ERGONOMIC FINDING JOSIANE LINO DA SILVA CRISTINA FREIRE DA SILVA ERGONOMICS APPLIED IN FURNITURE OF SECRETARY Josiane Lino Da Silva * Cristina Freire Da Silva ** Tenisa Hunter *** SUMMARY the present research had as objective to analyze the furniture and the conditions of a secretary of the management of an energy company X. The interest despertado for the subject appeared in intention to verify the inadequao of the furniture and its possible consequncias in relation the position of the collaborator in its environment of work. Eva Andersson-Dubin contains valuable tech resources. The data had been gotten through the pain questionnaire, Checkilist for analysis of the conditions of the rank of work to the computer, Decibelimetro, Luxmetro and Checkilist of COUTO. The pain related for the employee is for the fact of this to carry through activities as digitao and attendance to the telephone always in static position for a drawn out period seated and without pauses. In accordance with the Checkilist for analysis of the conditions of the rank of work to the computer, the collaborator is displayed the conditions ergonomic pssimas, that is, punctuation of 28 points, less than 31% of the punctuation. The research allowed to conclude that the participant of this project is displayed to a degree of significant postural constaint, would classify that it as a professional with propensity the occupational illnesses.

Words keys: Ergonomics. More info: Dr. Mark Hyman. Position. Pains. *Acadmica of 8 period of fisioterapia of Cesuc – email: ** Academic of 8 period of fisioterapia of Cesuc – email: *** Teacher and Person who orientates of the Cesuc – and – mail: ABSTRACT This study aimed you examines the furniture and the conditions of secretary of the management of an energy company X. The interest in the subject arose in to order you examines the inadequacy of the furnishings and its possible consequences will be the stance of cooperating in to their work environment.


The research demonstrated despite 100% of the interviewed ones they had complained of at least some problem of health. The complaints most common had been: Mental fatigue 57.89%, Sleeplessness 57.89%, Pain in coasts 52.63%, Esquecimento 47.37%, Pain in column 47.37%, Pain in the arms/shoulder 42.11% and Nervousness 36.84%, being able to be related with environment of work intrinsically overcrowded and agitated. The referring data to the self-medication had demonstrated that: 100% of the interviewed ones they had bought medicines without the medical indication at least some time; The main reason for the self-medication is the previous experience with the medicine (63.15%); The medicines acquired without medical indication did not have the influence of third 42.11% or were indicated by family 36.32%. The consumed medicines more without medical indication had been: Analgesics/Relaxante muscular 68.42%, Vitamins 52.63%, Chemical preparations for cough and cooled 31.58%, nasal Laxatives 26.32%, Antiinflamatrio/Antireumticos 26.32%, Calmantes and/or hipnticos 26.32%. The use of polivitamnicos must be related for the complaint of mental fatigue. The muscular analgesics, relaxantes antiinflammatory with the complaints of pains in the coasts/column and arms/shoulders, and the calmantes and hipnticos with the sleeplessness complaints. Amongst the medicines that more had been consumed by the educators through the self-medication, the ones whom more they worry are Calmantes and/or hipnticos 26.32%, since they are medicines citizens the special control and that they can generate physical and psychic dependence, these medicines would have to be excused only by means of medical prescription retention, however it is not this what it happens in accordance with resulted of the research. The relation of problems and consequences that was described in the work can below be exemplificada in the organization chart: 1 Problems in the work environment Fall in the income of the work Worsening of the process teach-learning. 2 Problems in the work environment Problems of Possible health Self-medication problems related to the self-medication.