Ramon Gallegos Vision

The work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos, in relation to holistic education, has yielded great results, so far has had great response from educational institutions, which somehow has started work on this new paradigm. The only drawback is that the education system, there are no real experts in education, if we find them, they always refer to a mechanistic education, industrialized, where the development of the curriculum is defined in terms of the needs of industrial, requiring only personnel or skilled labor to handle their machines, regardless of whether or not this ability to think, learn, to integrate their activities differently, this is a grave error in our system, hence we have take advantage of that situation gives us the system to make that paradigm shift, we must transform the education in a holistic education. Holistic education implies not only the issue of training from the educational aspect, talk that way too because we limit puts into question the practice itself and the comprehensive education of ourselves in this, we also find a wide variety supported knowledge by great thinkers that lead us to that very much aware that the end is grounded in the formation of the human being. Holistic education is a means of dialogue, is an education for life, an inclusive vision, driving is a win-win policy, geared to sustainable development, also supports a global vision, a vision of a single humanity, a pedagogy of universal love, and above all a way of life with full spiritual presence in search of the transformation of consciousness holistic education of Ramon Gallegos does not define learning as a process which involves many levels of human consciousness such as affective, cognitive, social, physical, spiritual, leading to a different learning level, learning at a level of creative, artistic, unique, in which each we show us all our abilities, without limits, without quadratures, where the most momentous is learning for life.

The Option

The great majority, 53.2% opted to agronomy, followed of medicine veterinary medicine with 25%. It is verified that great majority of the pupils intends to continue in the farming area. These preferences suffer influence related to some aspects such as: the origin of the majority of the pupils to be agricultural; the influence that the course technician in farming exerts on the pupils; still the chance that the pupils see of if deepening the professional area which opted since average education, in the case the course in study. To lock up the inquiry in relation to the academic pretensions of the pupils, the same ones they had answered you discipline if them and methodology used in the course technician in farming had influenced in the enunciated taking of decision in the previous questions and why. The option yes was answered by the majority of the interviewed ones, with 80,4% and the main evidenced reason was related the characteristic that the course has of through its contents, to suggest what the pupil will work or study future. That is, the course presents of clear form the contents in way that the pupils if see in the future playing this or that activity, and through this future visualization they in accordance with takes the decisions the ability level that imagine to have.

The IMPORTANCE OF the ADMINISTRATION IN ACTIVITIES AGROPECURIASA to leave of the vision of the pupils, searched to identify to which the importance of the administration in the farming activities. For the same ones they had been in such a way questioned to this respect beyond being questioned how much which knowledge is more important, of the technique or the administration followed of why of the reply. They had been questioned still, if the farming course technician in of this more space the related knowledge the administration, the professional future of the pupils would be better, worse or it would not influence.

The Teacher

The central element in the formation of a holistic educator is to cultivate creative qualities, strategic, scientific, emotional and aesthetic and other values such as responsibility, compassion, respect, gratitude, justice, honesty and humility, which is not cultivated in our educational system that strives to cultivate self-centered students and vain, which tend to grow with a sense of class superiority over others, but humility is one of the great values of holistic education, which means that we perceive with the same value as all other human beings, with equal potential because we are a member of the human family. Another important factor is understanding the nature of human relations, conflict resolution and dialogue d capacity. Interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences should be encouraged in the holistic educator for you to set the right kinds of relationships with everything around him and himself. Holistic educators must also deepen their own autoindagacion to achieve its own internal order. Inner peace is necessary for to listen and respond to students, the order is necessary in order to find the best solutions to everyday dilemmas and fundamental. The holistic teacher training gives them a real deep understanding of human nature. Academic psychology derived from the three traditional schools: behaviorism, psychoanalysis and humanism little use because reductionist and not understand the transpersonal / spiritual dimension.

The true holistic educator perceives and treats its children as a spirit on display, as a spiritual embryo in the process of flowering. The nature of consciousness of the teacher is the most important in their formation and flame Gallegos full consciousness that is the natural state of mind, is the presence, experience all that we, the presence of the entire body, mind and consciousness is a state of full alert. This presence is key in the holistic education because teachers are often not present in the educational process, your mind wanders, physically can be in the room, but his mind wanders between their concerns and thoughts of their daily struggle and fantasies, when this happens, the teacher does not pay due attention to students. The full presence of consciousness is a careful and comprehensive allowing us to be fully present with our body, mind and spirituality. A holistic educators are trained for this kind of awareness work is based on the new paradigm, to the best of science and knowledge of mankind. Holistic education has been very well accepted in several countries of the world are currently making efforts to promote the philosophy of this new paradigm, through conferences, forums, courses, workshops, diplomas, masters and doctorates. RAMON GALLEGOS, PEDAGOGY OF UNIVERSAL LOVE. "