Hanse Insurance

The Honoro UG offers comparison calculator with over 20 life insurance the Hessian company Honoro UG has launched a new insurance portal for the calculation and comparison of risk life insurance with the homepage risikolebensversicherungen24.com. Risk life insurance is known to most consumers as a family, a life partner or a loan. With a relatively low contribution, with the risk life insurance can be made a high hedge. The topic of prevention and protection has strongly gained in importance in recent years. Insurance companies developed new and more flexible rates to meet the demands of consumers. The customer in the comparison portal of Honoro UG finds these tariffs of the individual companies. Today, the customer at the most risk life insurance between a constant sum of insured, a linear falling insurance sum and an annuitatisch covered by insurance can choose. The customer must provide the optimum choice for a well-equipped protection.

Particularly in the Construction financing is especially important to the choice between a constant sum of insured or an annuitatisch covered by insurance. For the calculation of the contribution is only the date of birth, sex, smoking or motorcyclists, weight and size, the required death benefit, the portion of physical work that requires professional title, end age insurance duration and end age duration of contribution payment. The comparison portal offers consumers the ability to compare up to 3 risk life insurance. With just one click, you can generate a PDF, that the customer shows the contribution and benefits of 3 selected risk life insurance at a glance. Not only well-known insurance companies, such as the VHV, Hanse located in the database of the comparison portal mercury or the WWK, but also cheap direct insurers in the form of the Hanoverian life, the DLVAG and the Europe. So there are more than 20 life insurance in comparison and this number is increased even further in the future.

According to the Calculating an offer insurance cover may apply easily online. The customer receives a copy of the application by email sent to immediately after application. The original insurance documents are delivered to the customer with a prepaid envelope from the post office. As a special service, the Honoro UG offers consumers a free hotline. Customers can check thus free the individual tariffs.