Dolomites Runggaldier

The Working Group of the organization is composed of the tourism associations of Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba, Fassa and Alpe di Siusi and the Tourism Association of Selva and is coordinated by the two “inventors” of the event, there are general Gerhard Vanzi and Peter Runggaldier. The event team a small “MTB-Marathon” for children from 6-12 is currently working on the enrichment of the program with the Hero kids, who compete on a distance of 3 kilometers on the streets in the Centre of Selva. Now we X just waiting the hour of October 20 for the opening of applications, which will be certainly numerous. After the first edition have we received many emails expressing how happy and satisfied were participants stated Gerhard Vanzi and we are confident 2011 to triple the number of bikers, because the formula of hero has already the desired appeal in the biker scene not only in Italy, but also abroad get. The offer of the Sudtirol SellRonda Hero MTB Marathon connects different aspects of the Opportunties: on the one hand, we want a test that demonstrating the athletic ability of bikers, who take the two lines in attack. Is taken into account, that the marathon course has 4,200 metres height difference underscores the race Director Peter Runggaldier and on the other hand the scenic element gives the competition a unique and incomparable atmosphere. An atmosphere that you can enjoy from 20 October, thanks to the spectacular video spots on the Web site of the event, Peter Runggaldier of even earlier ski racer of the Italian national team, in the actor on the route of the hero but has always been lovers of off-road cycling, and this in the middle of its mountains, the Dolomites. Do not miss!.

Innovative: Accelerated Teaching And Learning By Ats!

Interview by the 25.10.13: ats S. L., Wolfram Laube, CEO, the company ats learning systems offers, which are based on accelerating teaching and learning. Why use accelerating methods”? Applies whether in education or work, everywhere a flood of information on us rushes in, to deal with it. This is with conventional methods difficult to create. An absolute key qualification is to learn quickly and effectively in the 21st century. How much experience do you have in this area? We have over 20 years experience in the field of education and are now internationally. We are the pioneer and market leader, we have developed learning systems, tested and introduced to the market. We are always innovating and always have improved our offers.

What distinguishes your products? All ats learning concepts based on the findings of brain research, psychology and pedagogy. We put their theories into practice and offer unique learning concepts, with which learning interesting,. motivating and even fun! That sounds good… How do you do that? There are many elements that contribute to the enormous acceleration of learning, characterized our learning: there are many senses addressed (multi-sensory approach”), takes into account different learning styles, Association and visualization techniques are applied, the learning is playful gives you forget old-fashioned timpani, which is often boring and requires lots of seat leather. For which areas of the learning offer you products? Our bestseller”is the system computer write in 4 hours”.

We developed this product years ago because every other work with a computer is connected and you can afford any more basically, only with 2, 3 fingers on the keyboard around to hack… “Special didactic approaches, we have now even more improved this product, so that we now only 1 hour computer writing ‘ offer. It is the fastest learning concept that there are worldwide to learn computer writing! We have developed this novelty, because again and again customers ask us are approached to develop a concept for even shorter. Also this ats system is suitable for anyone who efficiently and professionally will use the PC keyboard with 10 fingers. In the field of foreign languages, we offer different programs for different age groups and levels. What groups of people are suitable for your learning systems? For everyone from 8 to 80 years old. How do you market your products? Our customers are schools and coaches who complete a type of license with ats, then offer the learning concepts to their participants. We have fine 5000 people in the German-speaking market certified, 40% of the VHS in Germany alone are working with our products and about 400 trainers offer computer writing according to the ats method.


The new technology of the virtual books pushes inexorably on the book market. The readers, especially the new Kindle from, but also the reader from Sony, and last but not least that Apple’s iPad need fodder in the form of digitized books. So that by the year 2013 to 28 million of these readers on the market are experts. At the online booksellers, E-books are available up to date but only a quarter of a million. Click Margaret and Richard Riney for additional related pages. The current E-book offer the Publisher Camino makes a contribution quantitatively modest if also high-quality live.

