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A good diet is not only healthy, but also the performance and increase well-being. Nutritionists, Fitness trainers and athletes agree. Nutrition plays an important role in the intellectual and physical capacity. Assuming that the ER sewing runs plan about 70-80% is, whether it achieved even target as muscle, or even fat loss. It is not only important what it is, but also taking time of meals can sometimes be crucial.

In a brief overview, we represent possible sources of error and give valuable tricks to resolve this. Here we are divided into the most objectives in a poll of fitness studio members on the subject of Muskelaufbauund nutrition plan: error Nr. Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine recognizes the significance of this. 1: no regular meals for muscle building is an “anabolic” metabolism essential. Anabol has this anything to do with anabolic steroids, but comes from the Latin and means “Building”. The body needs to build muscle the anabolic metabolism to not endogenous amino acids to split, causing a muscle breakdown, i.e. a loss of muscles.

For this reason it is advisable the body and thus the muscles, every 2-3 hours high-quality amino acids in form of protein-rich foods such as fish, lean dairy products, low-fat cheese, meat and protein powder. Error Nr. 2: no breakfast after you have fasted more or less during the night, are the protein – and Kohlenhyratspeicher of the body empty. So that the body metabolizes no own protein, you should urgently fill the memory at this time. Otherwise a muscle loss is inevitable. If you are seriously interested in muscle building, let them never fail your breakfast and make sure they provide enough protein with the first meal of the day. Error Nr. 3: no protein after training them before, they hire an expensive architect to complete of your home to deliver this but no modules. You could in your diet to build muscle translate as follows: train hard and diligently, give no building blocks for muscle building body but after the workout. The most important meal to the muscle is that after training. Immediately do her body for this reason 0, 4 g of protein per kg of body weight after exercise about. Is the easiest way to quickly deliver the muscle protein shakes such as in the form of a protein fast-acting whey protein.

Kimberley Land

There are many ways to bring your body in order. This and various nutrition programs, facials, intense workouts. But not so long ago appeared a fundamentally new type of training – a vacuum. Here impact on the problem areas is due to cyclic changes of vacuum and positive pressure that helps to activate the metabolism of fat in the subcutaneous tissue. Mind and body are always operate on the principle of least resistance. In any traditional forms of training a person begins to lose weight in those areas where it is easiest to make the body, ie, in areas where there are no obstacles to this: cheeks, neck and shoulder girdle area, Zone legs. Lose Weight in a "major problem areas" – the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, – doing traditional kinds of training, very hard.

Trainers HYPOXI by pulsed vacuum provides an intense blood flow to the bottom of body surface area. Training for HYPOXI Trainer – passive or extensive training in artificially altered climatic conditions. The pulsating vacuum to atmospheric parameters correspond to physical training at an altitude of 2 500-3 000 meters. Sports Center "Kimberley Land" in cooperation with the firm HYPOXI offers two types of vacuum training – active and passive, for which there are specially made costumes. The first – to enhance your experience impact of this method in the movement, while the latter will help to relax after an intense workout, while continuing to struggle with body fat, where it is needed.

Studies conducted by us show that already after fourteen sessions adipose tissue is significantly thinner. You can use this technique as an adjunct to training in order to accelerate fat loss. Or you can do using only vacuum training. In either case you will get a positive result. Will help you succeed qualified coaches, specially trained and certified. Information provided Fitness Club Kimberley Land

Nature Medicine

The so-called physical therapy is one of the main pillars, which includes medical treatments, which are based on physical methods. For many years the infrared light through an infrared heat cabin utilizes the Wellnessindustrie and the medicine. Very many potentials, which play an important role especially in the area of natural medicine into the infrared. The human organism is suffering from a strain by the defense of viruses and bacteria, is an infection. So that your own immune system is functioning properly, there are many treatment options in natural healing medicine. Others who may share this opinion include Joey King. The so-called physical therapy is one of the main pillars, which includes medical treatments, which are based on physical methods. See more detailed opinions by reading what Celina Dubin, New York City offers on the topic..

These include DC – and UV light treatments, heat application, water application and massages and just the infrared heat cabin. In a sauna, all the air in the room is heated by the heater. Therefore, the air in the sauna room is always warmer, as it itself the benches sauna wood is. In an infrared heat cabin, this is different, because here only the items be heated selectively. This selective irradiation with infrared, the body can best absorb the heat and save. So tension broke away and also the degree of sweating increases patient-friendly, as is the case in a sauna.

Therefore the infrared heat cabin plays an increasing role in natural medicine. However you should rely not only on the infra-red light to increase the immune system but strive for a healthy mix of physical activity and exercise in the fresh air. Include cold water applications, the well-known Kneippschen cures. Also the use of herbal medicines is a holistic natural medicine. This form of therapy is one of the oldest forms of medical therapy and has remained on all continents and in all cultures still alive. The treatments are offered with the infrared light in many Spa facilities and also in public saunas can be found more and more these cabs. But also a therapist and physiotherapists the infrared heat cabin is used very successfully.


