Mobile Internet For Everyone

Mobile Internet is now possible for anyone. Mobile Internet inspires more and more humanity. Some years ago, it was still not to think that we can mobile surf on the Internet at lightning fast speed. This means that no matter where it is located has one to surf the possibility with a NetBook or a UMTS mobile phone mobile on the Internet. The speed it can be also seen. UMTS reached a maximum speed of 384 kbit / s. This speed is sufficient on the go with your phone or NetBook mobile Internet to surf. Simple, not very graphically appealing Web pages can be opened with this speed.

For more elaborate Web pages, such as the Web page speed may be too slow. But for this there is already an extension for UMTS network. Realized the data Turbo HSDPA speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit / s. This is comparable to DSL. Thus, online games can be realize online TV or Web radio. The offer almost all the large Mobilfunkbertreiber Data Turbo HSDPA on.

Only E-Plus offers still not the data Turbo HSDPA. However, this starting in 2009 is to be realised. The remaining providers such as Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2 also offer HSDPA. In addition, this 3 mobile operators offer also the upload-Turbo of HSUPA. HSUPA can be interesting especially for photo reporter. HSUPA is responsible that the upload speed is increased. Thus also speeds up 1.45 Mbit / s are in the upload possible. Photo reporter now have the opportunity to send their high-quality pictures at a high speed to the editorial staff. Sole is a laptop + Surfstick required. Torsten Heinsius

Make Calls Over The Internet

A thorn in the side of the mobile phone companies of the latest generation of mobile phones are less phone designed as for the use of the Internet. Services such as Skype, which customers via the Internet connection can make calls, concern major mobile operators here. Finally break earnings for regular calls and SMS. Gain insight and clarity with Microbiologia. The consumer portal reveals which providers support the Internet telephony. Long time stood on end the operator against Skype and co. In their terms and conditions they forbade the telephoning over such services so far. That this strategy is no longer up-to-date in times of iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices, O2 was the first. The group allows its customers Internet telephony without additional costs.

Unlike the telecom companies. T Meanwhile, although moved to-mobile and Vodafone, however they charge high fees, which make the service unattractive to customers. So T-Mobile users pay in addition to the UMTS flat rate between 10 and 15 euros in the Month. Depending on the tariff, Vodafone requires even up to 30 euros for the Internet telephony. The third-largest German mobile operator E-Plus, still completely prohibited the Skype. The relatively slow UMTS network of provider is not sufficient but anyway for good voice quality over the Internet.

Much like with the permission of Internet telephony, it behaves with the use of the mobile phone as a modem. So far the companies sold an additional UMTS-stick like. Connected to the laptop an Internet connection could be made so almost everywhere. As well, but also the mobile phone can be connected to the laptop and thus act as a modem. T-Mobile and Vodafone now also introduce this option. Included in Vodafone, it is in the Skype fee”. T-Mobile charged additional 19.