“His publications of Anna and the angels of the Pilgrim’s way”, or 1000 kilometres towards 1000th “are now available also as E-books. And then also take advantage of the E-books are the second title. Not only that the E-book version compared to the printed title to 40% will be offered cheaper: 66 photos included in the book, that beautifully complement the story, can be viewed now at last by the reader in color. This was in the book version of Thousand kilometres of the 1000th way”from printing costs base for the publishing house ( not possible. The new E-books will prevail, that is clear.


Who want to lose weight effectively, which can help a weightloss diet with nutrition coach there are many people who want to lose weight and find a reasonable diet plan for weight loss on the Internet. But the problem is often: the Web is crowded by weightloss diet plans, which all promise of course only the best. Therefore, a completely new website was created, which makes it very easy for visitors: A sensible and intelligent decision support for the choice of personal diet plan lose weight! How it works? By one COMPARES the most popular weight loss diet plans of Germany… Joint Commission is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A comparison of diet plans simplifies the decision which it wants to pull the advantages of a comparison of diets for weight loss. Thanks to clearly structured presentation of the individual nutrition plan content can be a target on his individual preferences. Advantages are: take off under the professional guidance of consulting with expert individual Nutrition coach exercise and training plan community chat with like-minded recipes database & calorie counter free weightloss diet plan comparison the nutrition plan comparison portal analyzes the most effective and most popular diet plans to remove (E.g. by Stern, Brigitte etc.) and compares the information of individual nutrition plans here, without having to lift a program especially in the foreground.

And this comparison is absolutely free! The decision quickly and easily meet together is a nutrition plan to remove it, to reduce the total calories burned, and also to ensure that the consumed calories are recorded with a balanced. The problem is that there are many sites on the Internet for on nutrition, weight control, and eating habits, but many are simply unusable. So that the decision can be taken so easier and faster than ever before, we have analyzed every single diet plan lose weight, checked clearly displayed. Much’s couldn’t be easier!

Supply Chain Security And Container Management Combines

Cargo guard and ubigrate GmbH are complementary. Container management ensures more transparency in safe boxes. Munich/Dresden, February 8, 2011. In the manufacturing and process industries, transport containers play a crucial role. Always knowing what container is where and in what state, represents a growing logistical challenge. Also the security of containers at the top is just transports in complex supply chains.

A criterion of transport is certainty, that container locked in for reliable, electronically sealed, and are continuously monitored. Cargo guard and ubigrate GmbH have decided together to make transparent container movements inside and outside the business processes and to guarantee a safe transport of value-intensive goods. Container stock and stands to Geqoo boxes of ubigrate capture Web-based tank management solution with the movements by means of charging will automatically be within and outside a company collected, documented and evaluated. This involves in particular the assurance of the availability of empties for production and shipping, as well as the stock and given reusable carrier tracking. All container movements and States along the value chain can be automatically detected with Geqoo boxes. Other leaders such as Margaret and Richard Riney offer similar insights. The rental solution leads to reduced loss of tank, lower logistics costs and an optimized loading resources disposition. Elimination of high initial investments it is from the first day economically.