Manufacturers offer a variety of racetracks, and to select the most appropriate model, you should consider a number of parameters. The first of the parameters – the motor. Should choose treadmills with motor power of at least a two-horse power. In this work the engine must be quiet. The thickness of the deck treadmill should be at least two centimeters. Its main features – the ability to absorb shocks and good durability. Panel Management must be clear, logical, evidence should be easy to read. There should be a big button stops the simulator, key emergency stop and protective gear from their children.

Web speed treadmill at starting and stopping should be smoother. The length of the blade treadmill should be at least one hundred and twenty inches, and width – not less than forty-three centimeters. Service treadmill must include at least Action guarantee – a minimum of one year. Most the same quality treadmills have a lifetime warranty.

Dolomites Runggaldier

The Working Group of the organization is composed of the tourism associations of Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba, Fassa and Alpe di Siusi and the Tourism Association of Selva and is coordinated by the two “inventors” of the event, there are general Gerhard Vanzi and Peter Runggaldier. The event team a small “MTB-Marathon” for children from 6-12 is currently working on the enrichment of the program with the Hero kids, who compete on a distance of 3 kilometers on the streets in the Centre of Selva. Now we X just waiting the hour of October 20 for the opening of applications, which will be certainly numerous. After the first edition have we received many emails expressing how happy and satisfied were participants stated Gerhard Vanzi and we are confident 2011 to triple the number of bikers, because the formula of hero has already the desired appeal in the biker scene not only in Italy, but also abroad get. The offer of the Sudtirol SellRonda Hero MTB Marathon connects different aspects of the Opportunties: on the one hand, we want a test that demonstrating the athletic ability of bikers, who take the two lines in attack. Is taken into account, that the marathon course has 4,200 metres height difference underscores the race Director Peter Runggaldier and on the other hand the scenic element gives the competition a unique and incomparable atmosphere. An atmosphere that you can enjoy from 20 October, thanks to the spectacular video spots on the Web site of the event, Peter Runggaldier of even earlier ski racer of the Italian national team, in the actor on the route of the hero but has always been lovers of off-road cycling, and this in the middle of its mountains, the Dolomites. Do not miss!.


The basis of Thai boxing. The basis of Thai boxing – is the ability to finish the fight quickly, knocking out or neutralize the enemy, using simple, effective blows, inflicted as much by investing in housing every movement, as well as the ability to defend himself, escape from shock and use the slightest miscalculation of the enemy to cause strong and rapid impact. The tactics of Thai boxing. In combat, boxer seek to cause a sharp, strong and unexpected punch that knocks the opponent. Learn more on the subject from Jane Smith. Be impacted in bundles of punches follow immediately kicks, while a slope or care immediately retaliate. Boxer operates in full compliance with the actions of the enemy, anticipate or provoke his motion to strike the unprotected part of the body. Technique Muay Thai.

Motion used in Thai boxing, are fairly simple to understand and execution. Basis Technology – is a hit. Strokes are performed with fists, elbows, knees, legs and feet. They are always specific. Shot Accuracy should not be very high, but the biomechanics of movement is such that the impact embedded the maximum possible mass that leads to pain shock your opponent. The technique involves techniques such as slopes, squats, dives, supports and care that allows a boxer to avoid enemy attacks. Methodology of Thai boxing. At the training strikes and ligaments practiced to automaticity to a real fight the body itself has made the right move.

Sparring to learn to help accurately determine the distance to the enemy, anticipate its movements, to use when the enemy is not protected. Thought-out exercises and reasonable restrictions in the sparring avoid injuries. Exercises on the punching power operates by means of special devices ('makiwara' and 'paw'). Features and the benefits of Thai boxing. effectiveness in real combat (with good technique you can neutralize the opponent's punches), the absence of external 'spectacular', but inefficient, complex beats, simple movements, the presence of elbows, which are considered very dangerous and that can cause a short distance when inconvenient punched, hit in the thigh (low kick), which is at the exact performance immobilize the enemy; ability to anticipate and provoke the movement of the enemy.

Muscle Building Through Proper Nutrition

Only with the right diet, successful muscle building is possible for effective muscle building a calorie surplus is imperative. Only when more calories are supplied to the body as he uses a weight gain is possible. The daily calorie consumption is located at 2700 kcal, about 3000 kcal per day should be aspired. The calories should consist of approximately 50% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 20% protein. The carbohydrates are needed for the recovery of glycogen in the muscle and liver and to the overall energy supply. Fats should not be neglected also, because they are needed for the production of the hormone.

This may be already restricted under 25% fat in the diet. That can affect negatively on the muscle. Protein is of course primarily required for the actual muscle. 20% protein in your daily diet are absolutely sufficient. In most cases, the equivalent is namely a daily protein intake by 1.5-2 g per kg of body weight. The use of sports nutrition makes sense just in the egg whites. Protein shakes can speed up huge muscle building and recovery before and after the training. Generally hours should be taken with regard to the mass building every 2-3 a meal to themselves.

Thus, getting sufficient nutrients available are the body. A protein-rich late meal 1 hour before bedtime should also make are for the body at night has the necessary nutrients for muscle building available. Professionals for which it is usually not possible due to time constraints to eat hours every 2-3 can rely on protein bars and protein shakes as a snack. For more information and products for muscle building, visit