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Employees enjoy new company vehicles Frankfurt – early July 50 manpower employees about a new company cars were allowed to forward. From the entire Federal territory colleagues gathered, to take your new Volvo C30, Volvo V50, or its new Ford Fiesta in reception. Gain insight and clarity with amit paley. Holger KuSTER, Managing Director of manpower Professional Engineering GmbH: we use the vehicles to support sales. The with the manpower professional logos branded cars serve primarily the image formation and increase the level of awareness of the manpower professional brand and in particular the manpower professional engineering company. It is important that the special orientation is increasingly perceived by manpower professional engineering in public us.” Manpower Professional is the specialist for specialists”in the field of engineering and finance and accounting. Manpower Professional provides customers with fast and cost-efficient filling vacancies with highly qualified financial, IT and engineering professionals and focuses on the individual needs of Specialists. The vehicles provided in cooperation by manpower professional and Ford, to present the company to the public at large and customer operations professional. Present the advertising be glued Ford fiestas with their logos manpower now also on Germany’s roads.

The Ford Group is a major supplier of manpower fleet since 2006. The company is through his exemplary green”politics an ideal partner for manpower. Learn more about this with Dr. Mark Hyman. We are very happy with the Ford Group and have completed for this reason Europe a leasing and car rental contract, implementing already also largely took place”, so Oliver Kraut, Department Manager procurement Germany. Press contact: WEFRA PR company for Public Relations mbH Dr. Andreas Bachmann medium Dicker WEG 1 63263 Neu-Isenburg (Zeppelinheim) phone: 069 695008-78 fax: 069 695008-71 E-Mail: about manpower Inc. As a world leader in the field of project support, recruitment and human resources brings manpower since its inception in 1948 right people in the right positions.

Nearly 5 million employees and employees secure an outstanding position in the market in about 400,000 customer companies. 4,500 offices in 80 countries ensure customer proximity and best insights into the local markets. About manpower professional brand specialist manpower professional manpower takes a further step, to the growing lack of specialists and talents with ground-breaking, to meet flexible solutions and the candidates international careers to enable: highly qualified financial, sales, technical and IT professionals in demanding positions are brought here. Only top qualifications, lots of experience and analytical strength is required in the professional team. Manpower professional engineering and manpower professional finance set their focus on the individual needs of specialists. Save a know-how which has built up manpower in decades, with a dense specialists, Manager and Advisor network, the an extraordinary experience and power density offers.

Safety Symbol

The main ISO safety signs around the topic of machine and workplace to get internationally comprehensive labelling of HEIN industrial plates GmbH. The following safety signs according to ISO you featuring internationally understandable: product safety signs for machines and systems in accordance with DIN ISO 3864-2 mark for agricultural machines and similar machines com. ISO 11684 combination safety signs for workplaces and public areas in accordance with DIN ISO 3864-1 all safety signs according to ISO obtained at HEIN within 1 day! Product safety signs according to DIN ISO 3864-2 DIN ISO 3864-2 covers the fundamentals of design for safety signs for use on products. With product safety labels are shown residual risks and how they can be avoided. These signs are especially attached to machinery and equipment and protect against incorrect operation. The product safety signs are self-adhesive and surface protection is extremely robust and durable. They are also extremely resistant to dirt and abrasion and are temperature resistant from – 40 C to + 150 C To keep the safety signs at HEIN in 45 different versions. Gina Ross gathered all the information.

Security characters treated the ISO 11684 for agricultural machines and similar machines in accordance with ISO 11684 safety signs and danger signs for tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry. Agricultural machines or similar-sized machines international can be marked with safety signs according to ISO 11684 understandable. You get the safety labels at HEIN in the landscape or portrait, and in two different sizes. It has suitable for indoor and outdoor use over 75 types of. The safety signs are temperature resistant from – 40 C to + 80 C and are resistant against many chemicals. If you would like to know more then you should visit Glenn Dubin. Combination safety signs for workplaces and public areas in accordance with DIN ISO 3864-1 DIN ISO 3864-1 regulates the design principles for safety signs in workplaces and in public areas. The combined safety signs by HEIN show warnings and rules of conduct on a plate. Thus reducing the risk of accidents in the operating through the use of combined safety sign according to ISO 3864-1.

