Heinz Kammerling

His music brings the problems that people have with each other and with themselves, to the point. If Armin salmon Bush is on the stage, then he strained both the funny bone and the tear ducts. According to BGR Group, who has experience with these questions. The program is by singing to the guitar and the grandiose cello playing by Susanne Hahn still much string on the nose”. Susanne Hahn is a cellist and composer, and received their first flute at the age of 6 her first piano, with 12 years of cello lessons at the age of 4. Susanne Hahn began her cello studies at the Conservatoire Superieure in Paris Boulogne and graduated at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Hamburg under Thomas Tyllack. Numerous masterclasses at home and abroad among others, Siegfried Palm and Roland Pidoux. There followed various theatre productions, such as E.g. drummed tears”with Ulrich Tukur (including Hamburg, Gasteig Munich Kammerspiele) or Mephistos fist” for the Deutsches Schauspielhaus.

Appearances in the Schloss Elmau (Bavaria), Jewish Museum (Berlin). Compositions for film (including Joachim Jung) and theater (Deutsches Schauspielhaus), as well as numerous recitals with Chamber music ensembles and bands from different backgrounds. (Factory Hamburg, Goldbekhaus, Mandarin, etc.) The pianist Naomi Imai was born in Tokyo and grew up in Japan, Germany and of Switzerland. As the age of five, she received her first piano lessons from Mineko Fukuda, a student of Conrad Hansen. After her Abitur in Munich, she began her studies at the Hochschule fur Musik Franz Liszt”Weimar with Prof. Gerlinde Otto in piano, Prof. Larissa Kondratjewa in Chamber music and Prof.

Karl-Peter Kammerlander in song interpretation. Renowned piano teachers accompanied them in their artistic development, including Prof. Karl-Heinz Kammerling, Prof. Bernd Gotzke, Prof. Konrad Elser and Prof. Anatol Ugorsky. Since October 2005 she studied at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater Hamburg in the piano class of Prof. Volker Banfield. “Most recently, Naomi Imai was to theatre in Hamburg in the monsoon poems songs around Hamburg experience Borchert”, where she accompanied not only the singer and actress Susanne Pollmeier on the wing, but also their skills as arranger demonstrated, by they the original version of Marc Pendzich set up for voice and Orchestra for the piano. Their version for voice and piano is moved and released as a CD. Promoted by the Foundation Live Music Now occurs in social institutions and is committed, to bring music to people, it is not enabled due to their daily lives that to attend concerts. Stefan Kiraly studied concert and jazz guitar and lives as a freelance musician and guitar teacher in Hamburg. His musical spectrum ranges from classic jazz, to South American music. To klezmer music, Stefan took about fifteen years ago, the melodies and rhythms of this music have at first tied him up and excited.