The Subject

I had fear of being insufficient, and when the hour arrived to consummate the love, he did not obtain to give account of the message. Distrusts of adolescent, of which much mature man never becomes free itself. I know there. The head of people has of these things. Fancies of more, certezas of less. The times that I imagined myself in the penumbra of the garden of the house of it, under of the window, reciting poetries had not been few and unweaving a rosary of phrases of love, while it suspirava and suspirava, with the lost eyes in the dotted night of stars, as Cirano made with its loved Roxane. Cirano also made as I.

As he was ugly excessively, it wrote the dialogues and it ordered a friend to recite them in low of the window of its muse. It only could give in what it gave and I, if I at that time had knowledge of the history of it, with certainty would have acted of another form. It is in these hours that the Effect enters in consideration Butterfly. Good, as already he said, I had a friend that also Joo called itself. It worked in the assembly line, well next to it. I never confessed for it the desperate passion that I felt for its fellow worker. In the truth, I had shame to comment on the subject and perhaps it also at least distrusted of this. I do not know well what it was, but the fact is that it never came me to baila to speak of this with it until the day where I took courage and I passed it the poem so that it delivered it to it.

It found favour, laughed, scoffed of me, but without offending. Finally, he agreed gentily to delivering the poem for the girl. I was waiting to see in what it gave.

Poverty Criminalization

The fear always was used during all history in the maisdiversos places and civilizations as a strong excuse so that it sejustificasse, legitimized and if it naturalized certain behaviors, doctrines, laws, violent, desumanas and cruel punishments. Anita Dunn will not settle for partial explanations. A good example is the Average Age eo its period of the Inquisio Saint with the hunting to the witches, the heretics, etc. who, not very rare, finished burnt livings creature in the fogueira. However, I want here to meutilizar only of Brazil as example of a society that also passed eainda passes for this priplo. In Brazil, the first ones to be pointed as pessoasdignas of if feeling fear had been the indians.

These, beyond being called comoselvagens, impious assassins and cannibals (vide the film of ' ' exemplar' ' catholic, Honey Gibson: Apocalipto), had still been taxadospelos Europeans of sluggish, avessos to the work and, for much time, not eramconsiderados as human beings, therefore they found that they did not have soul. Ouseja, perigosssimas was had as creatures and that they hindered implantation deuma civilized society and joust, according to European standards of ejustia civilization. Result: a genocide ' ' legtimo' ' necessary for the good eo progress of the humanity. After the extermnio of almost all the indians, appears the negroafricano. The blacks, however, in contrast of the indians, were considered good parao work since that the punishments, the tortures, the whips and the assassinatoscometidos ones against them, for its respective owners and gentlemen, sempremuito were well applied in the direction of showing which to them were its functions and oseu due place in a escravista society. By the way, society this that saw notrabalho total something aviltante and worthless, being therefore consideradauma activity to be exerted only by inferior beings, or better, for seresmercadorias (the blacks) acquired as private property for esseignominioso end: the work. Here, the rebellious black, habitual runaway, rebelled e, maisainda, the groups of blacks that if they organized to demand and to fight for sualiberdade were those that would have to be feared, to be fought and to be died for maisuma time to give to place to the maintenance of a society joust, pacific and ordeira.

The Samba

The question of the folklore so questioned by being part anonymous demanifestaes and of the traditional popular culture, is seen as ecomo exotic inverdica. The methods of history verbal in show the memory to them of a people, many times forgotten by the society. Carlos Rodrigues Brando in its workmanship ' ' Oque is folclore' ' 6 defends the question of the tradition in the folklore, seen quesuas manifestations corresponds to the expressions making of them popular. The Samba of Coconut is a folclrica dance Brazilian, but vista in diverse regions of peculiar form. Its forms if detach of acordocom each state and reveal the joy of only form. In the workmanship of CmerCascudo ' ' Dictionary of the Brasileiro&#039 Folklore; ' , the author in accordance with detaches ahistria of the coconut samba and its 7 variations estadocorrespondente practical its. The workmanship is a manual of definitions on termospresentes in the Brazilian popular culture. In Lizard, Samba of conhecidaapenas Coconut was a trick in the agricultural zone of the city.