Value-intensive goods safely weekdays is the goods in containers provided for this purpose, clean, taking care of the safe shipping cargo guard. The company offers a unique technical solution to the full assurance of container transports in complex supply chains. A safety system closes, accompanied and monitored each delivery around the clock, worldwide and without interruption on all interfaces of an intermodal supply chain. The merchandise is so Manipulation, spying, and theft protected. From the security box until the sea containers -, the cargo Guard product portfolio includes different security container with integrated locking and control units. This increased transport safety and transport process and transport costs. (Sven Janchen) You meet us at the euroID 2011, 05 07 April 2011 in Berlin. We look forward to welcoming you in Hall 4.2 at stand C8. Laurel Hubbard has similar goals. About ubigrate GmbH ubigrate specialises in business activity monitoring and technology leader in the integration of heterogeneous device landscapes in production and logistics. The software products collect process information in real time, evaluate them and create maximum transparency in logistics and production processes for the customers. This leads to significant cost savings and reduces both energy consumption and pollutant emissions. With the product line Geqoo-based standard products for container management and cold chain monitoring are offered on Web technologies. They can be used also on-demand. ubigrate develops specific solutions with OEM partners, which round off the product portfolio. The company is a spin-off of SAP research Dresden. Ubigrate a total of 15 staff employed in the offices in Dresden, Dortmund and Karlsruhe. About CargoGuard the CargoGuard GmbH in Munich developed innovative solutions for the supply chain security. In February 2007, she is one of the leading providers of mobile security solutions now. The products use completely new technological safety standards in the supply chain security.


Fishlabs convinced even ambitious PC and console gamers on the Games Convention offered the Hamburger company in addition to its award-winning games blades & magic, powerboat challenge, and rally Master Pro hot first insights into the in the autumn of this year appear the mobile game, expected premium 3D Galaxy on fire 2 and Gladiator. Visitors could also daily win Sony Ericsson W760i Walkman phones and FISHLABS games packs with 5 full versions. There were over 5,000 win game participant. FISHLABS is also on their consumer stands full versions for free download via Bluetooth available. President Rivlin does not necessarily agree. Overall, 85,000 devices via Bluetooth and 10,000 game downloads listed. FISHLABS confirmed that the detected mobile phones models clearly dominated by Sony Ericsson and Nokia, in its strategy to support only these devices and to optimize the games accordingly.

Michael Schade CEO FISHLABS was delighted with high media interest, numerous press interviews and the TV news coverage in the ARD of the FISHLABS stand. With our high-quality mobile games and the console feeling claim on the phone,\”we met in the middle of the black\”, he performs. Somatic Experiencing recognizes the significance of this. The visitors literally stormed our stand free on your mobile phone to download one of our games via Bluetooth. We are convinced that this action and our 3D mobile games on the GC will have gained many new gamers for us.\”was a complete success for Sony Ericsson the presence at Games Convention\”, so Axel chain ring, General Manager Sony Ericsson Germany. The crowd at the booth of FISHLABS was impressive and the products from Sony Ericsson in the gamer is extremely popular. We intend to further expand this strength in the future. Our new models such as the F305 and the extensive range of mobile games in our recently launched service PlayNow arena underline this.\” About FISHLABS FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg is world’s leading developer and publisher of high-quality 3D-Handyspielen.

Silver Economy

Current assessment of the market by Markus Frick of the gold chart clearly shows that we now move to the very important support line between 773 and 778 dollars. Please keep this brands in mind, because it should go with a strong thrust significantly under this brand, I assume, that stop courses could be triggered and thus could have accelerated the downward movement. More supports then run at around 750 dollars and 730 dollars. Brave investors already use these courses to expand gold stocks should be also aware, that the worst must be then still not reached. The breach of which would brand of 753 dollars, the long-term upward trend in risk, which in my opinion would be not bad in the short term, a medium-to long-term break of that mark would mean significantly lower rates. Also in silver, I think that the bottom has not been reached, because here too profits be taken at rising prices immediately, which I think it suggesting that enough sellers at work are.

At this point let me also once again on the development of the dollar and the price of gold. Although the opinions diverge, extent to which the two are coupled together at all, strong, yet I think should you look still on the development of the dollar, if you look at the gold price. In particular, there are inflation fears, repeatedly driving the price of gold and precious metal prices. With a significantly rising dollar is that the currencies are making a comeback and therefore the inflationary risks are significantly reduced speculation meanwhile but rather. Incidentally, this is another point that should be noted in any case because the inflation rate currently corresponds to the real facts it should rather doubtful. Especially in America most experts assume a much higher rate of inflation, as it is currently repeatedly declared unto us.