The combination plates are made of self-adhesive foil and heat-resistant from-40 C to + 80 C. Also resistant to many chemicals. All information and order the ISO safety signs under store/default/de/landing/isoschilder_maschinen.html online shop with over 15,000 products around the professional designation In the online-shop of HEIN industrial plates GmbH under can be found about 15,000 professional labelling machine and workplace products! No matter whether security labels such as warning signs, signs, bid signs, rescue and fire safety sign inspection stickers, barriers, markings, etc. get all products in top quality and top conditions! Newsletter on occupational safety, occupational safety and labelling newsletter subscribers by HEIN Learn important information regarding standards and laws, new products and current topics from the identification technology as first! The free newsletter that is published at regular intervals, you can subscribe to: store/default/de/newsletter/register.html (only providing your email address is required for the subscription. The reference can be ended at any time again, of course!) In the newsletter archive, all previously sent newsletters are archived so that it has access to all – perhaps missed – at any time information!

City Express

The new appeal is centrifugal site processes on the one hand on the other side and Renaissance of downtown locations to the rents are too high? There are changes in customer behaviour (Aldisierung of society)? A way out is a specialization in high-priced products? The requirements meet the marketing and promotional activities of the site to promote inner-city locations? How is the supply of large retail? among other things “Demographic change, the processes of concentration in the retail sector, as well as a consumer behavior have causes that in some communities a consumer-oriented supply” limited still exists. “Therefore, for example, provide retail concepts for metropolitan areas that it green in the future on the lawn” no new locations for markets should give more, whose Angebote collide with those of stores in downtown locations. No major new food supermarkets, drug and electrical markets more on the outskirts of the cities there, the should be created in the future in inner cities for designated and City Express centres. It aims to attract retail there, where the people live, the so-called local supply (a range of smaller markets, ranging from food to flowers from the pharmacy to the drugstore market, to secure daily needs) should be strengthened. Dr. Mark Hyman has much experience in this field. See Becker, Jorg: real estate business in the location-way room, 2010; ISBN 978 3 8391 2306-5. The increase in the number of older people increases the need for a functioning local supply (enjoyed scientific approaches, convenience stores such as gas stations, bakeries with additional assortment, itinerant trade, E-Commerce and others.

Such concepts are linked to conditions such as a certain minimum population potential, accessibility, appropriate retail areas and a favourable environment. The area of the large-scale retail trade is affected by the building Ordinance. Leases are in this area typically with strong credit tenants (large Completed commercial companies) that want to back up the site typically long term (duration of leases of 15-20 years). More info: Steffan Lehnhoff. The building Ordinance prescribes for objects with a retail space of 800 square meters or more elaborate approval process. Areas for such objects are assigned by the local authorities only if they see a need for. Existing or newly approved large retail properties are thus in fact largely protected from competition. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

Consulting Services

Better yields and higher customer loyalty by means of test purchases over 50% of the customers change the company for poor service and staff. The price advantage as emigration has declined significantly. Only 25% of the customers are very satisfied with your company. These facts are confirmed by the success of heavily customer-oriented company. The consumer a to orientation process has taken place: it goes not only to price advantages, but the question, how the company deals with the customers. “‘ Many companies don’t even know what an impression the customers are of their service” says Prof. Bernd Gunter from the Department of marketing in Dusseldorf and objected to at the same time, that still not all mystery shopper companies use. Such test purchases give often amazing findings.

