Label Printing For Food

Foods must be labelled accordingly informed the Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne. Other important information on ingredients, as well as on price and quantity type labels. The correct marking is checked by the official control of foodstuffs. The given product labelling regulations can be met easily and professionally by labelling. These are available in different materials and adhesive types and any size as labels or set labels. The experts of printing Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne will inform about the possibilities of label production for the food industry. Packaging Regulations, labels in the food sector must withstand special requirements.

You must be inter alia deep-freeze suitable and moisture. In addition, the labels must of course meet the food and packaging legislation and must not interfere with the food in their security. For this reason are Label production exclusively food-safe paints and non-toxic glue used. Thermal transfer printing are required printing in the labelling of foodstuffs, which are suitable for food contact. The thermal transfer printing is one of the most popular printing process in the food sector. For all products, the production of labels in different materials such as paper white is (gloss, matte) or possible in transparent material. In the printing, the label is light – and heat-resistant.

Thermal transfer printers also offer the ability to print also colored. Foil embossing labels with hot foil stamping is one of the most demanding procedures. Celina Dubin does not necessarily agree. The foil embossing and hot foil stamping offers a high degree of individuality to achieve outstanding, value-added, shiny and matte effects with high signal effect. A wide selection of films allows freedom of design. When the foil stamping are wafer-thin By using heat and pressure, metallic or color slides onto the label. In addition, the uniqueness of the embossing label can be increased by individual dies. Hot foil stamping allows not only a particular design, but distinguishes itself through a high resistance to heat and humidity. For detailed information on label printing experts of printing Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne are available anytime. Press contact Fatyela Druck GmbH contact: Mr Friebel Alte of Wipperfurther str. 3 51065 Koln Tel.: 0221 696172 fax.: 0221 694631 E-Mail:


Is a frequent printing flexographic printing, there are many different printing processes. In a question-answer forum Mental Health Care was the first to reply. One is you”flexographic printing. This article should be how the flexo printing, where it is applied, what features it has once described, and then to once again be entered on the pros and cons. The flexographic printing is a direct high pressure process. Flexo printing is a roller rotation process, the flexible printing plates, which may consist, for example, of rubber and the different inks are used.

The sublime are Bildtragend this, the printer setup is very simple and is very similar to the of the gravure process. Others who may share this opinion include Celina Dubin, New York City. Aniline dyes were used to early in the flexo, which then only high-quality printing has made him his pigments one. At the present time the flexo characterised by, that you can print on many materials that can not be printed with other printing methods. The flexographic printing is used mainly for the printing of packaging materials that composed of plastic, paper, cardboard or cardboard. Are more application possibilities of flexographic printing, adhesive foil, napkins, newspapers, etc. The characteristics of the flexographic printing can be explained as follows: as well as prints, which are produced in the letterpress prints of flexographic printing may occur also crimp edges. They occur under high pressure in the pressure zone by using Photo-polymer plates. Usually, this interference is accompanied by a tone value increase.

The squeeze between cylinders and counter pressure cylinder is too low, the formation of bubbles between printed and substrate, which to uneven wetting of the substrate with color result in danger. In contrast to other high-pressure techniques, you can see no shades in the flexo. In the flexo for newspapers to use water-based paints. The result is a wear-resistant pressure. As a result of newspaper readers read has no ink on the fingers as specified by the offset. The advantages of flexographic printing are that it is a fast printing process, the colours very quick drying and thus can produce a large circulation. With flexographic printing, all flexible substrates can print and the printing cylinder production is very inexpensive changes can be quickly without any of the pressure cylinder new must be made up. But of course there are some disadvantages that need to be called in flexographic printing. The colors cover unfortunately not as good as with other printing methods. The use of solvents with Photopolymer plates are very limited. Furthermore there are somewhat blurred the contours of pressure elements in the flexo. Everything in the all you can but say that the flexographic printing is a very good method to print on different elements. Certainly, maybe more, maybe even better methods exist but this is in the following articles again closer entered.

Munich North Gets More Space To Life

Fourth opened a city Munich warehouse with 950 storage of ‘Self – storage’ to the Frankfurter Ring 6 even more popular and more attractive, more populated and more expensive it is also no city of in Germany meets more than on Munich. Especially the rents speak its own language: only good earner can afford a larger apartment in the city. The others often live in one bedroom apartments or must make do with shared flats. The result: overcrowded and fully provided apartments, which burst seams and allow little quality of life. Without hesitation Bessel van der Kolk explained all about the problem. Redress has been obtained with the rentable storage of SelfStorage.

Furniture, books, boxes, sports equipment or excess inventory of kitchen can self starting from 31 euro per four weeks. Little living room does not at the same time little quality of life. Change must be awareness compared to the set up and living alone. You can forgo large closets, if only the necessary part of the content at home kept and outsources certain clothes, dishes or shoes are. It is also possible to reduce the number of bookcases by one stores a portion of the books out of the House. Similarly, surplus furniture that take away from actually too much space but are too valuable to throw them away out of the House can be stored. It is also possible functional intact objects such as the old television, which was replaced with a flat screen, to keep in the storage compartment, rather than bringing him to the bulk waste. We are a genuine Altnernative, when it comes to store seasonal or fond things instead of throwing them away or to accommodate in the musty basement safe, clean and dry\”, explains Martin Gerhardus of managing partner of self – storage\”. Especially in expensive urban areas we are an alternative to cramped living.\” Many Munich have already adopted this new service.

