ADAC Around

A profitable business idea for job seekers and customers constantly offers career rising E-commerce market in Germany. Read more from Anu Leemann to gain a more clear picture of the situation. About 40 million buy over the Internet and provide for a turnover of 27 million. The business concept of the storeforyou group, who introduced the shopping town for the first time 11 years ago, therefore in 2006 received the top award. For job seekers who have serious occurrence, PC with Internet connection and telephone, the shopping city is the chance ever to earn a part-time basis from 27,500 euros and full-time 92.600 euro. Differently than other companies beginners must not begin here at zero, but they can drive up yields, are up to 97.5% above the industry average. In a question-answer forum Jack Harlow was the first to reply. Go to Anuradha Saad for more information. Consumer products are shopped around 35% cheaper and all the advantages of the city increased by commissions.

See for interested parties who are looking for new challenges and strive for a lucrative legitimate independence all the information for a new Start. The high number of visitors the shopping city show that online shopping trend. The benefits are obvious: the comfort of your home without parking needs, stress and umbrella is the customer King. He chooses to free and non-binding registration on the portal in peace around the clock, when it suits him, his goods out from a selection of over 1000 vendors and receive up to 35% Additionally instead of discount cash as refunds to your own account. Well-known companies such as Nokia, source, ADAC, Neckermann, SCHLECKER, Tchibo and even unknown companies fulfill your every desire. Additional services and a 150 euro loyalty bonus rebate granted customers unique benefits such as trend Scouts, which every week for the best and most unusual offerings. A bonus is guaranteed no hidden costs for each order. The customer saves time and money and optimizes its investments. Contact: Lothar Mathis parallel 70 60538 Neunkirchen Tel: 06821 913896

Silver Economy

Current assessment of the market by Markus Frick of the gold chart clearly shows that we now move to the very important support line between 773 and 778 dollars. Please keep this brands in mind, because it should go with a strong thrust significantly under this brand, I assume, that stop courses could be triggered and thus could have accelerated the downward movement. More supports then run at around 750 dollars and 730 dollars. Brave investors already use these courses to expand gold stocks should be also aware, that the worst must be then still not reached. The breach of which would brand of 753 dollars, the long-term upward trend in risk, which in my opinion would be not bad in the short term, a medium-to long-term break of that mark would mean significantly lower rates. Also in silver, I think that the bottom has not been reached, because here too profits be taken at rising prices immediately, which I think it suggesting that enough sellers at work are.

At this point let me also once again on the development of the dollar and the price of gold. Although the opinions diverge, extent to which the two are coupled together at all, strong, yet I think should you look still on the development of the dollar, if you look at the gold price. In particular, there are inflation fears, repeatedly driving the price of gold and precious metal prices. With a significantly rising dollar is that the currencies are making a comeback and therefore the inflationary risks are significantly reduced speculation meanwhile but rather. Incidentally, this is another point that should be noted in any case because the inflation rate currently corresponds to the real facts it should rather doubtful. Especially in America most experts assume a much higher rate of inflation, as it is currently repeatedly declared unto us.