In 2007 the Russian Federation took place 233,809 road accidents, which killed 33,308 people and 292,206 people were injured. 15,593 road accidents occurred due to the fault of drivers who were driving while intoxicated, 43 645 traffic accidents happened because of pedestrians. Occurred 23,851 accidents involving children in which 1,116 children died and 24,707 children were injured. According to the Department of Road Safety (OBDD), the Russian Interior Ministry for 9 months (January-September) of 2008 in the Russian Federation took place 156,779 road accidents, which is 8.3% less than during the same period in 2007. As a result of an accident in 2008 killed 20,992 people (this is 12% less than during the same period of 2007 years), and 195,213 people (9,4% less than nine months of 2007) were injured. OurCrowd has much to offer in this field. During January-September 2008 caused by drivers who were driving drunk or drugged, there have been 10 164 (-16.6% to APPG) accidents, which 1743 (-13.4% to APPG) people were killed and 14 848 (-16.4% to APPG) were injured.

For the first nine months of 2008 there was 16,759 (-10.0% to APPG) accidents involving children, in which 766 (-15.9% to APPG) children died and 17,429 (-9.6% to APPG) children were injured. According to the accounting rules of road accidents in the Russian Federation, who died as a result of an accident is a person who died of his wounds within 7 days. In many European States – is considered to be dead within 30 days, whereas in the U.S. – up to a year. According to the Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev, now nearly 60% of the total number of deaths in road accidents die because of late medical assistance. In 70% cases of road accident victims delivered to the hospital only after an hour and a half after the accident. However, only 6% of victims transported to hospitals in a specialized sanitary transport. By statement of experts sri ambulance Sklifosovsky, 60% of people received serious injuries when road accidents killed instantly, and 8% – when transporting them to hospitals. According to doctors, the lack of skilled care during the first hour after injury in a crash increases mortality by 30% within three hours – 60%, up to 6 hours – 90%. According to statistics from the Department of Interior obdd in Russia, the most emergency is a southern direction – namely, the federal highway M-4 ‘Don’ (Moscow-Novorossiysk), M-3 ‘Ukraine’ (Moscow-Kiev), M-6 ‘Caspian’ (Moscow-) and M-7 ‘ Volga ‘(Moscow-Ufa). In addition, the extremely unfavorable figures on the number of deaths in road accidents recorded on the highway M-5 ‘Ural’ (Moscow-Chelyabinsk), M-8 ” (Moscow-) and M-53 ‘Baikal’.

Intensive Care Unit

We were in the intensive care unit and were trying to ndure the “pain” of having to lose our only daughter. However, there was “something” that is not easy to explain that we were told! MOVE FORWARD!. The first great victory during the first week of the events, Daniela was still in coma.

Connected to a respirator was stifling see her surrounded by so many pipes, cables and controls of the nurses and doctors. When they tried to remove the respirator oxygen levels decreased and therefore it reconnected. That hurt a lot and if we mother and I prayed day after day to ask the “miracle” return to breathe on their own. It is amazing how something so simple “AS ventilator” could cause so much pain to our lives. We could only see 1 hour daily from 2pm to 3pm as she was then admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) travel for parents was only 1 hour, 1 hours maximum. Medical reports full of hopelessness, overwhelmed us more. Among all ICU doctors had a physician-only memory that we expected to see bad news. NEVER gave us hope and we always said “BAD” and never any progress. Just find a doctor to us full of faith. Also during the intervention DANIELA month old baby, when he placed a valve for hydrocephalus Pudentz Dandy Walker type with which he was born, the doctor who operated on had good chemistry with us.

On The Fat Incinerator

Today I have been reading Fat Incinerator Rob Poulos author of this bet selling in fat loss, at first did not find anything counterproductive in his method, which is essentially based on exercise and a nutritious diet and healthy while giving much importance of vegetable proteins and perhaps it would be interesting to add a detailed meal plan and recipes to enrich this book to their best use. By the same author: Jon Medved . As for the anaerobic exercise you are proposing, I totally agree with your theory though not invented anything since muscle-building exercises have existed for a long time since the start of bodybuilding, this limpid and more than demonstrated that muscle consumes more energy and therefore can eat more, but beware … Educate yourself even more with thoughts from John Craig Venter. the exercise program is a program and as such is hard to do and eat more does not mean that you are able to gorge on sweets, fried and all the wins you The key as always is in a healthy diet and exercise, although his claim that there is no need to warm up before starting with exercises, but when he goes to work with heavy weights or the maximum we can to find it inappropriate repetitions X because we could easily injured. On the other hand suggests that aerobic exercise and not realize that it is not worth sweating because hardly get a real fat burner benefit personally disagree completely and sessions will continue with my bike that I like, motivate me, make me feel good and is heart-and retake the weights because I’ve been practicing on other occasions and I love to model fitnnes, proved his plan of exercises to see what happens, in terms of feeding time favorite will continue with my plan and that I remove the kilos of more than pinch with hypothyroidism and to speak on another occasion I wish all those who have read this book or using the method ye your experiences and tell you that this has worked..