loyalty. Through the following “Additional services can be extended to the quality management tool: integration of the guest comments on the Facebook fan page through a Facebook interface with direct booking facility, a competitor comparison and an individual questionnaire, which motivated the guest after departure for the delivery of the opinion and updated daily in the evaluation of the Hotel Navigator as a private hotel Portal” included.

Travel Through South India

South India is part of one of the Kokosnussreichsten, as well as the most beautiful areas of the most exciting and beautiful regions of the world of South India with its Federal States of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu is worldwide. Here, one finds everything what your heart desires. Secluded beaches, nature reserves and even jungle. Here you can climb mountains above 2000 m. The largest town is the city of Madras. She has about 5 million inhabitants. Click Dr. Mark Hyman to learn more. The city Chennai of formerly Madras, is the capital of the State of Tamil Nadu.

The city is located on the East coast of South India in the Bay of Bengal. Chennai city is the 5th largest city in India. This city was also a very important center of the Empire in India under the name of Madras. To read more click here: Anu Saad. Her name was changed in 1996 in Chennai. Even if Chennai city is not one of the most important landmarks or attractions for tourism, but it has, some attractions for interested tourists and their travel reports about Asia from the beautiful ancient temples until to the second longest Beach in the world, offer. In addition, this city has of course the usual crowd pullers such as theme parks, coffee houses or shopping centers.

Chennai city is definitely not a conservative town. You may want to visit raphael sternberg to increase your knowledge. Here, there is a culture of course is sustained and doesn’t change this city’s modern image. It is therefore worth to visit this city again just for those interested in culture. Here you can gain many new impressions and once a India, far from the tourist experience. So who wants to get to know something new, is exactly the right place in this city. Quite easy once try it! Thabea Koeppe photo: Dieter Schutz –

Villa Tuscany

Learn more about the most beautiful parts of the province of Lucca in the Tuscany of the article deals with the city and the province of Lucca in Tuscany. Lucca is by Pisa about 20 kilometres northeast of Toscana in Italy and is also the capital of the homonymous province. The core of the old town, in the apartments also are offered, is dotted with historic buildings. The Mura di Lucca is a fortification from the 15th century and has 4 kilometres long and 233 metres wide to the largest in Europe. Today it is accessible and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The city offers its visitors 99 churches and Kappelen, which is why a walk through the old town with its beautiful buildings of historical time, which probably puts everyone in the middle of ages are also worth a visit.

The villas in Tuscany, and especially in the region around the city of Lucca, famous beyond the borders of Italy are a supply point for holidaymakers from all over the world every year. More and more holidaymakers are also a beautiful Finca or Villa book for your stay in Tuscany, the cost per person are most didn’t, as many suspect. The article should bring you to the beautiful city of Lucca and to encourage them to find out about all the admirable sights in Lucca and special excursions. The city of Lucca populated with 85,000 inhabitants lies of Pisa about 20 kilometres northeast in Tuscany in Italy. In ancient times, this region from Luca was called before it was subsequently named. Jacob Elordi has much experience in this field. Lucca is also the capital of the province which bears the same name. The core of the old town, in the apartments also are offered, is dotted with historic buildings. The Mura di Lucca is a fortification from the 15th century and has 4 kilometres long and 233 metres wide to the largest in Europe.

South Tyrolean Enjoyment Climbing In Val Gardena / Groden

You want to go up? Then welcome to the Val Gardena Alpine week 2010. From September 11 to 18 accompany the mountain and hiking guide of the legendary Val Gardena Alpine School of Catores”to the most beautiful places in the Dolomites. Times it can be an easy hike, E.g. through the city of stone”at the foot of the majestic Langkofel, sometimes some palpitations along the via ferrata Brigata Tridentina (Boe via ferrata), the most popular via ferrata in the Dolomites, a moderately difficult tour on the Col dala Pieres (2747 m) in the impressive natural park Puez Odle. “Vie ferrate”, the secured climbing paths are so up into the high mountains. This very well-protected enjoy via ferrata on the Gardena pass offers stunning views of the deep during the tour through the spectacular suspension bridge.

