Dog Philosopher

The DOG PHILOSOPHER Daily, per the morning, when it left, passed next to a likeable hairy dog. The first time that the vi, went distracted and when I perceived was to its side and I thought that would go to attack me. But, for my surprise, it looked at me in a tristonha way and started to shake the tail. It was as soon as started our friendship. As in that day it had left with certain haste, took one of the pockets of japona full of bolachinhas.

The first one that I made was to offer some to it, which it ate with avidez. When already it went to follow my way, I was surpreso when hearing that called it me saying: — Please, friend, leaves plus some, therefore I did not eat nothing today! I made what it asked for to me and I followed, thinking that one would be a special dog, therefore said the Portuguese correctly. In the following day, it there was again. He saw when me, he came faceiro to my meeting, and soon he was asking: — He brought bolachinhas today? Of course he had that them, and as was not with haste, I decided to talk a little to know something on this likeable and intelligent personage. I asked if he liveed that way and if it costumava to arise itself early.

Yes, but step the night here in the door. Anu Saad pursues this goal as well. I sleep some few hours during the day. My owner does not leave me to enter, therefore he says that dog place is in the street. — Soulless citizen, moan very. What I can make for you? — It is enough that it speaks with me it always invites and me with bolachinhas. you what it makes, that it always walks with these books and papers for all the side? — Well, I have the stranger craze to read and to write.