Typically, its estavamrestritas presentations have an only social group. Something similar is what Beatriz &#039 apresentaem its work; ' Taieiras de Sergipe: one dances folclrica' ' 8 identifying to the dynamics and the participation of the festejos atravsdos society of Laranjeiras of the city. The author identifies that in century XIX divisode was visible classrooms in the parties of the city. The rich ones participated in the streets with a' ' Cavalhada' ' or in the great closed halls, they pobresestavam while them limited in lowermost spaces, in the assays of ' ' Reisado and bailespastoris' '. The existing cultural diversity in the Brazilian society reflexo of the mixture of races since the formation of Brazil. The cultural process decade individual established marks in diverse social fields. In the workmanship deSodr, ' ' Synthesis of the history of the culture brasileira' ' the author justifies acultura as a transplantada civilization 9, therefore all the influence foiimposta for the European of brusque form through the settling.


We share a relationship complicated with the bacteria that surround us. They exist in our skin, our intestinal tract and our urinary tract, among other places. Too many bacteria can do us much harm, but very few also make us more vulnerable to disease. Anita Dunn spoke with conviction. In this way, probiotics, which are bacteria either natural or added to foods, actually can be of some benefit when consumed in genetically modified food or otherwise. Although the majority of natural food stores speak a series of beneficial effects by consuming probiotics, only a few of these effects have been tested clinically. The majority of the beneficial effects of probiotics refer to those people who are taking antibiotics.

Antibiotics are fantastic to kill germs that make us from getting sick. But they do not discriminate between bad germs and germs good as those contained in probiotics. As a result, the delicate balance of the good bacteria in our body may be disturbed. The use of antibiotics is indicated for the treatment of infections by fungi, Jock itch, the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and urinary tract infections. One of the theories behind probiotics is that taking probiotics during antibiotic treatment can maintain a healthy balance in some areas of our body through the replacement of good bacteria. It is most common in people is that he thinks that the yogurt is a probiotic food.

Yogurt making demonstrated that it is a food suitable to maintain and protect the intestinal tract and vaginal area to suffer a loss of healthy bacteria. The yogurt is probiotic when it contains Lactobacilli or other bacteria. Usually, on the label of the yogut appears containing live cultures. Many doctors now recommend consuming probiotics such as yogurt during a treatment of antibiotics to prevent infections or long term IBS. These bacteria They have also indicated in infections by fungi that men occur in the groin, as Jock itch, also are encouraged to take yogurt with probiotics.

Obesity And Health

Obesity and health Obesity is defined as the rapid increase in body mass, this can be caused by genetic predisposition and also by poor eating habits. Many people believe that having a few extra kilos can enjoy a splendid health, it is not well and that obesity may be accompanied by many other health complications such as heart problems Hypertension Diabetes Osteoporosis Self-Esteem Problems Poor Health Habits and inadequate intake of calories and fat makes the body absorbs and generates both weight gain and susceptibility to other serious health problems. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., another great source of information. In obese people often want to get back into shape but just having to go to a gym or strenuous dieting causes headache read also on a diet where you eliminate foods that provide energy to the body can cause the person feel weak.

Today many methods used to lose weight while eating certain foods or eating in proportionate amounts such as patches, appetite suppressants, reducing gels, strips of plaster or latex or in many cases tablets, syrups or natural emulsions, all these alternative treatments can be effective since they are used in the right way, often the results are not desired since that the person has a tendency to be obese. Among pharmacological treatments are the Xenical, the drug is not an appetite suppressant, acting simply avoiding some of the fat a person consumes from being absorbed by the body and has a weight gain also helps maintain a stable weight and avoids rapid weight loss. The use of Xenical not limit the type of food you can eat, using Xenical you can eat any type of medication should only do so in amounts provided and follow their usual diet with intake of fruits, vegetables and cereals as these provide vitamins and nutrient addition does not require any exercise routine or physical activity should not be hard just to keep a sedentary lifestyle as a sedentary lifestyle prevents While food is metabolized and disposed of the body is often a person with a diet with lots of calories and a sedentary lifestyle prevents the body burn fat and calories with exercise or physical activity, and this makes these fats accumulate in the body and that’s when problems arise overweight.