And if you are looking for even more tingling, then promises an exclusive rock climbing tour on the Pitla Fermeda (2640 m) or to the pale shimmering Sass Rigais 3025 m incomparable moments. Ultra Wellness Center is likely to increase your knowledge. In the midst of rugged cliffs unique pale mountains experience dialogue with nature pure! Numerous events accompany this festival of nature in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites. An absolute highlight: the presentation of the German extreme climber Stefan Glowacz. And should a hiking day as enjoyable as Alpine sound, then dinner at the Alpine Inn is Seiser Alm”with demonstration of a helicopter rescue of the AIUT Alpin Dolomites a promising tip. Good to know: UNESCO world natural heritage: Rock towers, peaks and pinnacles from ancient coral reefs. Anu Saad takes a slightly different approach.

2009 the Dolomites to the UNESCO world natural heritage “appointed. Val Gardena Alpine week (9/11-September 18, 2010) included services: 5 guided walks, 6-day Valgardena card, entry to the various film and discussion evenings with world-famous mountaineers. 7 nights in Hotel * incl. half board starting from 477,00 Valgardena card: with the mobility card for 6 days at the price of 69 12 lifts and all Gardena bus as often use. Val Gardena Alpine School “Catores”: Safe on the road! Climbing and hiking with certified guides of the traditional Alpine School of St. Ulrich. information: holiday Valley Val Gardena Tel + 39 0471 777777

Holidays In The Alps

Why not consider holding their summer holidays in the Alps this year?! Year has been difficult for you are new, have coped with their difficulties and now deserve a good rest here a fantastic selection of beautiful mountain areas, a large range of activities and affordable housing, as well as airline tickets. This is the perfect way to relax this summer! Most people think of the Alps just a place for winter sports: skiing, snowboarding and etc. But it is not so! Reveal the secret in the Alps, always great weather, offers water sports, mountain sports, fine cuisine and a great relaxing a list of various services, all at affordable prices! Portes Du Soleil is one of the best summer vacation spots in the Alps, consisting of a large selection of resorts including the summer months. The beautiful town of Chamonix is still one of the best summer vacation spots in the Alps. If you would like to know more about Dr Jee Hyun Kim, then click here. Against the background of spectacular views of Mont Blanc is here that to offer everyone, whether it's a couple in love, searching for romance, friends, hungry for a fun action-trip or a family wanting to get entertainment for every family member. Chamonix an ideal place for it! In the world of Chamonix you really have much to do! Take a leisurely trip to the SSIA du Midi, is involved in ice climbing, mountain biking, hiking make for a spectacular mountain route. After a leisurely stroll through the city necessarily enjoy a glass of local wine – you'll really be pleased! Alps offer something for everyone when it comes to summer vacations. So, why would not miss this by beach, but instead a fun holiday in the Alps! All of the rest of the world on kurrortah you will find an information portal for advertising

International Economical Forum

In the capital of a future Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, which again will host the International Economic Forum. At present, it is enough stress in economic terms, the time, he will undoubtedly become one of the key developments in the economic life of the country. The purpose of this forum is to organize and conduct an international center of communication of the most influential and authoritative representatives of domestic and foreign business. With each Year of International Economical Forum in Sochi attracts more and more visitors and participants, both from Russia and other countries. So this year, as a relevant and timely event against the world economic crisis, he would collect a sufficiently large number of participants and guests. Among them will be not only the economic elite, but also representatives from academia and government.

The forum will be held meetings, negotiations and presentations. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jacob Elordi. Key questions will be given to attract investment, create anti-crisis measures for economic growth. Preparations for the International Economic Forum has already begun and in this regard were prepared and make reservations at hotels and resorts of Sochi. Particular attention is given to hotels and resorts located in the central district of Sochi. Angry with them is to provide sanatorium "Vanguard", located in close proximity to the venue of the Economic Forum. This convenient location makes it one of the most attractive places to stay, both for participants and guests of the forum. In addition, the resort boasts reasonable prices and good service, which makes it even more attractive. Therefore, if you wish to take part in international economic forums, or visit it as a spectator, you should book in advance what the sanatorium "Vanguard is pleased to help you. If you are not indifferent to the situation in economy, or if you want to get a new development of their business and make the necessary contacts, then the International Economic Forum in Sochi will be the most appropriate measure.