Chancellor Rudolf Scharping

The conditions under which the information media should be aligned are fundamental for any communication strategy in a media democracy. Matthias Machnig, 1998 and 2002 organized the campaign of the elections for the SPD, considered four main pillars as the basis for a successful media campaign. For assistance, try visiting Fosun Group. First, the face is important for him, because it evokes a certain degree of personalization. The question Person this stands for continuity, orientation and values and thus conveys confidence about solutions and future competence. As the next prerequisite, Machnig leads the so-called label, which stands for messages to be conveyed.

This is necessary because the policy due to the enormous complexity of subjects and competing stakeholders in communicating issues to a wide audience must rely on a symbolic casuistry. A corresponding flavor is added as a third item. This stylistic component generates a recognition pattern, which is necessarily needed in a differentiated media society. Finally, the core of a brand is important. This includes values and visions, which are more important than individual instruments, which often dominate the political debate for the orientation, the confidence and the consent of the people.

In regard to the elections the amount of coverage was determined in 1994 still largely by the governing parties, however, the SPD candidate for Chancellor Rudolf Scharping did his Extend presence especially in television. The CDU/CSU election campaign in 1994 primarily focused on the electronic media. This was a still cautious personalisation for the first time “with the person of the German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, in the center of the advertising concept. Also TV commercials were switched for the first time target group-specific in the electronic media, which ran almost all commercials in the private television. The discussion about the personalization of the party campaigns and the associated accusation that subjects impoverish came up in 1998 especially since the Bundestag election campaign. It was the election campaign, in which the SPD candidate for Chancellor Gerhard Schroder quite media savvy strode onto the stage.

Federal Constitutional Court

The gastro-award Germany AG informs joy is allowed, albeit initially in the breastfeeding. The decision of the Federal Constitutional Court can breathe a sigh of many restaurateurs in Germany. A first stage victory is achieved. Specifically this refers to drink strong small gastronomy”, with a single area of under 75 square meters, that prepares any food, denied access to persons under 18 years of age and recognizable as a smoking restaurant features the operation. “Concretely: many small pubs and bars, in the classical sense of the beer with cigarette” deny their existence. Formally, this legislation also initially only in Berlin and Baden-Wuerttemberg consists. The other federal States must follow suit here, because they have similar rules.

According to its own sources, the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG assumes that first shoulder conclusions will already be in the next few days. According to estimation of GASTRO-AWARD Board Christine Braun, is however suggested that the shot could backfire even. The Provinces have time to make a basic law revision by the end of 2009. This however does not exclude that all countries speak for a general smoking ban. Thus, no derogation would be possible.

The topic of smoking would be for all cuisines from the counter and according to relevant experts, for a quarter of all companies in Germany. The GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG encourages therefore all restaurateurs, as well as their institutional stakeholders, more than ever, to concentrate all forces, to work towards a generally acceptable scheme that threatens our industry not in its existence. To relax the efforts now would be a mistake. We must engage us also continue to vehemently and consistently for industry-friendly legislation”so Christine Braun. How up to date the GASTRO-AWARD will continue also in the context of its influence for the catering industry in Germany. Soon, a guide to restaurateurs will appear (as a download at ), a useful interpretation for the gastronomy what is allowed and prohibited practically and simply clarifies what is. Because in practice, law and the assessment of the application are still further apart. Andreas role gastro-award Germany AG

Ettighoffer Strasse

What has to be paid, the application alone, stressed white main, Managing Director of Origo. Networked infrastructures, which we log into us and that we use the Internet today, will be the mainstay of our economy and society in the future. And also for the Office World upheavals. Jonathan Schwartz, Chief of the US group of Sun Microsystems, plans to loosen his personal Office. Once he works out from home, times he uses a cafe, once he is in the company. So, Schwartz demonstrates how knowledge work in the future.

The working style is nomadic, there is no place where he spends 70 percent of his time. Medium, Skype is the understanding, the Internet videophone, which is free of charge for everyone. Tools that guiding him everywhere: BlackBerry and laptop. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn may find this interesting as well. These devices replace the complete Infrastructure of the stationary Office. He controlled a large part of the demand for communication via an Internet diary. Here Schwartz calling almost daily with entries to Word that he writes primarily for its customers”, as editor-in-Chief of trend letter Axel Gloger. On a good day, his blog reach approximately 50,000 readers.

For the success of understanding it can’t on vitality and frequency, on physical presence. The nomadic work style of Schwartz also has a positive side effect for the environment: the number of travel days has drastically reduced. Schwartz previously per month 15 days on the road. Today, there are less than six days. Elements of this practice can be found in the entire company. 17,000 employees participate in the open-work programme ‘ part. Users of this work style calls little, make no appointments and reduce the number of physical meetings. The employee can choose place of work, working hours and work equipment”, performs Gloger. The fixing of economic values on physical tangible things have perhaps archaic roots, hard to deal with is those with sober economics, so the sober conclusion of economist Paul in Germany. Editorial medienburo.

Stephan Eisel Supports The BSV Roleber

Stephan Eisel, MdB – very well: for Bonn in the Bundestag in the template of the municipality which is not provided. Eisel turned in a letter to the Chairmen of the groups of the Beuel District Council. The writing has the following wording: “Ladies and gentlemen, Beuel ladies and gentlemen, the District Council a management template is located in tomorrow’s meeting rehabilitation program of the Bonn sports grounds” to which a decision is scheduled for the from the funds provided for 2009 in the economic recovery plan II has to be renovated sports facilities (artificial turf). These funds, we have decided in the German Bundestag and thereby taken great care, that the municipalities within the given priorities independently decide on priority actions. I have the template of administration but one taken after my local knowledge hard comprehensible proposal. Then the place in Roleber should not undergo all people with the most intensive use in Beuel, although it there by the BSV Roleber especially is pronounced and exemplary youth work. Also, the Club has just in the Bezirksliga (there is just an another Ascheplatz besides Roleber) and does not unlike other Club seats in addition to the threshing floor space in speech about a further natural grass pitch. Allowed to arbitrarily acting priority list of the Administration make many more comments. I strongly advocate for the place in Roleber to use the federal funding, which has the highest efficiency in Beuel, and is at the same time most renovation-needy. I ask you cordially to correct the administrative template through your vote in this sense.”