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RTL shows the trend to the Fling and cheating RTL extra has illuminated the subject of cheating and fling in the current programme. It also a page jump room provider from Berlin was presented. He offers his fancy apartment via the new portal There can advertise nationally all providers: photos of their rooms online and clearly represent the prices and services. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is full of insight into the issues. Seekers can choose an offer close to her on a map of Germany and directly with the provider in touch. Only serious and private offerings are recorded.

The price range is $30-40. “The convinced also the RTL extra editor who was so excited by the offer that he even for interviews” and wanted to book TV shoot. The topic has become not only acceptable but also in the trend. Documents the shipment at RTL extra’. And consulted the page jump rooms lessor after their experience in terms of cheating and secret Affairs.

Not one there is the perfect fling should however some note and above all discretion preserve. In particular must be planned in advance.” You can this ideally on the page jump room Portal Just like in a travel portal, the customers are treated discreetly and obliging. In contrast to a hotel, the rooms offers of private nature are and can be booked individually according to their own schedule. The fling room Portal provides vendors an opportunity to offer their rooms seriously – whether for fave or also for couples and singles who want to make their appointments not at home or in the family. It comes, for couples, no matter in what constellation, to rent a room or apartment for fun. Who now has interest, can get a more information on.

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Media use before car purchase whether car expert or layman, whether man or woman: for all audiences the newspapers are one of the key sources of information on the subject of car. Auto part in daily newspapers is observed as a whole strongly. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Chevy Chase by clicking through. Every other man and every third woman read the automotive part of their daily newspaper often or at least occasionally. Read from the explicitly car interested almost two-thirds (63%), which regularly offers the newspaper information around the car. The daily newspapers reach the mass of the population with their reports and viewing in the car.

And even more: newspaper reports motivate to visit the car dealer and sometimes directly to the purchase. 34 percent of male newspaper readers indicate that a report or the advertising in the newspaper gave the impetus for the visit to the dealer, and 13 percent of those surveyed have translated the information from the newspaper directly in a purchase decision. Looking for a used car, read newspaper who flirts with a used car, attacks largely to the newspaper. “On the question of which sources tell before purchasing a used car?” was that more than half (54%) Newspaper across all age groups. The newspaper is the most important independent media source. Also the newspaper portals in the network are regularly used cars information consulted: 36.6% use the Web pages of the daily newspapers.

(Specialist)Magazines (40.4%), television (18.7%) or radio (11.3%), however, only subordinated used as source of information. Information and indicators to the used cars market are a particular strength of the daily newspapers.