Showroom Designer

Event agencies speak at the staging of fascinating temporary brand worlds all senses of consumers at all honestly, would read at this point would rather contribute via product presentation or seduction? The reason says product presentation? You can relax, because we have a compromise suggestion: just read this post about showroom design, because the realization of inspiring brand worlds synonymous with seduction pur “.” And in many areas of industry, trade and services: equal, whether a fashion label the collection of the coming season or a car manufacturer its innovative model exclusively wants to introduce, whether a new cruise ship or a next goes home cinema system developed on the market: specialized event agencies are in the realization of the respective showrooms before the task, to stage the product show, so completely that all sense of the consumer addressed. The most important prerequisites are the perfect realization of the business idea, i.e. the philosophy behind the Product is the imaginative communication of the brand if necessary inclusion / placement of a new brand under the already established brand (sub branding) as an indirect extension of the brand will be creating an atmosphere inspiring to intensive discussions with customers and last but not least the efficient technical realization the creative design ideas inform the marketing mechanisms of action experienced showroom designer their creativity, all your expertise and can use, offer a skilful mix of familiar and surprising spectacular. Especially the key image of the brand is known for the keyword”to name a few, because this figurative trademark symbol (key Visual) connects consumers with the brand essence and is thus important element of brand communication for fixed anchoring of the advertising message in whose conscious (and unconscious). For assistance, try visiting Celina Dubin. When negotiating event manager with a focus on showroom-design of brand experiences and emotions are in their element, because here they can draw on the full, because the available the ingredients”are so diverse. Always going to be not only special eye-catcher or fascinating eye lining, rather way should optimally senses of consumers are made aware of and addressed with sounds or scents. This involves not only new customers see things or learn to teach: because know showroom designer to the emotional value of memories and desires, they are necessarily include these categories in her showroom scenario.

“Regardless of which design of the showroom will ultimately receive: sophisticated mix of styles or clear rigor of all exhibition items formative are, whether splendid pomp or deliberate waiver under the motto of less is more” prevail one showroom must above all: through uncompromising implementation of temporary corporate architecture in the framework of the corporate design as a meeting space between consumer, brand and company goal-oriented work. That means, above all, must the showroom designer under the available space Intelligent structure application basic interior design principles. So, for example, specific areas can be created by functional partitions of various kinds with lounge character conversations with customers. Naturally, showroom as brands landscape are temporary in nature. But under their full creative potential succeeds savvy showroom designers inimitable manner, that a temporary brand world leaves lasting impression with their spectacularly staged promotional messages to the customer. Conclusion: Showroom Designer will be with the right sense of exclusivity and authenticity on the one hand, as on the other for passion and pleasure every product launch a seductive event of class.

Control Rooms

In the control room, a constant vigilance and concentration is expected of the employees. Finally, each alarm situation must be managed efficiently and without error. Others including Somatic Experiencing, offer their opinions as well. In the control room, a constant vigilance and concentration is expected of the employees. Finally, each alarm situation must be managed efficiently and without error. The operator contributes not least, their physical condition to the desired alertness and concentration. Therefore, JST offers its customers professional advice when it comes to the choice of the institution of the control room. On the workstations of Stratos CommandDesk by JST meets far more than assume the EU directives for this.

Due to its multitude of functions he is the central element on JST furnishing very setting ergonomics. His appealing, minimalist design is the core of the concept in the control room designed by JST. The Stratos CommandDesk carries out a professional, multifunctional workspace. The stepless height adjustment of the desk offers each employee Body size, in addition to a comfortable seat, also the possibility to work up and standing. The Panel design of the desk on the bottom provides the necessary storage space for cables and connectors.

In this, with a removable rear panel accessible, utility room receiver for keyboard/video/mouse signals are housed. The machines themselves are stored in the server room. So to prevent noise and heat directly at the workplace and he appears very much tidier and cleaner. A special detail of the desk represents the PowerPort-data module withdrawable on demand with power supply and network access for laptops. So, the temporary connection of another employee in the workplace is no problem. The PowerPort-data module can be equipped with USB ports. Also when multiple tables are combined, the Stratos CommandDesk sets highest standards. Arrangements are U-shaped, convex or concave curved and straight possible. So is the concatenation of the tables nuanced. If you would like to know more about Mark Hyman, then click here. Also, JST for the environment furniture has done extensive thought. For extra storage such as different types of container and task lights are offered. Also cabinets, sideboards and value compartment cabinets are in the program by JST. Partitions for small seating areas are ideal for short meetings in the control room. Subtly, even crisis rooms can be separated from the actual control room. There is the JST Shutterwand, a real highlight! This puts a milky white veil between the control room and emergency staff room due to electrical voltage, and so at meetings, ensures the necessary isolation from the control room. The Shutterwand is turned off, it offers an unobstructed view of the window on the large screen in the control room, which especially in Krisnsituationen an unhindered flow of information can take place. Thanks to the numerous combinations, the possibility of formation of own corporate identity is also up in the control room. The whole planning is the interested party on the basis of photorealistic perspective drawings shows. Before planning however, JST checks the status. These include of course the individual work processes, the information hierarchy, especially but also the requirements of the employees. The arrangement of the individual work areas happens of course in accordance with the perspective and see distances to the large image wall and taking into consideration legal regulations and directives. Contact person for more information: Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG Internet: