April Health

The model of health directed toward the assistencial attendance, prioritizing the medical attendance and the treatment on a probable cure of the sick patient still it is found in supremacy in our society. In virtue […]

Health And Kids

Front to this attribution of the Nurse, we have as pertinent the process of humanizao of the normal childbirth carried through by the same, having been recognized officially the profession of Nurse for the Health […]

Healthful Diets

In recent years, the staple fibres had started to be valued, mainly in healthful diets. Thus was transferred to study it its properties more deeply. Through research, the specialists, had arrived at the conclusion, of […]

Child Development

This if becomes basic, therefore these actions, beyond being directed the child, are reflected on its half familiar one, to start for the mother, since without the envolvement of this the actions would not have […]

The Fruit

Table 01 demonstrated that the ingestion of the apple after had an improvement in the quality of the voice, therefore, for example, citizen 01, had a noise in the voice of 6,1dB before ingesting the […]

Alexander Precious Robert

The same it occurred in relation to the esqualeno, that is a common component in vaccines. In interview to the National Periodical, Net Globe of Television, the director of clinical assays of the Butantan Institute, […]

Aloe Vera in South America

When intervening with the treatment it can diminish the action of comprovadamente efficient alopticos medicines. The HIV in the development of the opportunist illnesses can cause the death, to draw out its existence has that […]