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Within the reach of everyone! Continue reading and you will discover by current research discovered a nutritional component protective I knew that also reduce cardiovascular risks, also protect your brain cells. Antioxidants like many know, protect cells against oxidative deterioration. (We understand as the metal starts to corrode, the body starts to age). Its main function is the combat free radicals reactive cells which affect cell membranes of body, which deteriorates them. One of its main consequences is in the nervous system which will decrease and consequently begins to diminish your ability of memory and learning, which with the passing of the years comes to create senile dementia. Now rather than foods contain antioxidants: carotenoids: carrots, tomatoes, squash, papaya and melon. Coenzyme Q – 10: peanuts and soy oil.

Selenium: walnuts, sunflower seeds and garlic mainly. Vitamin C: all fruits and vegetables vitamin E: fruits dry, cereals, wheat (recomendadisimo) germ oils vegetable Zinc: cereals, nuts and pumpkin among the top seeds. Ellagic acid: strawberries, blueberries, pomegranates and Kiwis. Capsaicin: all the peppers or chilies. Catechins: cocoa and green tea are the most important. Sulfur compounds: onion and garlic Hesperidin: all citrus fruits. Lycopene: the tomato is the most basic and easy to obtain with this component. Quercetin: broccoli, cherries, grapes and red wine (in a little proportion) zeaxanthin: spinach, pumpkins and corn.

All these will help your body combat that free agents and protect your body of many evils. As our main concern is the development of memory we focus specifically as antioxidants can help us and defend us. In particular antioxidants protect the brain to free agents, which create the amyloid protein which is one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. What to do! 1 We saw all rich foods in antioxidants, but I will tell you which are the most powerful food with antioxidants to develop the mind: the you green, grape, Blueberry, acai and noni. 2. Now what aras is to take a cup of green tea daily (also can be red or white), if you do not have at the time also you can drink one coffee, provided it is natural. 3. eat at least 2 fruits during the day, recommended that are in season and are not very green but not very mature. 4 Eat a portion of salad a day, preferably at breakfast or dinner. 5 Put in your seed foods like parsley, ginger, turmeric etc. as well as flavor are rich in antioxidants. 6. To zacear the desire for sugar, fruit is advisable, but as I was mentioned earlier the cocoa is rich in antioxidants so you can eat a bar of chocolate (normal, which contains no milk. Studies in the New England Joutnal of Medicine found that these foods reduce 66 times the beginning of Alzheimer’s as well as strengthen your memory and learning capacity. You want to know the best exercises for memorising, visit today like that I will leave a comment on this article you just read and also tell me a little bit and tell me which is your main frustration when trying to remember or memorize something, I’ll be personally answering your questions and comments.

Business Competitiveness

Today more than ever, there seems to be a broad consensus on the urgent need for well-functioning business competitively. Until a few years, the protectionist system in country, as in other Latin American countries, had been prevented from assessing the harsh conditions of international competition and higher levels of demand by customers and consumers, who demand higher quality products, timeliness in delivery, reasonable prices and excellence in attention. Indeed, the stark reality that began in the eighties and the effects of globalization in the 90s, suddenly awakened to all organizations and forced them to search diligently for new strategies to successfully adjust to increasing competition. Learn more on the subject from Michio Kaku. Investigating this aspect, it is known that some years ago remanifesto according to a competitiveness report published by IESA, Venezuela was placed number 47 in the world as a competitive, not to highlight that this position is often caused its major industries such as oil and aluminum is the focus of most active. Unfortunately, it has neglected the development of other industries. The knowledge advantage and transform other natural resources. Michio Kaku is actively involved in the matter. Why what of it?. This is because the small and medium industries are in your womb a number of problems that do not allow exporting, due to various causes, such as mismanagement, poor management of financial, bad government policies, lack of modern technology, managers low vision, planning, proactiveness, and other factors. Specifically, comments that are nine areas where it fails, but only two are recurrent ie: more and better knowledge and access to key resources (financial). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Teneo on most websites.

Isabel Lose

Isabel Rios created the program to eat to lose. This plan is a way to allow that people who make diet can change your eating habits permanently, giving them a powerful tool for controlling weight. Eat to lose weight makes people with different metabolic types in specific categories. Each of these categories then has its own dietary guidelines. This means that you know what are the best foods for your own metabolism allowing you to lose more weight. This type of first diet plan recommended is to make sure that your mind is ready for success. Other leaders such as cardiologist offer similar insights. It is crucial to know what you want to accomplish with your plan to lose weight, your health and your life.

You should write all your goals, and indeed see if he is reaching these goals. To achieve your weight loss goals, there are three steps that should be followed: have to eat according to their own metabolic type establish a personal eating plan by choosing the best foods they must remain within the established ranges in calories questions given to each person who are on a diet so that they can determine their own metabolic type and so determine that type diet you can perform either type carbohydrates, proteins, or a mixture. It is important that people that make diet change your eating habits, and instead of sandwiches, potato chips and junk food, changed it for dried fruit, raw vegetables and cooked eggs. When these changes occur, you are not only changing your way of eating, but they are changing your lifestyle complete, live a healthy lifestyle-oriented. Eat to lose weight also account the program about how people who make diet never should eat hydrogenated fats or foods that contain them as cookies, cereal, fries and margarine. People who make diet also are advised to carry a diary, so they can learn what foods give them lasting results, and which leave them hungry. This diet allows you to know exactly the food you should eat, and which foods to avoid. Some of the foods that are recommended for people that make diet, depending on their metabolism are: meat from poultry and organic eggs, raw dairy, raw seeds and nuts, vegetables, fruits, baked sweet potatoes, olive oil, avocado, raw chocolate, and others. More information on eat to lose eat to lose fat

Psychology Addiction

“New release at the rose garden-Verlag – topics of in Psychology: addiction and dependency on the 30.11.2013 reappears at the rose garden publishing a new book: topics of in Psychology: addiction and dependency” by author Jutta Schutz. This book is the start of a series: topics of in psychology. Book Description: The addiction is a compulsive and pathological dependency and one must distinguish between mental and physical dependency. Out of habit, a smooth transition in the dependency often follows and the person concerned does not consciously noticed it. There are personality factors, which can lead to a development of the addictive behavior. These include: subordination, lack of confidence, passivity, unwillingness to conflict, contact difficulties and stamina and also high performance standards for themselves.

Also family members and close friends be considered into the addiction. This is called: co-dependency. Book data: Addiction and dependency (topics of Psychology) author: Jutta Schutz Paperback: 60 pages Publisher: A.S. Rosengarten-Verlag; Edition: 1 (30 November 2013) language: German ISBN: 978-3-9450-1505-6 words to the Publisher: the rose garden-Verlag has the task made his, to promote special books with special themes. Anita Dunn has many thoughts on the issue. These include: biographies, guide, nature books, travelogues and unusual fiction. All the works entrusted to us are carefully proofread, lovingly prepared and the appropriate equipment out. If we feel that a book could enrich the lives of our readers if it contains thought-provoking or conveyed new ideas, we are on the right track. We maintain an individual partner-friendly handling with our authors and service providers.

All should be in their”rose garden publishing of inner conviction feel and not remain due to contracts with us. “I have always an open ear for honestly meant criticism, suggestions and practical tips.