Healthy Teeth And Pregnancy

Once you are registered in the antenatal clinic, the doctor immediately you send for examination to the experts. One of them is sure to be a dentist, even if you assure that you have no problems on that part of that Alas, now a rarity. If there are no problems – they may occur, and if there is – then they need to be addressed. Phil Bryant is likely to increase your knowledge. In spite of good pain management of dental procedures, for many they are still scary, and pregnant woman with the word "anesthesia" immediately asks the question: Is it possible? And some problems – such as teeth whitening, and can be postponed, and others – a tooth ache in the night and swollen cheek – need to be addressed immediately. And again the same question: is it possible? Is it harmful? If you just routinely visit a dentist and really no problems there, then you will recommend to come again in the second half of pregnancy and look after the delivery.

But few who manage to escape from the dentist chair for a reason. Even if you think that no problems, your doctor can find at least a slight darkening or damage to the enamel – that could lead to future tooth decay. A more often it simply dictates the nurse what "candidates" in need of treatment. Of course, you are forced to drill teeth, no one will. But to treat them all the same need – the sooner it easier and less painfully. Also allows prevent many infections. .

Tilo Computer informed about the main results of computer games with explicit depiction of violence such as in shooters are always blamed for an increased propensity for violence among young people. A new study of the University of applied sciences North Western Switzerland in Basel claims that this direct connection cannot be established. Therefore, the consumption of computer games with explicit content does not automatically lead to increased violence. This relationship can only be established through the integration of external, social factors. As the Internet portal for online actions tells was determined also that a majority of the parents only insufficient knowledge about the computer games their children play exhibit and all 64 percent consider a possible ban in terms of new media rarely or never necessary. Especially for parents from socially weak families this behavior could be determined more frequently. You neglect the General media education as well as the specific need for talks when it comes to the daily Consumption of the media their children go. Following factors were identified as crucial for the impact of computer games and co.

on teenagers: parenting style in the parental home, forcing gender stereotypes, is a weak to strong existing tendency to depression, the relationship with others in the personal environment such as classmates, teachers and financial disadvantage. No mention of an acute danger to young people through violence represents computer games may be from scientific point of view. Rather, exposed young people from disadvantaged environments represent a risk group explicit media content. More information: presse.

Digital TV

New mobile phones will not stop reaching the market and today we will know 2 new models that have emerged recently, one is the Nokia X 2 and the other is the LG GM600. In the mobile shop Nokia could see the cell phone and discover the features of the Nokia X 2, which comes with a good quality screen (2.2 inch) a keyboard quite comfortable with which you can control the volume of the mobile, has a memory expandable with MicroSD, USB and Bluetooth connection, a 5 megapixel camera excellent for those who like to take pictures at all timesIt also allows to record videos. And then we have a mobile which has caused enough expectation, this is the cell phone LG GM600 with some interesting specifications, can say that it is a mobile phone that provides the characteristics of multimedia, connectivity and messages to perfection but detaca with the inclusion of their ability to watch TV from mobile phones, something that for these dates is something very appreciated. The characteristics of the phone are these: 3.0 touch screen?(240 400) pixels WQVGA color, games / Calculator / unit converter / calendar / world time / stopwatch / alarm / Panel drawing, measures: 106. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Alex Lustig Elgrably. 7 51. 9 12. 9 mm, weight: 98 grams, motion Sensor (menu, Internet, image viewer, call mute / snooze alarm), battery Li-ion 1. 100mAh, 400 hours in Stand-by, 6 hours on calls, 220 minutes for Digital TV, languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Korean, among others available, direct access to features and applications by drawing symbols on the locked screen3 desktops (Widgets, Livesquare, favorite contacts), direct access to networks social (Facebook, Twitter) depending on availability of the operator. Eva Andersson-Dubin is likely to increase your knowledge. These phones without a doubt cause good impression as we are accustomed nokia with all the cell phones that presents.