Management & Administration

The pace of life is not a plain cross is very unfortunate as this, in the here and now manifest themselves in many businesses, in all countries, especially Venezuela concerns us, a large detachment of management, with ethics, values that must be the guarantors of morality, justice, respect, dignity, rather, as has been claimed in various media on as many companies through their managers are accused of acts of corruption, illicit enrichment , mishandling their Pernales, a performance that threatens the corporate social responsibility, events that leave a lot to say, among others …. No wonder that comment, indicated that ethics must be part of the education of the individual from his childhood, reinforced especially by family and formal education. Development can not be simulated. There are laws that determine it. One of these laws is the "law of the harvest." Whether or not it is clear, you reap what you sow. Therefore, we must recognize that if we want a management more full, effective ethically must begin now to educate ethical principles to the next generation of managers.

I remember that many years ago, while studying engineering at ITESM in Monterrey Mexico, among the last subjects to study, there was a mandatory, as was the professional ethics, where the emphasis was on performance values, morals, in all those virtues that guarantee honesty, responsibility, morality, respect. Topics to be explained fully with all its scope and impact. Unfortunately, in our universities, even in schools in high schools, ethics is not considered and this agreement facilitates the conduct which states that being away from them, not surprised, that constantly report acts of corruption, abuses that threaten against the community, especially with companies that can make it happen.