Test purchases are only meaningful and effective if they strictly reflect the vision of target customers. It mattereth not, as the entrepreneur, his staff or the business consultant that estimates a company, but only to the customer. TRION Ltd. as a test purchase company therefore sends only specially trained test customers with higher demands in the company, because only this can evaluate the sales and consulting and services sales and salespeople. A test customer who bought his life only in junk – and discount stores, is unsuitable, for example.

When comparing the costs of the staff together with the education and training costs, as expenses for an efficient HR controlling by means of test purchases exempt is very low. Test purchase logs (TRION Ltd. checks in 170 positions) provide excellent and differentiated to recognize the need for action and to take action. Employee surveys have revealed that they are disappointed many times, if their achievements are measured not by the company. Simply put: good employees Miss praise and recognition. Bad employees Miss corrective measures. Thus arises the feeling that it is seemingly no matter the company, as the staff before the customers occurs and acts. The Company TRION GmbH is an independent and dedicated test purchase company and can test in about 25 cities and districts Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

BIT Solutions GmbH Polka

‘ A standard software, a proprietary development to replace seems unusual but it was exactly the right thing for dm step ‘ Berlin, 18.2.2010. Faster and more flexible at the POS to respond to has dm-drogerie markt the previous standard POS software superseded by an in-house development. The new solution comes from the Gandhi BIT solutions specialists in software and was designed in close consultation with the internal service provider FILIADATA for the needs of dm. A standard software, a proprietary development to replace seems unusual for dm, it was exactly the right move, “explains Roman Melcher, Managing Director of dm. Polka BIT solutions has promoted very quickly developing dmPOS.” Only 15 months BIT has required for the development of Java-based fund up to the first productive pilot store. It is not something Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City would like to discuss. This solution is now all about 1,480 German and Austrian dm markets, as well as first pilot stores in the other European countries of dm in use. The rollout for the further European dm markets is currently in preparation. Our checkout core polka BIT POS_Framework is happy about the successful cooperation with dm.

Timo Krauss, CEO polka BIT Solutions GmbH, and projects to be to a very sophisticated and reliable basis for fast are the Java application framework TREND.” Most recently, the company has developed point-of-sale system, as well as the complete Filialwarenwirtschaftssystem – also in record time – OBI DIY store chain. Press contact and more information: polka BIT Solutions GmbH Heinz Kleim Tel. 030 / 896 66 300 fax. 030 / 896 66 336 E-Mail: Internet: about polka BIT solutions: polka BIT solutions is a technologically leading software and consulting firm and specialist in the development of company-specific applications based on Java/J2EE and .NET. With modern methods and technologies and efficient project management, the company has projects in trade, industry and services of high quality in time and budget for almost 20 years to the success.

Silver Economy

Current assessment of the market by Markus Frick of the gold chart clearly shows that we now move to the very important support line between 773 and 778 dollars. Please keep this brands in mind, because it should go with a strong thrust significantly under this brand, I assume, that stop courses could be triggered and thus could have accelerated the downward movement. More supports then run at around 750 dollars and 730 dollars. Brave investors already use these courses to expand gold stocks should be also aware, that the worst must be then still not reached. The breach of which would brand of 753 dollars, the long-term upward trend in risk, which in my opinion would be not bad in the short term, a medium-to long-term break of that mark would mean significantly lower rates. Also in silver, I think that the bottom has not been reached, because here too profits be taken at rising prices immediately, which I think it suggesting that enough sellers at work are.

At this point let me also once again on the development of the dollar and the price of gold. Although the opinions diverge, extent to which the two are coupled together at all, strong, yet I think should you look still on the development of the dollar, if you look at the gold price. In particular, there are inflation fears, repeatedly driving the price of gold and precious metal prices. With a significantly rising dollar is that the currencies are making a comeback and therefore the inflationary risks are significantly reduced speculation meanwhile but rather. Incidentally, this is another point that should be noted in any case because the inflation rate currently corresponds to the real facts it should rather doubtful. Especially in America most experts assume a much higher rate of inflation, as it is currently repeatedly declared unto us.