Three States Classification

The concern of Comte is a practical concern, the reforming existing sociology, the discover the means by which society in general and in particular the French, can overcome the crisis in which it lives. That crisis is essentially intellectual, for Comte or what the called intellectual anarchy. And that intellectual anarchy is product that no longer exists a field of ideas common to all members of society. There are no essential, fundamental ideas on which all members of society are in agreement. And that disagreement is what produces the intellectual anarchy. Political, and economic factors are secondary. At Anita Dunn you will find additional information. Why create Comte what he called intellectual anarchy produces a moral anarchy and moral and intellectual anarchy produces political anarchy. Dr. Mark Hyman pursues this goal as well. You should take conscience that the crisis is going to happen, is essentially an ideological and intellectual crisis.

The key step to Comte is the scientific reorganization of society. The problem is that men they lack a body of common ideas, of a set of fundamental beliefs that are acceptable to all. Modern society has lost a set of common, fundamental, ideas that were made up by religion. That unit of the human beliefs in modern times, can only be around the science. Isn’t around particular or special knowledge, but the problems of a general nature or true generalization that sciences are able to discover. The reform of society implies the formation of this body of common ideas, according to Comte, it can only be obtained in the current era of science.

But a study of the more general characteristics and the more general truth of science is essential to do this. This is the root of the idea comtiana, of the positive philosophy. The positive philosophy is simply a more general knowledge than the particular science, which seeks to study more general truths that becomes science. Fundamental ideas of philosophy positive Comte: the law in the three States; (((as Comte human thought has gone through three States: 1) the theological (in that the phenomena are explained, by the intervention of supernatural forces), 2) the metaphysical (phenomena are explained by the intervention of abstract forces), and 3) positive (in which men renounce explain the intimate essence of the phenomena and are limited to find its laws).

New York Reserves

Just confirm the increase in the oil reserves given the reassessment of what is now the largest discovery of oil in the country in the past ten years.The discovery of reserves that had been estimated initially at 100 million barrels of oil, could reach 500 million barrels of crude oil. The largest oil reserves increase the autonomy of the Colombian economy in terms of oil resources at the time that increase the expected gains of Ecopetrol, who is the owner of portion of discovered resources. With everything that is happening around Ecopetrol, it is not surprising that their actions earn increasingly more attractive. On the day yesterday, the Colombia stock exchange closed with a rise of 2.69%, taking the index to a maximum of 14 months, in one of the busiest days of the year, product purchases in shares of Ecopetrol, after the news about the largest estimated reserves. People such as Dr. Mark Hyman would likely agree. The good news pushed up shares of Ecopetrol in Colombia by 4.89% and 6% in New York, increase that there will be able to enjoy those who follow our articles and have heeded our recommendations about the Colombian oil company.

And who have followed the recommendations of our new report from investment actions in bag of United States value Global July, our experienced analyst Paola Pecora international markets, have already seen their assets increase by 15% in just one month. It has recommended two key companies of great potential in emerging markets, and that if these companies have risen 15% with this tenuous recovery, imagine how much more can upload when the international economic recovery is secure. Click here to continue reading and start earning you also with Global value. Carl Rogers insists that this is the case. The improvement in the volume of reserves implies also an additional strength to the Colombian economy that looks towards the long term and depending on that, made their economic policies.

Momo Sports Club

Momo Sports Club, clubs of padel in franchise network, recently announced its expansion plans that contemplate develop throughout the national territory to achieve not less than 15 centres over a period of two years, both through the granting of franchises such as the opening of its centres. Cardiologist may not feel the same. The immediate objective of responsible for the plant is three franchises to join the network during the remainder of 2012. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has plenty of information regarding this issue. Currently the flag has two clubs in property, both in the community of Madrid, inaugurated in 2006 and 2010, respectively. To achieve this, they offer the opportunity of joining a business concept that has demonstrated its profitability in recent years, managing to capture more than 3,600 customers and an annual turnover of EUR 2.5 million to entrepreneurs and investors. Thus Momo Sports Club managers are on the one hand looking for people passionate about the sport in general and the world of padel in particular, who wish to develop a business as a self-employment option in this area. The franchise has a turnkey modality in which is responsible for throughout the implementation process, from searching for location until the opening depending on the expectations of the franchisee, in a period of between 2 and 6 months, or a mixed system for those who already have an enclosure suitable to take advantage of (1,800 m at a minimum).

The Ensign has preferential agreements with lenders to facilitate the availability of the necessary funding to deal with investment, which stands at a minimum of 200,000 euros. On the other hand, Momo Sports Club offers the possibility to investors of becoming franchisees leaving in charge of the management and operation of the business to own central. In this case are concerned with an investment that is retrieved by the fourth year, with an annual turnover around 200,000 euros (for the lower investment which stipulates the Ensign) including the first year of operation. And with a flexible business if it envisages a development staggered Club. In any case the concept of Momo Sports Club business includes four basic areas that comprise the centres facilities: paddle tracks, installed by X-Treme, responsible company, among others, the tracks of the magic box; Shop specialized, equipped with necessary for the practice of sport; playground, to involve the entire family; and cafeteria, important to offer the club experience. From these bases can achieve greater development and adaptation, adjusting to the possibilities of the franchisee, for example equipping the Centre for other sports (soccer, basketball, swimming, golf), or, depending on the climate of the region, opting for covered tracks, to the open air, or mixed.

INFORMATION corporate Momo Sport Club, paddle clubs network, begins to grant franchises in Spain. This ensign is specialized in the implementation of paddle clubs, both outdoor as indoor or mixed configuration for an integral development including schools, tracks rentals, classes personalized according to levels, tournaments, ranking, etc. The minimum investment is around 200,000 euros, with a runway of 4,000 euros per entry fee, an exploitation royalty of 5% on sales, with a minimum of 170 per month per track.